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#52 Mar 23 2005 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
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- Novice player seeks a new home -

Hi all you sack holders out there. My name is Kerlle. Currently my main is a level 53 Thief. I also have rank 5 taken care of. I am looking for a long-term Linkshell. Something in the level 45+ range, with about 15+ members. If you need a hard working player you can always shoot me a /tell, for send me an e-mail = (

Current Stats: (03/23/05)

Thief = 53 (soon 54)
Warrior = 51
Redmage = 43
Ranger = 43
White / Black Mage = 33
Ninja = 30

Wood = 30
Cooking = 25
Alchemy = 20

Game playing schedule:

I play on and off daily. My main game playing time is Wednesday (12am PST) Thursday (all day) and Saturday and Sunday (12am 8ap PST)
The early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese =)

RedMage =

Thief =

Samurai =

WAR 75 MNK 51 WHM 40 BLM 37 RDM 75 THF 75 PLD 1 DRK 75 BST 75 DNC 75
#53 Mar 24 2005 at 2:07 PM Rating: Decent
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You can join my Linkshell.

LS Name: WorldsFinest
Website URL: none at the moment
Allegiance: None
Number of Members: 20
Average Level of Linkshell: 30 high and low. Highest lvl 65.
Recruiting: Yes
Requirements: Must be willing to have fun and help others
Contact Info: send a PM to me here or send a /tell to CountAlucard
About the Linkshell: This is a Mission based LS that is growing every day. Any mission, any NM is not too big for us. We are big about helping other people out and doing missions as a team. See you soon ^^V
Linkshell Color: Aqua

Name: Countalucard (Elvaan)
75 RDM 75 RNG 58 PUP

Philamon (Night Elf Hunter) Ravencrest
CDBiggins (Tauren Warrior) Alterec Mountains

#54 Apr 05 2005 at 10:12 PM Rating: Default
guys id like to join a NM hunting linkshell i love to nm hunt so give me a tell when u can names Cristopher CYA
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#55 Apr 07 2005 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: Forsaken
Website URL:
Allegiance: None, although most of us are Bastokan
Number of Members: 30
Average Level of Linkshell: 40+
Recruiting: Yes, please visit our website. Although most of us have grown in level, any level is encouraged to join.
Requirements: Must be willing to help others and have a good time.
Contact Info: (Visit our site or contact one of us below)
Owners: Aleighera, Ashaman, Abagail
Officers: Chanse, Celerin
About the Linkshell: Founded shortly after world emigration in the beginning of the Hades server, Forsaken has become a mid-sized linkshell for cooperative players. We're a great group of friends and helpful players. From expeditions in Bibiki Bay to trips to Promyvion, we try and have as much fun as we can in the things we do.
Linkshell Color: Dark Red

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#56 Apr 15 2005 at 10:46 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey Deathblow ^^ i just wanted to post the LS too ;) but you were quicker lol ^^
#57 Apr 16 2005 at 7:39 AM Rating: Good
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LS Name: (AncientParadise)
Website URL: (Reconstructing New HosT)
Allegiance: (Bastok, , San d'Oria, Windy )
Number of Members: (20+) Best Recorded (49)
Average Level of Linkshell: 30+ ( We recommend you at least have Several jobs 40+ for NMs , BCNMs,) Or rank 3-5+
Recruiting: (Yes,Maybe)- Depending on how First Impressions go...
Requirements: (Be Social , Recommended , And friendly...)
Contact Info: (Info will be giving briefly on Occasions)
About the Linkshell: ( Very Social , Very Entertaining , Very Helpful )

Ill also Remind that , Our LS is treated with nothing but pure respect , It takes time to settle in a new LS , So please if you like the idea of how our LS sounds , Then dont stay for 1-4days then dissapeare , Take time to know and do things within the family , NM hunts 1-5 times a day ( depending on conditions ) , BCNMs ( constantly , Everyone needs gil ) , Dont take this info for gil as a community reason to join , Ull have to earn it to have it ;)........

Contact: Otori , Thanor , Parasco Crimsa , Konnichiwa For More Info

There is no quizes or puzzles , Just tempt with a friendly attitude , And become one of the family....

If there is any Enquiries , Events , Etc you feel lack , Or unsure off.....

