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Runes of Magic
Unless we eventually get a database here and a gathering tool, such as WoWReader, I doubt we will ever have all the in-game items in this wiki. What we can strive to do is have all the quest reward items, plus the best, most sought-after drops or crafted items.

Rune Slots: Everything can have Rune slots so we are no longer displaying Rune slots, nor Runes, unless the Rune's name is yellow indicating that the specific item ALWAYS has that Rune effect on it. If it does not have them when you get it, you can add Rune slots using a Driller. The best Driller we have seen can add a max of 4 Rune slots, but that could change without notice.

Repair: Battles take their toll on all your equipment, reducing its Durability. If the Durability reaches zero all bonuses on your equipment will be unavailable. Even before then the bonuses are reduced when damaged. When your gear is very damaged you will see a diagram in the lower-right of the screen with damaged parts in yellow or red to warn you! To avoid this, every time you talk to most merchants you will see two icons in the bottom right of the sales window, a hammer to repair a single item and an anvil to repair all. Click one to repair all gear that you are wearing. The higher level the gear and the more damaged, the more expensive it is to repair. Death is the most destructive to your gear, far more than simple fighting. Most Supplier Merchants do not repair gear, while most others do.

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