Job Adjustments

 Though the August version update is still a ways off, Square Enix is sparing no expense in enticing players, for several new job adjustments for Final Fantasy XI have been announced! Among the planned changes include a new job trait for Warriors, Paladins, Rune Fencers, and Ninjas, adjustments to enmity generation by various actions and gear, increasing the potency of Blue Mage and Geomancer spells, increases to automaton weapon skill damage for Puppetmasters, and much more!

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Alter Ego Adjustments

 In the upcoming August version update of Final Fantasy XI, the Trust initiative system will be seeing several adjustments and additions. Four new alter egos, including major storyline characters such as Klara and Crystal War-era Excenmille, will be added, increasing the already impressive repertoire of Trust companions adventurers have access to.

 Several revisions will also be introduced, including adjustments to stat parameters for Excenmille and Curilla, increasing the number of battlefields that alter egos can be summoned in, and much more!

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Macro Editing Menu Addition

 To ever improve the quality of life for adventurers, Square Enix has announced a new "Equipment Set" option for macros, to be implemented in the August version update of Final Fantasy XI. This feature will allow players to designate and equip multiple pieces of gear with a single command, thus reducing clutter for making macros. Twenty equipment sets will be available for registry when the content update is first implemented, with the possibility of that number increasing in the future!

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Double Capacity Point & Double Simulacra Campaign!

 Two new campaigns will be making their way to Vana'diel in the new future, and the name of the game is double! On July 31st, a new Double Capacity Points and Double Simulacra Segment Campaign will begin, running through to August 3rd and August 11th, respectively. During the Double Capacity Points campaign, monsters will yield twice the amount of capacity points they normally would, allowing for quicker job point upgrades, while the Sumulacra Campaign will double the drop rate on segments obtained in various reives in Adoulin!

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Alluvion Skirmishes

 Bravery will be tested and might will be challenged in the upcoming August version update, with the brand new Alluvion Skirmishes system. Similar to the previous Skirmish system, the Alluvion Skirmish will pit adventurers against enemies in labyrinths that change the further one goes.

The risks are great, but rewards will be well worth it, as new weapons and shields will be amongst the spoils, capable of being etched with glyphs for further power!

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Fantastic Fraulein Mumor: Dynamic Dopplergangers

 The Sunbreeze festival is returning to Vana'diel, which means that the Mighty Maidens Mumor and Uka will be making another grand show...or they would if something hadn't happened to Mumor! What has befallen our heroine and what does this spell for the fate of the Sunbreeze festival as a whole?

 Starting July 29th and running to August 19th, the three starting nations of Windurst, Bastok, and San d'Oria, as well as several surrounding areas, will become abuzz with festivities. Special minigames, goldfish catching, special event vendors, and much more will be available to make this the best Sunbreeze celebration Vana'diel's seen!

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Announcing the August Version Update!

 Prepare yourself for new challenges and surprises, for the next major version update of Final Fantasy XI is slated for a mid-August release! A brand new zone, the Ra'Kaznar Inner Court, will open itself to brave adventurers seeking to chart the unknown. New job adjustments, job point categories, and battle content adjustments will also be made, appealing to those that take up the sword and spell on a daily basis!

For those seeking Trust Initiative adjustments, changes will be implemented to allow alter egos to be utilized in multiple ways, the addition of brand new alter egos, and a new list specifically for your Trust magic needs!

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Skirmish Treasure Coffer Campaign!

 Have you been needing to upgrade your Skirmish equipment, but the rewards just haven't been kind to you? You're in luck, for Square Enix has announced the new Skirmish Treasure Coffer Campaign! Starting July 24th and running through to July 27th, items found in personal coffers following the successful completion of Skirmish battles will have an increased chance of containing high-quality loot!

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Double Salvage Plan Drop Campaign!

 Have you been needing to upgrade your old level 75 Salvage gear, but hate the idea of slowly collecting plans? Then the newest entry in the Double Salvage Plan Drop Campaign is for you! From July 17th through August 3rd, the five plans for armor acquisition/upgrade from Zhayolm, Arrapago, Bhaflau, and Silver Sea Remnants II will drop twice as much as normal, letting you upgrade that favorite piece of armor in no time!

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Twelfth Vana'versary Mog Bonanza Numbers!

The winning numbers for the Twelfth Vana'versary Mog Bonanza have been drawn! From Tuesday, July 8th through to Tuesday, July 29th, players will be able to take their marbles to designated Moogles in Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria, Port Windurst, and the Chocobo Circuit to check their marbles against the winning numbers and exchange them for any prizes they might have won. This Bonanza's winning numbers were 7, 70, 523, 2399, and 17077, so best of luck to all who participated!

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