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#1 Feb 06 2002 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm new to this service and the journal feature. I am not familiar with the terminology that's being used here as well as the exact way the journals work. Is there a help menu that explains the forum preferences boxes, post ratings, karma, etc?

Also a friend was having diffuculty posting to my journal. When he hits the post message button, he gets sent to another page with an error on it.

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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#2 Feb 07 2002 at 12:04 PM Rating: Excellent

I don't think there's a single help page, for the stuff you're asking about. (Maybe there is, but I'm damned if I know where it is! *Grin*)

...From the top, to the bottom...

[li]Forum preferences:
These determine how the forum is displayed for you. These are pretty self explanatory, excepting (maybe) the the filter. The filter allows you to select whether you read all the posts, or filter away the dross. Whatever level you set it to, determines the minimum rating a post must have, to be displayed. Assuming you haven't changed this, you will see all posts with a rating of over 1.50.
(Anonymous posts start off with a karma of 2.00. (Presumably to make them easy to bury, when someone posts drivel while hiding behind anonymity. (Which not to say all anonymous posts are awful. There are some gems. But there is also a lot of dross.)) Other posts start off with the user's current Karma level. (I will talk about Karma some more, below.))

[li]Reply, Edit, Bookmark:
Beside the title of each post, you will see two, or three icons. These allow you to reply to a post, to edit the post (if it was written by you) and to bookmark a post.
To reply, click on the icon with the two white arrows. (You can also reply by clicking on the post's title!) This opens a page showing the post you are replying to and a text box, within which you can compose your reply.
To edit one of your posts, click on the yellow notepad icon. This will open a page showing your post, but with the text of your post displayed in the textbox. When you click 'edit' the new text replaces the old text. You can edit a post as many ties as you like, without consequence. (The date and time of the last edit is displayed in small italicised text at the bottom of the post!)
To bookmark a post, click on the red flag icon. Your bookmarked posts are shown on the 'View yourself' page.

Every registered user can rate each post once. The post's score is the average of the ratings applied to the post. (Including it's initial rating.) The rating is primarilly used, for the filter.

Your Karma is the average rating of your posts. (Sorta!) As a registered user, you start with a default Karma of 3.00. As you build up a 'paper-trail' of posts, each with their own ratings, you will build a Karma level, that reflects how people view your posts.
(Your Karma level is not reflected in your posts, until you have accumulated fifteen posts. Thus, if I rate your post above with a 5.00, your next post will still default to 3.00. However, you are still building Karma at this time. (It's just not being displayed.))
Karma is not really useful for anything, but is a status symbol really. As you gain higher levels of Karma, you will be rewarded with 'posting titles'. (Scholar, Sage and Guru. (It does offer a suggestion as to whether the post is likely to have quality content, but this is not guaranteed.)
Posting titles are awarded at the following levels of Karma:
1.00 - 3.15 No title.
3.16 - 3.65 Scholar.
3.66 - 4.34 Sage.
4.36 - 5.00 Guru.
(There are two more Karma related issues, of note! Karma is not supossed to be effected by the ratings received in journals. This means that if a journal owner buries a post, because they dislike it, it should not effect your Karma. (Within your own journal, it is apparently possible to rate another person's post again and again. This allows the journal owner to kill any post they do not want shown. Journal posts not being included in calculating Karna ratings should balance this out. (I have to admit, at this point, I have never tried rating a post more than once.)
The other issue, is that your Karma will seem to fluctuate quite wildly. (As an example, my Karma is currently displayed as 4.75. However, this is because I have already written another post today. If tomorrow I look at my Karma, it will show around 4.56. However, it rectifies itself, when I create a post. (This was unbelievably frustrating, when my Karma finally hit 4.35, since I had [red]Guru
status on days I had written posts, and Sage status, on days I didn't!)) I honestly don't know quite why this is. My suspicion, is that journal posts are being used, but only when calculating the default rating for a new post?!?)[/purple]

[li]Posting to journals:
I will be honest, I'm not sure what the problem is. I'll offer some hints to try. If they don't work, ask your friend to copy and paste the URL of the defective page to this journal and maybe someone can tell you what's up. Anyhow...
Go to 'Login/Admin' and check the following settings. Enable journal should be either 'Yes', or 'Protected'. If it is 'No', 'Private', or 'Read only', this is your problem. (I doubt it's set to 'No', based on your post...)
If your journal is 'Protected', you should ensure your friend is using the right password. (That's all I can tell you about this bit, 'cos mine is public!)
It is also maybe worth checking whether there is a comment about anonymous posting being switched off, in your journal. (It seems to be possible in mine and, indeed, in Illia's, but that's a possibility, if your friend is trying to post anonymously.)
As I said, more detail in what goes wrong would be useful.

I hope this is of some help to you. If you have any more quests, just come back and post 'em.


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