Two New Games Revealed

Amid the frenzy of Gamescom and SOE Live, it was inevitable a few games would slip by. To remedy that, here are two revealed games we haven't mentioned yet: Life is Strange and Cities: Skylines!

Nosgoth Free Open Beta Weekend

The Nosgoth open beta won't be coming until this winter, but Square Enix wants to give everyone a taste of the battle. Join in for a four day all-access Open Beta weekend from August 7-10 on Steam, and you can also be rewarded with double experience and an exclusive in-game badge!

Final Fantasy XIV Launches Free Trial

Interested in checking out Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PC? Jump into the 14-day free trial and experience content up through level 20! Already a current player and want to invite a friend? Square Enix has also launched the Recuit-a-Friend Campaign.

Eorzea Examiner #16: Inspiration From Nexus, Pt. 1

Hello and welcome to the sixteenth edition of the Eorzea Examiner, ZAMs column on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. For this weeks column, we're going to take a look at the recently released MMO from Carbine Studios, WildStar. This one's going to be different than when we looked at The Elder Scrolls Online earlier this year; I won't be trying to help anyone choose between the two. Instead, we're going to look at WildStar as inspiration for changes in FFXIV. While the games themselves are quite different, some systems could still be used or modified to improve things for everyone here in Eorzea.

Nosgoth Closed Beta Key Giveaway

All keys have been claimed, enjoy!

ZAM has teamed up with Square Enix for a Closed Beta Key Giveaway for their upcoming Vampire vs Human multiplayer game, Nosgoth!

Hitman: Sniper - Competitive Mobile/Tablet Game

Were you a fan of...

...Hitman GO, the well-received mobile spinoff of Hitman?
...the Hitman: Sniper Challenge from Io-Interactive?

If so, you'll want to check out the upcoming Hitman: Sniper. From the developers of Hitman GO, Square Enix Montréal, Hitman: Sniper will be a "massively competitive sniping game that will focus on the subtlety of execution."

Drakengard 3: Now Available in North America

Anti-hero, hack-and-slash action fueled by blood.

Drakengard 3 is now available in North America, exclusive on PS3 and coming six months after its initial Japanese launch. The game has been received well overall, with good reviews from Japanese outlets Famitsu (9/9/8/8) and Dengeki PlayStation (100/90/85/95).

Final Fantasy III to Re-Launch on Steam

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy III will be coming soon to Steam, on May 27, 2014. Along with improved graphics and story sequences the game will also feature Steam Trading Cards, Achievements and a visual redesign of the Job Mastery Cards. Other supported features are full controller support and cloud saving.

Square Enix March Mayhem Sale

Square Enix is having a March Mayhem sale this weekend in their online store. Many titles are on sale, but they're going fast, so grab them while you can!

Deus Ex: The Fall to Launch on PC

Following the success of the 2013 release of Deus Ex: The Fall on mobile devices, Square Enix has announced that the game is to be released through Steam on the PC platform in the coming weeks.