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Born on 10/28/03 in the Kingdom of San d'Oria, Liete's adventures began as the role of a Red Mage, and also creating one of Fairy's oldest linkshells "Naruto". As time went on Liete met up with adventurers Aoneg, Nephilym, and Mitsurugisan. Battling and supporting with joy and excitement through their adventures, a tragedy fell upon them. The dissapearance of Liete and Aoneg broke apart the group. Leaving Nephilym and Mitsurugisan to continue their journey without them. As many months passed Liete returned to the world. Filled with happiness, Liete was welcomed with open arms from the "Narutians" while training to become the greatest Beastmaster of "Naruto". All seemed well until another tragedy occurred. Betrayal and hatred struck "Naruto" as Liete watched the linkshell collapse. With the death of "Naruto" its members are now scattered all across Vana'diel. Time continues to pass by as Liete takes on a new alias. Melancholy now wanders the world alone as the role of a Dragoon and Puppetmaster. Continuing forward unsure of what awaits her in her travels.