BFF Report Episode 8 - Viewer Feedback & WoW Recap

In this episode of The BFF Report, Fony does a quick recap of all the previously aired episodes and then dares to take on some feedback from his viewers. Check it out!

The eighth episode of The BFF Report is now live, and if you haven't watched The BFF Report yet, this is the best time to jump in!

In Episode 8 of The BFF Report, Fony gives a quick run-down of all the episodes thus far, which covers everything from Gizmo Duck, Soulja Boy, and some crash reports to Looney Tunes, the Air Lich, and raid inexperience. Somehwere in there, he also discusses the latest from Champions Online and World of Warcraft Patch 3.3. Also included: A dash of some scathing (and hilarious!) viewer feedback.

Don't wait - check it out!


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