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There are 3 Gathering Skills: Woodcutting, Mining and Herbalism.

Note: When you reach the next rank (at 20, 40, 60) you can still harvest without training but you cannot gain Experience until you see your Crafting Skill Instructor, perform a quest to prove your skill and rise to the next rank.

Skill and Resource NodesCommon Zones
Apprentice (1-19)
1Ash Wood
Chime Wood Wood
Zinc Ore
Flame Dust
Mountain Demon Grass
Howling Mountains, Sascilia Steppes, Elven Island, Yrvandis Hollows
8Willow WoodTin OreBeetrootHowling Mountains(north of Logar), Silverspring, Sascilia Steppes (west of Gurla Caravan), Elven Island, Yrvandis Hollows
11Stone Rotan WoodCyanideBison GrassHowling Mountains (north of Logar), Silverspring, Aslan Valley, Sascilia Steppes, Elven Island
14Maple WoodIron OreBitterleafNorthern Silverspring, Southern Sascilia Steppes, Northern Aslan Valley
20Bring Me AshBring Me ZincBring Me Mountain Demon GrassSkill Advancement Quests
Craftsman (20-40)
20Oak WoodCopper OreMoxaCentral Aslan Valley, Western Dragonfang Ridge, southeast Coast of Opportunity
21RedwoodRock CrystalFoloin NutsAslan Valley, Dragonfang Ridge, Ystra Highlands, central Coast of Opportunity
26Pine WoodDark Crystal OreDusk OrchidSouthern Aslan Valley, Ystra Highlands, Eastern Dragonfang Ridge (north of Snow Mountain Logging Area), central Coast of Opportunity
31Dragon Beard Root WoodMysticiteGreen ThistleAslan Valley, Ystra Highlands, Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell, central Coast of Opportunity
32Holly WoodSilver OreBarsaleafYstra Highlands, Dragonfang Ridge(Awerka Tundra), western Coast of Opportunity
38YewWizard-Iron OreMoon OrchidYstra Highlands(North of Harf Trading Post), Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell, Coast of Opportunity(Quodate Plains)
40Learn From WoodDigging DeepAn Exacting AttitudeSkill Advancement Quests
Expert (40-60)
41SagewoodMithrilStraw MushroomYstra Highlands, Dragonfang Ridge(Cyclops Stronghold),Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell
44Tarslin Demon WoodMoon Silver OreSinners PalmDragonfang Ridge(Cyclops Stronghold), Dust Devil Canyon (East of Obsidian Stronghold), Ravenfell, Weeping Coast(South of Ayat Clan),Savage Lands
51Dragonlair Wood
Abyssal Mercury Ore
Frost Crystal
Dragon Mallow
Mirror Sedge
Weeping Coast,Savage Lands, Aotulia Volcano, Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest
60Skill Advancement Quests
Master (60-80)
Rare Nodes are marked in bold text. Rare nodes are found in the same locations as the normal nodes of the tiers between their tier and the next Special Node tier above and below them, with a small chance to replace them each time they respawn.

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Runes of Magic
When you first acquire your Gathering skills, as an Apprentice you will be limited to a maximum level of 20. When you reach 20 you will stop gaining experience in that skill until you seek out an Instructor and perform a quest to advance from Apprentice to Craftsman, which will allow you to progress to 40.

At 40 you must, once again, seek training.

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