Guild Wars 2: Entanglement

The next content patch for Guild Wars 2 is coming next week as ArenaNet continues its two-week cadence for Living World updates. Next week's patch, Entanglement, picks up where the last patch left off. Players will once again join the Biconic characters as they explore a newly revealed area of Dry Top and take a stand against an ancient, growing threat.

Guild Wars 2: Gates of Maguuma

In the aftermath of the attack on Lion's Arch, players in Guild Wars 2 will be faced with a new evil and a permanently scarred Tyria as Season 2 of the Living World kicks off with the Gates of Maguuma content patch. The first content patch of Season 2 has players aiding the Zephyrites and checking out strange disturbances in the tangled western reaches of the Brisban Wildlands.


Guild Wars 2: A Living Soundtrack

The Second Season of Guild Wars 2's Living World starts tomorrow. Today, ArenaNet released a video teasing the amazing music that will accompany the season. The video shows short exerts of the orchestra that recorded the new music as well as ArenaNet composer Maclaine Diemer teasing how the music relates to new creatures, locations and the situations players will find themselves during Living World Season 2. Check out the video below!

Guild Wars 2: The Gates of Maguuma

Living World Season 2 starts next Tuesday, July 1st for Guild Wars 2. Can't wait that long? Today, ArenaNet released a teaser trailer for the first patch called The Gates of Maguuma. The teaser shows that the Zephyrites have found trouble in the western reaches of Brisban Wildlands and Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, Braham and Taimi are out to discover what is going on.

Guild Wars 2: Season 1 Recap Trailer

The 2nd Season of Guild Wars 2's Living World is only two weeks away with the first patch of the season coming July 1st. Today, ArenaNet has released a new trailer recapping Scarlet's War from the first season.

Guild Wars 2: Living World Journal

Following last week's teaser for the Living World Season 2, ArenaNet is today announcing a new feature coming to Guild Wars 2 with launch of Season 2 on July 1st. The Living World Journal will be a way for players to go back and experience the story that comes out every two weeks. Along with this new system is a lot of changes to how Living World will work.

Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 2 Teaser

ArenaNet has unveiled what it is calling the first clue to Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2. The clue seen above announces that Season 2 will start on July 1st. So if this is a clue, not just an announce image, what exactly is the clue here?

Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds

The Festival of the Four Winds content patch for Guild Wars 2 comes out later today in celebration of Guild Wars 2 China's recent launch. The festival will bring back old favorites as the Zephyrites and Queen Jennah work to help support the battle-scarred Lion's Arch.

Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds

Guild Wars 2 China will have its official release this Thursday, May 15th. To celebrate the launch, ArenaNet is hosting the first global festival that will launch in all regions. Festival of the Four Winds will release on May 20th for the North America and European regions.

Guild Wars 2: Feature Pack Preview

Last weekend was PAX East and ZAM was able to sit down with Colin Johanson and Jon Peters of ArenaNet to talk about today’s Feature Pack patch, as well as the Living World and Guild Wars 2 China.