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Raatata hails from the industrial city of Bastok. Her parents were born in Windurst, but, being adventurers themselves, set off on a grand quest across Vana'diel. After reaching North Gustaberg, the couple decided to temporarily settle in Bastok, due to the fact that it was getting more and more uncomfortable for her mother to travel. After the newborn came into the world, they raised her there just long enough (6 years) for her to travel with them back to their homeland of Windurst. When the time came, however, she did not want to leave her Hume and Galka friends behind. So, with some chagrin, her parents stayed in Bastok and taught her the ways of a tarutaru while surrounded by the stone structures of the mines. When they had deemed that she was able to make it on her own as an adventurer, they departed on another adventure of their own, leaving their daughter to follow in the family's footsteps.

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