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City of Steam
In each zone, the sub-quests of the [Main] quest will send you to each of the dungeons in that zone. Only after you complete each sub-quest will the Optional and Daily quests for that dungeon become available to you.

Any mob that has anything to do with a quest will have an icon over his head of a turning gear. The color of the gear and the symbol inside of it tell you what the mob can do for you.


  • Yellow - Related to a Main quest (in this wiki we show these as orange because yellow does not show well against a white background).
  • Green - Related to an Optional quest
  • Blue - Related to a Daily quest
  • Purple - Related to a Guide tutorial
  • Pale Blue - Related to a Vanquisher quest
  • Orange - Related to a Heroic Challenge quest


  • ! - Wants to give you a Quest.
  • % - is waiting for you to finish a Quest he has already given you.
  • ... - has a Quest update for you. On the Minimap he will show as a yellow question mark (?).

In conversations with NPCs, the first response is always the one that moves the conversation forward.

A word about death: From levels 1 to 9 you can revive (resurrect) at no cost. After level 9, If you are incapacitated (such a nice word for death) you have a choice. You can Leave and automatically go back to the scene you came from, OR you can pay 800Spiremarks  or 300Electrum ($2.91)  to revive immediately where you are. Revival is only an option in Normal Dungeons or Quest Instances. In Challenge Dungeons your only option is to return to town or be revived by a teammate. One of them must use a Cardiotonic to revive you before your timer expires and you automatically return to town.

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Normal - Arkadia of the Past (CoS Quest)
Normal - Beryl's Folly (CoS Quest)
Normal - Castellum Phoenix 1 (CoS Quest)
Normal - Castellum Phoenix 2 (CoS Quest)
Normal - Cells of the Forsaken (CoS Quest)
Normal - Krematorium Tunnel 1 (CoS Quest)
Normal - Krematorium Tunnel 2 (CoS Quest)
Normal - The Maw (CoS Quest)
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Oh, Well! (CoS Quest)
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Re-Coupling (CoS Quest)
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Release the Legion (CoS Quest)
Reliquary Query (CoS Quest)
Reliquary Romp (CoS Quest)
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Restore the Elevator (CoS Quest)
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Risen Break (CoS Quest)
Risen Shine (CoS Quest)
Rivet Drive (CoS Quest)
Rock Opera (CoS Quest)
Runaway Child (CoS Quest)
Rusty Like the Wolf (CoS Quest)
Save the Miners (CoS Quest)
Scribe's Maze (CoS Quest)
Second Trial The Fugitive (CoS Quest)
Seek the Passage (CoS Quest)
Settle In (CoS Quest)
Shiv and Let Shiv (CoS Quest)
Shooting Gallery (CoS Quest)
Siege the Sluice (CoS Quest)
Sinking Feeling (CoS Quest)
Smashing Golden Eggs (CoS Quest)
Smelting Tutorial (CoS Quest)
Social Wellness (CoS Quest)
Songbreaker in Throne (CoS Quest)
Stack Attack (CoS Quest)
Station Infestation (CoS Quest)
Sticks and Stones (CoS Quest)
Suit Up! (CoS Quest)
Sunken Fragments Bounty (CoS Quest)
Sweeping the Dustyard (CoS Quest)
Tears of a Trow (CoS Quest)
The Crook in the Brook (CoS Quest)
The Fight for Foundersbrook (CoS Quest)
The Finale (CoS Quest)
The Gang's All There (CoS Quest)
The Guts of the Glut (CoS Quest)
The Mysterious Sphere (CoS Quest)
The Outsider (CoS Quest)
The Paragons' Children (CoS Quest)
The Path to Payback (CoS Quest)
The Road to Re-Culvery (CoS Quest)
The Thin Red Mine (CoS Quest)
The Trow in Bloom (CoS Quest)
The Void Portal (CoS Quest)
The Works (CoS Quest)
Third Trial The Middleman (CoS Quest)
Thousand-Yard Stair (CoS Quest)
Toil and Trouble (CoS Quest)
Tomb Traipse (CoS Quest)
Tomes and Bones (CoS Quest)
Tools of the Trade (CoS Quest)
Toothward Path Boss Raid (CoS Quest)
Toothward Path Boss Raid 2 (CoS Quest)
Tower Offense (CoS Quest)
Tower of Peril Master (CoS Quest)
Trail of the Centurions (CoS Quest)
Transmutology 101 (CoS Quest)
Trouble on the Road (CoS Quest)
Tunnel Shuffle (CoS Quest)
Tutorial City of Smoke (CoS Quest)
Underworks Dock (CoS Quest)
Upgrading and Transfer Tutorial (CoS Quest)
Upgrading Equipment (CoS Quest)
Up to No Brood (CoS Quest)
Urbis Antiquitus Boss Raid (CoS Quest)
Urbis Dock (CoS Quest)
Vehicle Tutorial (COS Quest)
Veiled Threat (CoS Quest)
Walk Around the Block (CoS Quest)