WildStar Drop Four on PTR

The Carbine Studios team has been hard at work on getting new and interesting WildStar content out to its fans. Players on the Public Test Realm have already had the opportunity to test out some of the upcoming additions and features making their way to the game, but for those who haven't, the team is revealing a little of what current and returning players can expect to take part in.

WildStar: Special PTR Focus Test

Right on the heels of its latest update, Carbine has already begun testing its next WildStar content drop on the PTR. As you may already know, this next game update contains the all new PvP Battleground, Daggerstone Pass. In preparation for next month when this patch releases, the team is looking to do a Focus Test of the new Battleground in order to squash as many bugs as possible before it goes live.

The Thunder Isle Teaser Trailer

Blizzard's got a full-court press going on behalf of the upcoming 5.2 content patch for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Today, they unleashed a brand new teaser trailer showcasing what's to come in the realm of The Thunder King!

Wowhead 5.2 Spell Preview Video

It's a sleepless time over at Wowhead. The release of a major new content patch on the PTR means there are patch notes to compile, screenshots to be taken and zones to preview. It's a daunting task, but someone has to do it.

This time, Perculia's got a preview of the all-new class talents coming in patch 5.2. The video contains previews of abilities for the Monk, the Rogue and the Warlock. As a Rogue myself, I'm particularly excited to see the love coming our way.

Wowhead Previews the Latest 5.1 PTR Build


If you're a World of Warcraft player, you're likely knee-deep in the Dread Wastes right about now, helping out a few bugs with some tasks that they somehow don't quite seem appreciative enough of. If you could stand to use a break from those six-legged friends, Wowhead has you covered with a preview of the latest build of 5.1, the upcoming content patch just deployed to the Public Test Realm.


WoW 5.1 PTR Coming Soon

Before Mists of Pandaria launched, Blizzard said a few times that their goal this expansion was to release new content faster. So far that plan appears to be on track since they've just announced that the 5.1 PTR will be opening up soon.