16 Years of EverQuest: Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone for all the fantastic entries in our 16 Years of EverQuest All Access Giveaway! Over 200 people participated but these 16 emerged winners—congrats!

  1. brair
  2. Brickhaus
  3. Calsonix
  4. despidious
  5. Dorigen
  6. dpguy
  7. fosasha
  8. gilmorej|WH
  9. kononamis
  10. kshipper
  11. LandRuiner
  12. Nniki
  13. Snaer
  14. snailish
  15. ToltecMagistri
  16. Tudati

16 Years of EverQuest: All Access Giveaway

The giveaway has ended!

Winners will be contacted and announced by 11:59pm PT on Thursday, March 26th.

Happy Birthday to EverQuest! We've teamed up with Daybreak Games to give away 30 days worth of All Access membership to 16 lucky people! Continue after the jump for all the details.

Triad Wars Beta Key Giveaway

Beta Key Giveaway

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Guild Wars 2: Point of No Return

Next week will see the release of the 8th and final release in Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2. The episode, Point of No Return, picks the story back up that players witnessed at the end of 2014. Glint's egg is still missing, but players will still need to rally their allies and the pact fleet as they launch an assault against Mordremoth. In this finale episode, players will face a decisive moment as they reach "a point of no return."

HyperX Headset Giveaway

Looking for a fantastic, quality headset? We got the giveaway for you!

We've partnered up with HyperX to giveaway two HyperX Cloud headsets. They have a solid, lightweight construction with a detachable microphone, and are rated as the #1 headset on Amazon.

Don't wait to enter! The deadline for this giveaway is 11:59pm PT on Friday, December 19, 2014. Just hop over our Lockerdome giveaway page to get your entries in now!

Continent of the Ninth Seal Giveaway

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Black Gold Online: Typhoon Pack Giveaway

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Landmark Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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