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Ive had a total of 4 actiave characters, each getting more organized and less nub as they go. First was a Elvaan Warrior I leveled to like 7 and then found out that Red Mage is able to cure and use sword so being a nub not knowing its possible to change job in-game, i deleted character for my second which was a Red Mage 25 / Black Mage 9 (GIMP!) This was my introduction to how to not completely suck. I then moved on to my most successful character yet, an Elvaan Monk 47 / Warrior 23. I was poor and had crappy armor but I gained lots of in-game experiance that leads me to my current character I made sometime in October, 2006, Ceasadh, a Tarutaru currently having White Mage as main job to take to 75. (Update) I've actually changed my mind through gameplay and have now decided that I will be maining Black Mage, due to the complete awesomeness that comes with being a Black Mage :-p. This is now my most successful character.

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