Please feel free to comment , Always willin to hear to ideas.....

Quick Rules: DO NOT
- Ask for a Sack ( Promotions come and go )
- Ask for plvls , ( Unless it is vital )
- Abuse your rights within the ls

We dont mind Cursing ( For everyone is at there mature stage of life , But we ask that it is kept to a minimum ).........

Most of all guys , Enjoy your game , Make good friends and foes..

We have also had alot of problems and Enquiries justifying , "LS Hopers" , So could i please remind that , If You are apart/hold , Other LS pearls , * Then make it within reason to why....Example: LS-1 (Main , Family) , LS-2 (NM Hunterz) , LS-3 (Static)....You get the idea. IF we find that you are only taking onl variety linkshells , For your own personal benefit , and are not helping for others, Auto-Ban... Sorry - We keepa tight policy :)....

Edit - New LS Name - Re-Edited

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#58 Apr 17 2005 at 2:23 PM Rating: Default
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HY my name is Ovy in the game and my LS is the ancient slayers. WE travel every where and we kill loads of NM'S.If you want to join you probably know me on hades cause i was voted Bostoks best dresed.Give me a tell and il make you second best.LOL.No realy we have around 40 members and we are looking for more .No lvl cap.
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and il have my dragoon up soon yes im a dragoon and proud of it with/sam i can spam so much penta thrust it will make you wana kick the BLM:P
#59 Apr 21 2005 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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LS name: DeadlyViperSquad
Website: none
Alliance: doesn't matter
Members: Dunno
Level's: goes from 8 to 40 something
Recruting: yes
Requirments: we like you. Has to have a sense of humor and enjoy games for being games. you know, not all crazy serious. its a game, its fun.
Contact: Kaguro, I'll send you to someone else if i'm busy.
About: started by 3 freinds too lazy to send tells to eachother. Started handing out pearls a little while ago. Mostly just chat and help eachother out at the moment.
Color: pinkish.
#61 Apr 29 2005 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
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linkshell: sleeplessknights
website/url: currently under construction
alegiance: sandorian
number of members: currently rucruiting members
linkshell color: dark blue
requirements: acepting all members
information about linkshell: we have linkshell event days on tuesday and thursday. we will acept anyone into sleeplessknights. we would like to help out anyone. we would do mainly missions on event days and maybe some artifact runs/coffer. thank you we come from hades and if u want a pearl send trebor or hittman a /tell. thanks for your time hope to see u around, oh and we can help you with exping also under lvl 30.
rng73/12ninja help me level nin im a noob
#62 May 02 2005 at 9:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Sadly, our lovely little group disbanded. Edited this post because we no longer have a HumbleParadise. :(

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#63 May 04 2005 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Shell broken. :(

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#64 May 09 2005 at 4:27 AM Rating: Decent
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LS: ChaoticCalling
Current WEB page: (can't go wrong with free)
Aligned: San 'D Oria with a few misfits (Convert!)
# of Memebers : 20 + and growing.
Avg Lvls: 1-75 mostly 30's and 40's but a few high lvls too.
Recruiting : Yes
Requirements: Prefrence to Sandy ppl. Anyone who can show good morals towards gaming with others *IE helping on missions*
Contact Info: Starwind, Rayven, Coheed, Arcanis, Vanson
About the LS: Due to many friends from all over who came under one banner, San D' Oria, we managed to grow into this LS. Everyone who shows good gamemanship and sets examples by leading them get recognized. Expeditionary Forces are usually one of our main sources of recruitment but being a friend of a LS memeber helps as well.
Color: Some say it's purple, but maybe a Royal blue?
Main Tarutaru: Starwind
WHM 45 Cooking 93.2
SMN 75 Rng 61
SAM 62 Dnc 40 +++++++>
Blu 74
Cor 75
#65 May 11 2005 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: HeartBreakerAngels
Website URL: We dont have one yet ; ;
Allegiance: Mostly Windurstian
Number of Members: Between 20-40
Average Level of Linkshell: Between 5-50
Recruiting: Always
Requirements: Lv 5+ Rank 2+
Contact Info: Private Message me on Alla ^^
About the Linkshell: We are a mentor linkshell, and we also do ballista, among other things ^^
Linkshell Color: Hot Pink
AF1[o] AF2[o] AF3[o] AF4[o] AF5[o] AF6[o]
Level Break Quests
GK1[o] GK2[o] GK3[o] GK4[o] GK5[o]
Thief Level 75- Hades
#66 May 12 2005 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
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[Darkmagenta][Aliceblue][b]Hey i made a new ls for all my friends i party with but lately we decided we needed more members! We are pretty cool and kinda laid back sort of bunch!

