WildStar: Beta Content and Beyond

As April nears its end and summer rapidly approaches, Carbine Studios, remains hard at work in preparation for the launch of its upcoming MMORPG, WildStar. This latest MMO, scheduled to hit the market in early June, takes place in an expansive universe that blends science fiction and fantasy elements into one action packed space. While this brand new IP has heads turning with interest, WildStar will still need to go blow for blow with some of the biggest names in the genre in order to come out successful. According to the President of Carbine Studios, Jeremy Gaffney, they’ll be battling with giants!

If you’ve been following my coverage of WildStar here on ZAM, then you probably know that one thing the game definitely has going for it: its ridiculous amount of in-game content. In truth, it will probably be the only MMORPG in history to launch jam-packed with this much stuff on day one. Coupled with the fact that, according to Jeremy, over 50% of beta weekend participants are giving WildStar a 5 out of 5 “fun factor” rating, it seems to be on the right path for launch. While long-time fans and beta testers may already be familiar with the game’s plethora of activities, new players just dipping their toes into beta may not know all of the options they have available as they make their journey across Planet Nexus. In order to shed some light for those players, I recently received the opportunity to sit down with Carbine’s Jeremy Gaffney himself to talk about a few different types of content that new players can expect, how beta has been faring in general, as well as the team’s plans for launch and beyond. So sit back and relax as we take a journey to Planet Nexus!

WildStar: Warplots DevSpeak Video

WildStar Wednesday is here this week and Carbine's own Stephan Frost shows off his "unstoppable" 40-man Warparty in this epic Warplots DevSpeak. We've seen the overview with last week's Warplots Flick, now let's see how it all breaks down.


WildStar Flick: Warplots

Following the huge Eldergame info dump we received from PAX East this year, WildStar Wednesday reers its head again this week with another WildStar Flick revealing the last bit of the game's action-packed PvP content. You know about open-world PvP, you know about Battlegrounds and Arenas, now it's time for some 40v40 action.

It's time to enter Warplots!

Nexus Talk Episode 48: Warplots

Was the special PAX East Edition of Nexus Talk not enough for you? Well, there's no need to worry because Richie Procopio is back again, this time with a plethora of information regarding WildStar's Warplots. Be sure to grab 39 of your closest friends, because it's time to go to War!

WildStar PAX Panel: Eldergame and Itemization

PAX East is officially underway this weekend and if you've been paying any attention to the news surrounding the upcoming MMO WildStar, then you know Carbine has landed smack dab in the middle of Boston and is preparing for world domination. Seriously, I wonder how many Settlers it took to set up this booth! With 300 demo computers installed with the game, developers answering questions and giant bulletin boards that would give even the largest in-game bosses a run for their money, if you didn't know about WildStar before, chances are it'll at least be on your radar by the time the weekend lets out.

While the WildStar booth is pretty impressive, the highlight of the show for most fans–and those still discovering the game–had to be the Carbine panel, "$#!& Just Got Real", that was held Friday afternoon. During the panel the Carbine team primarily discussed WildStar's "Elder Game", reviewing previous information like rated PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas, but also dishing out a handful of new tidbits including Elder Game solo story-content and Itemization. A pretty epic "WildStar Flick" for the game's 40v40 Elder Game PvP type, Warplots, was shown during the panel as well, but we'll talk more about that at a later date.

For now I want to focus on the information we received relating to solo story-instances and item progression, because who doesn't like epic encounters accompanied by epic loot?

WildStar April Patch Notes: Highlights

If you're like me and itching for some new WildStar information to sink your teeth into, I may have just the thing to whet your appetite. Starting PAX East week off with a bang, Carbine has released the April WildStar Beta Patch Notes to the public, and there's quite a few interesting bits of information to be seen this time around. While I won't be diving into every individual piece of information scattered across the 71 pages of patch notes, I will hit some of the major highlights players can expect to encounter in this upcoming beta weekend.

Without further delay, let's dive in!

WildStar PvP Livestream Video and Recap

If you missed last weekend's WildStar PvP livestream, have no fear because Carbine has the video prepped and ready to go for your viewing pleasure this week. Join Senior Community Manager, David Bass, Community Manager, Tony Rey and PvP Systems Lead, Jen Gordy, as they spill the details on everything related to WildStar's Battlegrounds and Arenas.

If you take away anything from this video remember to stay out of the red, go for objectives and lead your team to victory–or die trying.

Nexus Talk Episode 46: WildStar Add-ons

Nexus Talk Episode 46 is live and today we join Richie Procopio as he gives us the rundown on WildStar's add-on functionality. Tune in as he shares how to install add-ons, where to find them and lists a few of his favorites to use while he's adventuring across Planet Nexus.

50k Lego Piece WildStar Rocket to be Built at PAX

If you're planning to head to PAX East next week, you may be in for a pretty big surprise coming straight to you from the WildStar universe.

Nexus Talk Episode 45

Nexus Talk Episode 45 is here! This week join Richie Procopio as he shares his first experiences with WildStar's dungeon content. He jumps, he dodges, he even kisses the ground a few times, but in the end he comes out triumphant!