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MentalSword is the embodiment of a group of characters who are dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in their world.

Greywen Ellsidell, 31st Rank Paladin, heads these men, and takes his role most seriously. He is sworn to aid any worthy member of his world, and to help start those who are setting up permanent lives there to escape the madness of their own. He strives to be counted among the most honorable of the Paladins of Tunare.

Rivious ,20th Circle Wizard, is always there for his fellows, although he has little tolerance for those who show they are infected with the madness of the other worlds. Though young in training, he is old in time. He has survived The Great Wipe, and after resting for some time following this tragedy, he has returned to active duty in Norrath.

Kanish, 13th Age Shaman, is the youngest of the three. Although he often gets over involved in his own adventures, he does love to Buff-Blast those who seem deserving. While he may not hang around and guard over you for lengths of time, as Greywen is wont to, he will certainly speed you along your way anytime.

So if you move to our world, serious about making it home and interested in learning our differences, seek any one of these three men. All will be happy to help you get settled in. =)