LS Name:MeanMofoAssasins
Website URL: None as of yet
Allegiance: San d'Oria or where ever we are having fun at!
Number of Members: 10
Average Level of Linkshell: 20-40
Recruiting: Yes
Requirements: No rules or requirements! just be cool and fun!
Contact Info: Game Names (Vladamir)
About the Linkshell: We are just a group of people who love the game and are looking for similar fun loving people. We love to pick and have fun and you will always here something crazy or funny being said in the LS. Please come join us!
Linkshell Color: Black

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#67 May 19 2005 at 9:51 AM Rating: Decent
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#68 May 26 2005 at 6:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Name: ForsakenToo
Website: Not yet
Alligence: None
# of members: Never enough
Average lvl: 50s, but we take all comers
Recruiting: Contact sackholders or Shellholder
Why ForsakenToo?:Our old LS leader Aleighera is no longer with the world of Vana dial. Our next in line had an unforuate event happen and lost everything, including the new shell, and no one else wanted to do the shell, so I inherited it.
Color o shell: Orange
Shellholder: Celerin
Sackholders: Renier, Vycios, Almariah
Events: I try to schedule something to do for the ls once every 2 weeks, just depends on everyone's schedule.
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#69 May 31 2005 at 11:38 AM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: SacredParadice
Allegiance: None
Number of Members: 30ish
Average Level of Linkshell: 60, or 55+ rather
Recruiting: Yes, /tell parasco
Requirements: Must be rank lvl 55+
About the Linkshell: All about getting things done. ZM, ENM, BCNM, Promy, Dynamis, HNMs, and soon sky access.
Linkshell Color: White
#70 Jun 04 2005 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: Divination
Website URL: Click here
Number of Members: Low
Average Level of Linkshell: 40-60
Recruiting: Yes
Requirements: Must have a job at level 30 and beyond, absolutely must be Rank3+ and have a sense of humor.
Linkshell Color: White
About the Linkshell: We are a social linkshell primarily, although we do not hesitate to help each other out for miscallaneous things such as missions, quests, etc. Although we are fairly old we have always kept our membership low to keep the LS cozy and close but now we are looking to expand. If you're interested in joining don't hesitate to send a message to Noridashi(me), Gustav, or Johnjobb in-game and maybe we can work something out. ;)

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#71 Jun 08 2005 at 5:14 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: UnknownKnights
Allegiance: None
Number of Members: Around 30 pearls have been given out and about 10 people are online at any one time (most of the time anyways)
Average Level of Linkshell: I think the current range is 1-62 or something, but all level ranges are accepted.
Recruiting: Very much so
Requirements: It would be nice to get to know the people that are joining the LS, but I guess there's plenty of time to get to know people after they get a pearl ^^ If you are fun, then come join us. We like fun people, they smell like success.
Contact Info: Characters with pearls are (to name a few that I can remember) Fausto, Avaro, Climhazzard, Minitalon, Skylerk, Bullzeye. I'm the pretty one ;)
About the Linkshell: UnknownKnights is just like any linkshell really. It's extremely relaxed, with banter flying back and forth between members, both old and new. The number one rule to get by in there is don't take anyone seriously. We all started when the highest level job in there was just over 40 and we're slowly creeping our way up into a larger linkshell with people doing genkais 1, 2, 3 and sometime soon, 4. There's no hierachy (as opposed to what I've seen in previous linkshells) and all requests at any job/level are 99% certain to be accepted. In an ideal world, people with high level experience of the game would be preferred, but hey; the more the merrier :)
Linkshell Color: Dark purple. I think. Losing my memory at the grand old age of 22... That can't be good >.<

