The Beast(s) Within

Mechanist Games has released the latest in what promises to be a meaty series of dev blogs surrounding their steampunk MMORPG, City of Steam. This time around, we get a look at the bestiary.

The Living Story

If you've played Guild Wars 2, you're well aware how dynamic events contribute to the feel of a living, breathing world. Well, the folks at ArenaNet have even more sinister plans to draw you into the story of Tyria! ArenaNet's Angel McCoy recently gave players a treat in a new dev blog all about what they call "The Living Story."

SW:TOR State Of The Galaxy

It looks like BioWare isn't fooling around this year. Barely a day into 2013, Star Wars: The Old Republic executive producer Jeff Hickman took to the blog yesterday to deliver his second state of the game message, and what a message it was.

TERA Blog Post: Race and Class Combinations


TERA Race and Class Combination Splash

In a recent blog post from Brian Knox, there is a question on whether the original plan of letting all races play all the different classes TERA has to offer will really happen. The post contains a lot of great technical content, which goes over game balance, race differentiation, and aesthetics for each race and class. There are links to a couple of interviews and another developer blog post inside this article, so you can play catch up if necessary.

Want to read the blog post itself? Click here!

I started a discussion on this topic on our forum as well. Feel free to discuss this topic here:

Race and Class Combo Discussion


EQ2 Blog:Part III of III - "What's The Best Class"

Well it is time to wrap this series up with the final installment. I hope that people who are new to the game and have read Part I & II were able to take something away with them from it. In the final installment I'm going to tie up the loose ends on this subject by addressing common concerns that haunt many new players when they create a new character in EQ2. "What's the best class for getting in to groups?" and "Why is it so hard to find a group on my server?".

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