Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 2 Teaser

ArenaNet has unveiled what it is calling the first clue to Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2. The clue seen above announces that Season 2 will start on July 1st. So if this is a clue, not just an announce image, what exactly is the clue here?

Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds

The Festival of the Four Winds content patch for Guild Wars 2 comes out later today in celebration of Guild Wars 2 China's recent launch. The festival will bring back old favorites as the Zephyrites and Queen Jennah work to help support the battle-scarred Lion's Arch.

Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds

Guild Wars 2 China will have its official release this Thursday, May 15th. To celebrate the launch, ArenaNet is hosting the first global festival that will launch in all regions. Festival of the Four Winds will release on May 20th for the North America and European regions.

Guild Wars 2: Feature Pack Preview

Last weekend was PAX East and ZAM was able to sit down with Colin Johanson and Jon Peters of ArenaNet to talk about today’s Feature Pack patch, as well as the Living World and Guild Wars 2 China.

Guild Wars 2: Feature Pack

Over the past three weeks, ArenaNet has slowly been revealing all of the features coming in the next patch for Guild Wars 2. The patch is feature heavy overhauling old systems and adding some new ones as well. The Feature Pack is set to go live on April 15th, just over a week away.

Guild Wars 2: Big Sale for a Big Update

Over the past few weeks, ArenaNet has slowly been releasing details about the next patch for Guild Wars 2. On April 15th, the Feature Pack release will bring big changes to many areas of the game including a new Wardrobe, PvP Reward tracks, a trait system overhaul (including 40 new traits) and the Megaserver system that will help bring more players together.

The Scrying Pool: Ascension

In each article of The Scrying Pool, I look at what is and what could be. After taking a look at what is present in Guild Wars 2 now, be that lore or game mechanics, I then ask What If? What if this happened in the lore or this feature was added in a future patch.

Since the introduction of ascended armor last December, a common topic of conversation is the worthwhileness of ascended gear in general. The small stat increase over level 80 exotic gear is very minor, which has many people crying out for an improvement in either function or straight up stat increase to make the sizeable amount of effort worth the end reward.

Guild Wars 2: Feature Pack - Wardrobe

The April 15th patch for Guild Wars 2 is bringing in a lot of new features to the game. Over the next couple weeks, ArenaNet will be revealing each of the major features that make up the patch. Last week, they revealed the overhauled trait system, critical damage changes and updated rune and sigils. Today they are talking about the new Wardrobe system.

Guild Wars 2: Feature Patch in April

ArenaNet just announced that the release date of their big feature patch, slated for Tuesday, April 15. The April 2014 Feature Pack, as ArenaNet is calling it, is the first-ever Guild Wars 2 release that is focused entirely on bringing updates to in-game features.

Guild Wars 2: Spring WvW Tourney Details

The Guild Wars 2 World vs World (WvW) Spring Tournament 2014 starts in three weeks. In preparation for the new tournament structure, ArenaNet has released a new blog post giving out more details. In addition to the blog post, we had the chance to talk with Devon Carver, WvW Coordinator, about the new changes.