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Darkmoon decks, help with numbers pleaseFollow

#1 Apr 21 2011 at 2:36 PM Rating: Good
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Below is a plain text output from the spreadsheet I've started to determine more accurate numbers than my napkin math regarding buying herbs and selling the new cards/decks.

    mat   mill    DF out Inf out  ink out  cost  outlay  deck outlay 
cin    2.20    11      1.5    0.125    0.275    40    646     5168 
sto    4.30    21.5    1.5    0.125    0.275    78    782     6255 
azs    8.70    43.5    1.5    0.125    0.275    158   1582    12655 
hea    7.50    37.5    1.5    0.125    0.275    136   1364    10909 
whi    6.90    34.5    1.5    0.25     0.4      86    863     6900 
twi    8.40    42      1.5    0.25     0.4      105   1050    8400 
Vol-L    8.20    246                         

I'm using the wowhead percentages and average material cost to work out inks per mill. I plan on using this daily to figure out break points for "should I buy this herb" compared to current sell price of decks/cards on the AH.

My question to the community is: Do these look right? Seems like my ideal cost per deck is low. Oh, I'm not assuming the randomness of the cards. Last time I did this it all just about balanced out after about 100 decks made.

Anyway, comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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#2 Apr 23 2011 at 12:14 AM Rating: Decent
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From what I've seen due to a combo of herb/volatile lifes on my server the average cost per card is about 1k each, meaning that even with a perfect set of combos one is looking at a min opportunity cost of 8k for any given deck (individual results will obviously vary).

The "crap" decks are only going for around 5k while one can get the desired (int caster) decks for 8-15k, meaning that the reality currently is that its cheaper to buy a complete deck (if you have an int caster) then trying to make it yourself (again, my server - yours might be different).

So what does that mean?

Well, personally, I currently attach more value to the results from xmuting primal life then I do to making DM cards, so I'm converting primal life xmutes into air (best selling primal on my server) to eventually turn those xmutes into cash to buy a card (I have the luxury of not "needing" said card "NOW").

That's what you have to do to determine if the market on your server favors you making/selling the card yourself or simply selling the raw mats and buying a completed card - every server has a different AH market so no matter how the RNG is treating you, your best bet is to compare said RNG results to the market for raw mats (single cards and herbs) to determine which is most beneficial for you.

Sorry that I can't say [sell this or that] but the reality is that personal luck with the RNG combined with your person server prices for raw mats vs finished product is what you HAVE to go by.

If you want to blame me for your decision though, despite the reality of my server, I'm still hoping that the RNG will be a ***** instead of a ***** (a ***** F's everyone, a ***** F's everyone but YOU with F-ing being a good thing) so I'm slowly working the combines on my inscriptionist in the vain hope of getting the card I want for less then the opportunity cost of selling the raw mats. ;-)

But I'm crazy/cheap (which often times equal stupid) so take what I'm doing versus what I advise with a whole salt cellar worth of salt.

Nuff said - happy AHing.
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