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#72 Jun 09 2005 at 4:24 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: DarkNova
Allegiance: None
Number of Members: We normally have about 10+ people at most active times.
Average Level of Linkshell: Most are 40+, 1 or 2 below 40. About 6 in 50+, highest are 75.
Recruiting: Always
Requirements: Anyone who knows how to play and is up for being asked to do a rank mission or quest sometimes. We all help each other. Open to all levels but to do stuff with the ls often id reccomed 30+, but im not leader so w/e.
About the Linkshell: Best ls ever
Linkshell Color: Dark purple/black i think
#73 Jun 10 2005 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm gonna move to Hades soon. Can anybody recommend a good LS for Windurstians who love Windurst?
Windurst Rank 9-Mithra-71whm-49smn-42brd-etc etc
#74 Jun 10 2005 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
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My one above your post.
#75 Jun 11 2005 at 2:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Sounds nice. I was a little disappointed to not see any Windurst only shells, though. Seems like there are plenty of Sandy ones and even some Bastok. I look forward to meeting new people on the 15th.
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#76 Jun 11 2005 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: Tanaii
Website URL:
Allegiance: none
Number of Members: 80+
Average Level of Linkshell: 60
Recruiting: case by case basis
Requirements: apply on our website.
Contact Info: mistressshadow. i am the mom of the shell, so it's imperative that we get along.
About the Linkshell: we emphasize linkshell family loyalty, and are family oriented.
Linkshell Color: it was supposed to be dark green, but the pearls turned out more like a sea foam green ><

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#77 Jun 13 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Default
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#78 Jun 15 2005 at 9:56 PM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: Ningai
Website URL:
Allegiance: None
Number of Members: currently 4 on Hades
Average Level of Linkshell: 60-72 atm
Recruiting: <Yes, please.>
Requirements: None atm
Contact Info: /tell Lhinx or request on Forums at website.
About the Linkshell: I moved from Fairy with some friends and we decided we couldn't do without a Ningai LS on the server and had to change that.
Linkshell Color: Black
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#79 Jun 18 2005 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: Convenant
Website: (not updated frequently)
Allegance: Mostly Sandoria but we accept all
Number of members: Usually 4-8 on at a time
Avg LS lvl: This varies drastically we all swap jobs so much its hard to keep track. I would say main job avg lvl is 36
Recruting: Yeppers
Requirements: You have a decent knowledge of gameplay or are open to learning.
Contact: Chin, Methos, Briciont, or Tabbiecat.
Our Mission Statement: To make everyone realize that this is a game for enjoyment and maybe a hobby of types. We're small and have a hard time keeping members at the moment because of summer activities (most members are adults that work or have children). We all enjoy helping eachother, whether that means a PL through the dunes (if there is time, no begging please) or running a mission or quest with you.
LS Color: Pearl-white
RDM-75 BLM-41 WAR-42
NIN-39 DRG-33 DRK-37
THF-53 RNG-33 WHM-38
BST-43 MNK-48 PLD-37
SAM-14 BRD-07 BLU-01
COR-10 PUP-14

Sandorian Rank 9

Current Task: ot decided.
Maat Mashed: 4/16/2006
River Gaiters obtained 03/09/2006
Penitent's Rope obtained 03/30/2006

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#80 Jul 05 2005 at 1:35 AM Rating: Decent
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LS Name: DarkLegion
Website URL: Don't have one yet
Allegiance: N/A
Number of Members: 20-30 I believe
Average Level of Linkshell: 60-75
Recruiting: Yes
Requirements: Must have a job at 65+, sky access or at the least actively working on finishing the Zilart missions to get it, Rank 6+. All jobs are accepted but we're also looking out for more scarce jobs, mages especially. Also we are on the lookout for exceptional players in the game, so if you end up PTing with me or my LSmates it's possible to get a pearl that way too. One last thing, we would like it if you used this as your primary LS if you were given a pearl since we're not too keen on people who only show up to get help on something or to participate in LS events...
Contact Info: My name is Spiralarchitect on the Hades server. I'm usually playing my 72WHM so many people 70+ probably know of me somewhat. Just drop either myself, Darcel, Badkarma, or Hocuspocus a /tell ingame and we'll see about getting a pearl out to ya!
About the Linkshell: We've been around since Hades started, first off. We are still in the process of recruiting, but we have big plans for really starting Dynamis/HNM runs in the near future. As of right now, we have a decent-sized base of members who are on most of the time; at any given time of the day you can find a good amount of folks on to chat with. We have a wide variety of jobs, several crafters, and plenty of knowledgeable folks who are serious about making progress in this game. If you feel this shell is for you, drop any of us a line and you might get a pearl. :)
Linkshell Color: Dark blue

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#81 Jul 06 2005 at 9:03 AM Rating: Default
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LS Name: TheTenshodo

URL: None

Alligence: All

Number of Members: Just me atm. Still brand new.

