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This is the World of Warcraft as I see it. The adventures of my character through WoW. Sure, I know she comes off as a bit of a Mary Sue. But let's be honest here, think of WoW like you play most of it, at least story wise. You're one person who goes through the world righting every **** wrong anyone brings to you. One character destroys every threat to the nation, one zone at a time. One character(or at times, a small handful of characters) goes through hordes of foes like Steven @#%^ing Seagal, single-handedly destroying entire enemy organizations. You write about a character like that, and sure, they'll come off as a bit of a Mary Sue. As far as that part of the story goes, you are one of maybe a handful of heroes in the entire world with your capabilities. So yeah...

I'm okay with that.

I'm going for a bit of an anti-hero approach here. Poldaran is probably the most effective person in my stories, but often is the least heroic. She does some bat-sh*t crazy things sometimes(just wait til you see what she does in Chapter 7: She Who Fights Monsters, which should be finished by the end of December), and at times is much more dangerous than the foes they face.

I'll try to put up a bit of a character list when I get around to it, but I don't have time right now, so let's just get the chapters linked in here for now.

Chapter 0: Fangs in the Forest
Chapter 1: You Are Not Prepared
Chapter 2: The Fall of Dalaran
Chapter 3: Death is Relative
Chapter 4: Daughter of the Damned
Chapter 5: The Shores of Northrend
Chapter 6: The Lichborn
Chapter 7: She Who Fights Monsters
Chapter 8: Underneath the Guilty Sky
Chapter 9: The Sorceress' Apprentice

Side Stories
The Lore of Poldaran: Chapter X1: One May Challenge
The Lore of Poldaran: Chapter X2: The Oathbreaker
The Lore of Poldaran: Chapter X3: Nightmare

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Some of you may have noticed that my characters often reference stuff from the real world, usually philosophy or fiction. In the latest chapter, a couple characters quote Nietsche(sp?), for instance, but handwave it as being "some philosopher from the Strom Era". I like making references to older works, as well as to some newer stuff. To that end, it's my belief that anything from the real world that can possibly be handwaved as being a fictional work in Azeroth is basically such.

In my vision of Azeroth, Dalaran alone has a thriving literature industry, meaning it would not be out of place for one of my characters to be reading a book on King Arthur or some Shakespearean(sp?) plays. The game itself supports me in some of these since Romeo and Juliet is a play in Karazhan, as is Wizard of Oz. As such, I'm taking this to its logical next step and asserting that just about anything is fair game as a reference.

There are some exceptions. Modern history for the most part I feel wouldn't flow properly. Talk of people like Einstein, Hitler, Gandhi, etc wouldn't flow right in my mind.

There are exceptions to this, but only in a certain way. In order to make some of Poldaran's references flow more naturally, I'm of the mind that manga is a popular style of literature in the world of Azeroth right now. It happened not unlike the whole Cthulu Mythos in which one or two guys got the ball rolling(in this case by writing about a "fictional world" which would become a setting for later works) and others built on it. To the point that Japanese is a language in Azeroth in much the same way that Elvish(Tolkien) or Klingon are languages here IRL. So with limited exception, just about anything in that style is acceptable as being literature the characters might have read. For instance, during chapter 7, when Poldaran says:

"Oh pitiful shadow lost in darkness, Bringing torment and pain to others. Oh poor damned soul, wallowing in your sin..."Perhaps... it is time to die."

This isn't just a case of me referencing a work. This is a case of Poldaran directly quoting a work she has read.

Mostly, this is just my lazy way of allowing me to slip up and reference something from RL without having to go back and edit it. In a very real way, a wizardprinting press did it.

I started thinking about this when Shador brought up the etymology of a specific word we use in the English language that would have no meaning in Azeroth. Here's what I'm talking about:

I am a bit stuck on something. What would be a good word to use for '*******' (or even homosexual in general) in the context of WoW. Obviously, since both 'lesbianism' and 'sapphism' derive from ancient Greece, these words would not have come about in Azeroth. The best I've come up with is 'strange' but that's really more of a placeholder.

My response:
Use the word "*******". If you have to, justify why the word is used as it being a reference to an ancient piece of literature available in the WoW universe. You really don't need to, however, as 99/100 of your audience won't even bother to wonder why a particular word they use often is used in a WoW based story.

I took it to a nearly obsessive further step, and here we are. Smiley: laugh
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