The BFF Report - Episode 128

Mike B is back with a big fat end-of-the year episode of The BFF Report. This time, Fony takes a look at the top 5 gaming blunders of 2012. 


BFF Report Episode 31: APB Revisited

APB is an MMOFPS that is not at all like the lobby based games we've seen in the genre's past, but is this a refreshing change of pace or is it too far out there for players in the MMO field to accept? Fresh from E3, Fony brings you the second part of his report to help you make the call.

BFF Report Episode 23: Fony Gets His @$$ Kicked

StarCraft 2 is here and The BFF Report’s Mike B. aka Fony has gone in, played some maps, and… gotten his ass kicked. After 14 losses and only a single win, Fony can certainly give us the highs and lows of this upcoming title. Even if you’re not a RTS fan, you’ll still enjoy Episode 23 of The BFF Report."