Average lvl of LS: Seeing as how its just myself atm. I'd have to say 47.

Recruiting: Always

Requirements: Must have completed the Tenshodo Member quest in Jeuno as this is where we hold meetings every week. Must also be a THF as I want this to be a THF only LS.

Contact Info: In game, Osyris or if I'm on my mule Akaine. I'm on Mon-Sun 9am(EST)-11:30pm(EST)I am a house husband so time is not an issue for me. Or, if for some reason you cannot contact me in-game, you can reach me at my POL e-mail address:

About: TheTenshodo is a LS where fellow THF can get together to talk, have fun, or do w/e they feel like doing. This is designed to be a social LS not some "Let's go kill this HNM" or w/e. Any help members can provide for each other is strongly encouraged of course be it physcial help or something as simple as information. We do hold meetings every week in Lower Jeuno at the Tenshodo H.Q. Unless a member has Real Life issue to attend to such as sickness, family, work, etc. members must attend. These meetings are to encourage member activity and to get input from every member. During the meetings we will discuss what we would like to do for LS events etc. LS events themselves are not mandatory, so anyone wishing to come along may do so at their leisure. This is about as formal as the LS gets really. Other than that, pretty laid back atmosphere.

Color: Black

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#82 Jul 11 2005 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello!!! Here is the INFO on my LS!!!

LS Name: PaperWings

Website URL: (^^ we have a forum ^^;)

Allegiance: None

Number of Members: 11

Average Level of Linkshell:1-41

Recruiting: Yes

Requirements: LV1-40, Mages only Please ^.^ (RDM,WHM,BLM,BRD,SMN)

Contact Info: Button~>

About the Linkshell: PaperWings is all about helping out ppl and having a good time!!! Hopefully we will do BCNM runs as well as help with quests, and other such things (RSE for ex.)

Linkshell Color: Light violet

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#83 Jul 18 2005 at 11:42 AM Rating: Good
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LS Name: Solace
Allegiance: Most are from Bastok, but there are a few exceptions. :D
Number of Members: 10-20
Average Level of Linkshell: 40-50
Recruiting: Sure.
Requirements: Just as long as you aren't an ***, you're free to join.
Contact Info: Kag, Brazz, Cannibal, Kaaihan, Suicideking, Jihmye
About the Linkshell: Uh. Most of us transferred from other servers (mostly Ifrit).
Linkshell Color: Greyishpinkish
#84 Jul 18 2005 at 4:30 PM Rating: Decent
46 posts
LS Name: Raiders
Website URL:
Allegiance: None
Number of Members: 15+
Average Level of Linkshell: 60 (Currently Recruiting for 60+)
Recruiting: Yes
Requirements: Lvl 60+
Contact Info: Abesai, Jedidutch, Bazkoare
About the Linkshell:
  • We are about helping eachother out.
  • Progress in the game through Quests, Missions, Events, etc.
  • Linkshell Color: Green
    #85 Jul 18 2005 at 4:36 PM Rating: Decent
    78 posts
    LS Name: Paradigm
    Website URL: Right now I think only members can view it, though. >_<
    Allegiance: A good mix of all nations.
    Number of members: 35~ or so.
    Average level of linkshell: 70-75
    Recruiting: I'm kinda new, but I believe we are always looking for people.
    Requirements: Level 65+ I believe, but i'm not sure on that.
    Contact info: Send either Danks or Cursed.. or myself a /tell in game. At least one if us is usually on all the time.
    About this linkshell: We are mainly a sky LS, we do a ton of farming up there and do Gods every Friday/Saturday. We do camp HNMs though, mostly the ones that aren't to heard of (Bune, Capricious Cassie, ect.) we haven't gone after Serket Simurgh or Roc to much, at least not yet. Very well put together, organized LS. Usually 20+ members on at all time, and on God day 30+. No plans for Dynamis just yet. We have plenty of crafters, I think we have people with crafts of 90+ of each craft. We do have a point system, and an LS fund. Everytime we get an item such as Ven Claw, Shining Cloth, ect. we try to craft items instead of selling, to better our members equipment. If none of our members can use the items, we sell for LS fund. Our linkshell does have TH III, 2 of our 3 thief's have a knife. We also do rank missions, BCNMs, ZMs, ect. just not as much as sky and such. But if you need them we'll get them done. And just as an FYI, I am new to this LS, i've only been in for about 3 weeks, but these are the things i've seen so far. If I made a mistake on any of the info, i'll get it fixed asap.
    Linkshell color: Blue

