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Awake,blurry,still alive. This is how the young Albino awoke to find himself amongst the burning rubble of a starship that crashed landed on the remote planet of Lok 25 years past. Very little is known of this mysterious rare Albino, as all of his memories from before the crash have vanished from his mind. A young pirate named Nym came across the crashed starship to find a young Albino child barely gripping on to his life. Although a dreaded pirate,he himself was an orphan on this desert planet,so Nym felt pity for the child,took him and nursed him back to health. Nym also felt an obligation to the child and decided to raise the boy as his own,teaching him the ways of the pirate,survival and named him Holllow. On the boys 16th birthday,10 years after he was discovered,Nym told Holllow of the Holocron he had found among the debris when he found the child. He gave the Holocron to Holllow. Much of the data corrupted,the Holocron had enough information to tell Holllow of his Jedi father,his surname Stone and the Bounty Hunter that took down their starship. Holllow, still keeping in contact with his pirate mentor,joined the Rebel Alliance guild known as Nexus (NXS). Recently Holllow,feeling an inner strong connection to the force,received a visit from an old mysterious man who gave him a Force Crystal Journal for safe keeping. And so his journey begins...

Location: N.America,Earth,The Milky Way(Outer Rim)