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#1 Mar 31 2011 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Having maxed out all of my tradeskills I've noticed a bit of disparity here.

LW/Tailoring/BS - they've all got two 359 items

Engineering - used to have three - hat, bow and gun - ranged weapons got nerfed down to 346 so now just the hat

Alchy - got the stones, but you can only use one at a time, other stuff like cauldrons and vial of sands are disputable - flask of enhancement is borderline 359 I guess

Inscription - darkmoon cards, unfortunately the cost is through the roof - even pretending that you could get all eight cards with zero repeats you're talking, what, about 5k worth of mats per deck

Chanting - I guess all of the maelstrom crystal chants count as 359 since you're using mats that you can't get without DEing 359 grade drops

JC - Nothing really - yeah, JC gets it's three uber gems but that's part of it's base edge - even the "quest" trinket recipes that drop are only 346

I'm kind of mixed emotion as to whether or not I want to see more - my druid already has both of his 359 leather and while I'd love to be able to make a 359 item for every slot, if I could then he'd have minimal incentive to do anything other then raiding - I'm guessing that BS would have the same issue.

Even with more stuff my tailor would be completely decked out any time soon for the simple fact of the one week CD on the dreamcloth, so not much of a threat for my cloth toons.

Not sure how they could boost alchemy - maybe give them flasks of enhancement that can mimic each of the raid flasks or a never ending cauldron that gives infinite summoned heal/mana pots (limit them one per person like lock stones put it on a one or two hour CD).

Engineers definitely need some love (as always) - eventually giving them an entire set of engineered armor would be awesome but I'd be willing to settle with letting them install gear slots in other items.

They really should have given inscriptionist some higher level relics to balance out the fact that DM cards cost a small fortune to create a single set.

Chanters could be given some additional self-only chants (like the rings) that would be superior to the chants that they could cast for someone else in those slots (that or give us some self-only head/shoulder chants that are on par or better then the rep ones).

JC got hit the worse - no 359 jewelery to use/sell - at least give JCs some 359 trinkets or personal ring/neck to make.
#2 Mar 31 2011 at 1:48 AM Rating: Decent
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I agree - even with some of the most useful professions I sort of feel jipped. And what's worse is they're all plummeting on my server already. Everyone willing to pay top dollar for BS/LW/Tailor gear got it, and now theres a dwindling demand left for a growing supply.

Cauldrons have made Flasks obsolete. Not sure what they were thinking here - at least make it give slightly less so that if someone really wants to one-up someone else they'll buy a real one. Flasks basically fell off the charts though in terms of sales.

Dragon Feast is ANNOYING to farm, but its almost too good. Unfortunately, from personal experience I think the way Deepsea Sagefish are setup right now, its wholly uncool to have Blizzard make this the 90 INT/SPI food. This is ridiculous. I'd rather just take the hit, which means EVERY recipe is worthless now since I'll just be farming Dragon Feasts.

Really Gems are the only thing selling en mass still. Maybe they foresaw this (can't honestly imagine they had that much foresight), and knew that JC would make up its woes with gold, but even here farming for gems is as obnoxious as ever, with much less space to share the farming hot-spots.

The only reprieve is the knowledge that this is the very beginning of this expansion. It is reasonable to give them leeway in terms of both error and room for growth. As it stands now, most of the professions are in a very dire place, and when 4.1 comes out it's going to be MUCH worse unless theres some profession upgrades to go with it.
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#3 Mar 31 2011 at 2:03 AM Rating: Good
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1-2 epics per tier and per profession is good, some tiers one profession will be luckier than the other but that's the basic recipe I think they should stick to.
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#4 Mar 31 2011 at 1:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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It's pretty slim when you look at it on a profession by profession basis, but turn it around. If you're not careful, looking at a hunter for e.g., you are able to get a BoE cloak (LW in this case, tailoring for most others), BoE twohander (BS), BoE chest and belt (LW), BoE ring (JC), BoP trinket (JC), trinket (Alchemy), BoE gun (Eng). That's 8 crafted paper doll slots - over half your total kit. Currently only the BoP alchemist stone and LW gear (which require orbs) are 359.

Right now, it's a good balance. You can get 346 quickly to get raid ready or supplement what doesn't drop, and a few 359 to give a boost and/or compensate for raid RNG. Too much more, you'll be able to skip over initial raid gearing entirely, which I don't think anyone wants.
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