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#1 Mar 06 2005 at 9:28 PM Rating: Decent
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Here's my story.

I was doing okay with my Skinning/Engineering combo, selling my leather to buy my supplies.

Suddenly, the prices in the AH skyrocketed, going from 20 silver, to 90 silver. Me, only have 6 gold, could not afford that, so I dropped my skinning for Mining. I made the decision, moments after I payed 5 gold to make it artisian.

I'm liking life so far, but still hard up for cash, being down to merely 2 gold.

Okay, that's my story. My questions are:

1. Where's the best area for each of the types of ore?
2. Is engineering even worth it?
3. Should I sell my ore instead of 'tinkering' it?
Thorrbo, 60 Paladin
#2 Mar 07 2005 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
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I am not a miner but I did group with one not too long ago. They were level 45 and could not believe the ore amounts in the Badlands (just south of Loch Modan). It had Iron, gold and Mithril if I recall.
#3 Mar 07 2005 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
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1. Where's the best area for each of the types of ore?
2. Is engineering even worth it?
3. Should I sell my ore instead of 'tinkering' it?

1. too menny to give a solid awnser but veins are sorted by the level of mobs arround them but as a rule of thumb 1-10 and in to the 10-20 zones copper and maybe some tin in the higher levels the 20-40 range will have tin,iron,mith and 40-60 will be thouium(SP) in those areas you will see silver in the tin areas, gold in the iron areas and truesilver in the mith areas. Dont take it as too much of a law, just a guideline

2.That compleatly depends on you. I love it, as a hunter i cant see using any other skill, i make shot, i have some of the coolest bombs for a lil AOE boost, Goblin jumper cables and the deep dive helm are reason enuff for me to stay with it. "The Green lense" theese lil buggers are a goldmine ya may not get it till the end of the profession but they disenchant to large shards that enchanters use like hotcakes so they sell for 3-8 g each on my server, as well as make you guild enchanter get a lil excited(this usualy pays off as you get the best enchants since you can provide one of the most used reagents for their trade.... do i need to go on? I will leave it at it works for me and i dont even use the stylish goggels.

3. sell it, well at leasat at the verry start i wouldnt try to sell finished product at the AH, guns sell poor and most stuff is not useable by the general public, so what i did was got as few as the plans as i could i mostly leveld my sill making shot(something that sells ok on my server.... at the AH) i did have to make a few things in the gaps between diffrent grades of shot. i got up to 250 with only a third of the patterns, i only got the ones that had few reatents, then sold the minirals and gems.
#4 Mar 08 2005 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm lv. 36 right now, so I've been going to Desolace a lot. Usually I walk from Sun Rock Retreat and horde myself on the Mithril and the rare Truesilver there first. I find my Iron in Thousand Needles and Shimmering Flats too.

Ore doesn't sell. Bars do. Smelt it. Sell it if you don't need it. That simple.

Engineering is worth it. I was in Gnomeregan and pwned. Asked the priest to cast a shield on my bear, tossed my bear into battle, threw out a mortar. 600 damage to 5 enemies at once. Then the Warrior and Rogue came in to finish them off. Real easy.

Also, IMHO, Engineering is the ideal profession for PVP. Either way you go, it 0wnz.
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#5 Mar 10 2005 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Good day mate, as far as engineering goes i cant tell you anything about it as i have never used it, but alas i can tell you if you want to make some nice money in a shor amount of time stick with mining. You can easily mine just plain old copper all day long and sell stacks of it at the AH for 70s each. Now that might not seem like alot of money at first but if you put up 10 auctions thats 7g right there. And thats just for copper. Imagine what you will get with higher metals. And as far as knowing where all the nodes are to mine , well like Capitolg said its kind of hard to pinpoint those locations, you just have to do alot of running around. And his theory on the lvl of the zone is pretty accurate. Just run around doing quests or just grind away and when you see that little yellow dot on your radar run up and mine that node dry. I knw it probablyseems moot but mining in the long run will pay off quite nicely. Also if you dont sell all your bars or you make enough money you tehn have all the bars you need for your engineering if you decide to keep it. Well good luck mate.
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