MU Online Item Pack Giveaway

MU Online Season 9 is here!

To celebrate the Season 9 update for MU Online, we've teamed up with Webzen to give away free item keys to our community! Season 9 features:

  • 4Lv Seed Sphere (Tetra)
  • New Map - Urk Mountain
  • Upgraded Muun System - Normal / Mount type of Muun
  • Game and Class Setting change / UI & Control Change / Wide Screen Mode

Villagers and Heroes Gift Pack Giveaway

Join Mad Otter Games and celebrate Halloween with this awesome Villagers and Heroes Gift Pack Giveaway!

Might & Magic Heroes Online Starter Pack Giveaway

Kick off your adventure and and fight with other players against the Order of the Void with a Might & Magic Heroes Online Starter Pack! Use refined shards of the stage and explorer, as well as a mana potion, to your advantage as you explore the world of Ashan.

Lord of the Rings Online Starter Pack Giveaway

We're back with a fresh Lord of the Rings Online giveaway!

Begin the ultimate adventure with a Lord of the Rings Online Starter Pack! Ride through Tolkien’s Middle-Earth on your very own steed, and use special boosts and potions to help you start your journey off on the right foot.

Age of Wushu Destiny Pack Giveaway

Celebrate the launch of Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny with an awesome Destiny Pack Giveaway! Here's how to get your code:

Nosgoth Closed Beta Key Giveaway

ZAM has teamed up once again with Square Enix for a Closed Beta Key Giveaway for their upcoming Vampire vs Human game, Nosgoth!

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria Beta Giveaway

All keys have been claimed!

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is currently in Closed Beta, and we've teamed up with Blue Byte and Ubisoft to get you access!

City of Steam Server Growth Pack Giveaway

A new EU server launched today for City of Steam: Arkadia, and we're here to celebrate! Grab your free code now—here's how!

WAKFU Steam Beta Key Giveaway

UPDATE: The closed beta will run until September 18th, giving you two extra days!

WAKFU is now in Closed Beta on Steam, and you can jump into testing with our Closed Beta Key Giveaway! The best part: Beta progress won't be wiped for launch! You'll keep all your progress & items from the Beta. Here's how to get your key:

Check Out DestinyDB's Console Giveaway

DestinyDB is celebrating the launch of Destiny with an epic giveaway! TWO lucky winners can score one next-gen console of their choice (Xbox One or PlayStation 4), plus a copy of Destiny to go with it. One winner will be chosen from Lockerdome entries and the other will be chosen for participating on DestinyDB's new, shiny forums.

Hop over to DestinyDB for more information!