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This category is for the discussion of items as a general class of objects. It is NOT normally used for specific items since there is a separate category for that.

World of Warcraft

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Ammo pouch (WoW)
Ammunition (WoW)
arena (WoW)
arena gear (wow)
Armor (WoW)
Armor items (WoW)
Attack Speed (WoW)
Attribute (WoW)
Auction House (Wow)
Backpack (WoW)
bags (WoW)
Bandage (WoW)
bank (WoW)
Boss (WoW)
Character Window (WoW)
Chests (WoW)
Combine (WoW)
Consumable (WoW)
Containers (WoW)
dagger (WoW)
Destroy (WoW)
Drink (WoW)
drop (WoW)
Dungeon Set 1 (WoW)
Durability (WoW)
Emblem Gear (WoW)
enchants (WoW)
Food (WoW)
Gold Farming (WoW)
Group Loot (WoW)
Hearthstone (WoW)
Honor Gear
Inventory (WoW)
Inventory Slots (WoW)
Itemization Formulas (WoW)
Item Quality (WoW)
Lake Wintergrasp
level (WoW)
Limited Supply (WoW)
Looting (WoW)
Loot (WoW)
Mail (WoW)
Nagrand Cherry (WoW)
Node (WoW)
Plate Armor (WoW)
Polearm (WoW)
Quest Items (WoW)
Quest Reward (WoW)
Quiver (WoW)
Random Drop (WoW)
random greens (WoW)
Ranged Weapon (WoW)
Recipe (WoW)
Required Level (WoW)
Round Robin (WoW)
Soulbound (WoW)
Stackable Items (WoW)
Tier 10 (wow)
Tier 1 (WoW)
Tier 2.5 (WoW)
Tier 2 (WoW)
Tier 3 (WoW)
Tier 4 (WoW)
Tier 5 (WoW)
tier 6 (wow)
tier 7 (wow)
tier 8 (wow)
tier 9 (wow)
Tradeskill Window (WoW)
Vendor Trash (WoW)
Weapons (WoW)