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    Linkshell: -None-
    #86 Jul 20 2005 at 11:36 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Linkshell : KeithsCrusaders
    Linkshell Leader : Keith
    Server: Hades
    Website : (still under construction but you can still visit)
    Description: We have lvls ranging from 1 (no sub) to right now (7-21-05) lvl 65. Memebers are always willing to help with quests mission and lvling if we have a job in ur lvl range. Anyone can join! Linkshell Statics are almost always available.

    Sack holder include me <vilagost> , Keith , Tantos , Daeynerys , Lizzieborden , Riadik , and many others . I'm on most of the time so you can contact me or send a message if you want a pearl . My POL profile is not blocked so you can search my name if I'm not on and send a message. Have a good one ;D
    #87 Aug 23 2005 at 9:00 PM Rating: Decent
    63 posts
    Ok, I'm trying to find a LS that is orientated to getting Missions done, specifically Zilart Mission.

    I'm trying to make a run to 75 but in order to do that, I believe imho I will need to have access to all lvling areas(i.e. Sky), but in order for me to do this I need some knowledgable ppl to help, guide, and possibly participate in this.

    About me...

    Jackson Rank 10 Hume of Bastok

    Ninja @ 64
    War/51 Whm/50 Thf/32 Blm/26 Pld/24
    On Zilart Mission 4

    I can only assume that a few other ppl I know might want to participate in this. I'm not trying to speak for them it's only what I have heard. Cael a lvl 67 Thf the last time I checked and Drizit a high lvl Rng. But their status is unknown.

    Ok enough of my rambling, What I'm asking is there a LS out there that I can be part of to get these missons done, or rather info that can point me in the right direction.

    Any information on this would be greatly welcomed.

    Thank you all for you time.
    Beef San d'Oria Rank 5
    Paladin 60
    #88 Sep 11 2005 at 7:39 PM Rating: Decent
    397 posts
    LS Name: JusticeBringers
    LS Colour: sky blue
    Website URL:(forum):
    Allegiance: All
    Number of Members: We're new, just starting
    Average Level of Linkshell: 1-26
    Recruiting: Yes
    Requirements: Anyone, any lvl, any job as long as you are nice, treat everyone with respect, mature, kind hearted, caring and genuinely like to help others. No Gil beggars, we work hard for our money, so expect you too as well.
    Contact Info: Wolfaura, Jevil, Sithion, Inara, Celador

    About the Linkshell: I find it hard to find someone to help with questing or missions, even levelling. Often they'll expect some sort of gil payment *sigh I'm sick of greediness, and rude selfish ppl who don't care about others and bag ppl out if you aren't perfect or make a mistake. So I thought I'd start up a linkshell that will be dedicated to helping others when you can without expecting a reward, but not so that you become a slave to others needs.
    We do not like people being
    vulgar or extremely rude, but don't frown upon decent jokes.

    We value integrity and try to uphold the virtues of valour, honesty, honour, and of course justice.

    So we want to have a group of players, to have fun, make friends, ppl you can depend on to help each other out with quests, missions, levelling, getting an item, game advice, events, BCNM and whatever else there each other get ahead, not just linkshell members, but for other players too outside the LS.

    I also spend alot of time crafting, so ppl who just want to craft are welcome to join, for advice on crafting or if you want anything made, just bring the required ingredients and I'll make it for you for free, as long as you need and will use it and not just use me to make profit. I'm lvl 22 in Cloth craft, lvl 8 leathercraft and lvl 8 in woodworking. LVl 5 smithing, lvl 6 Bone working, lvl 1 Fishing, Lvl 1 Goldsmithing And those lvls are always increasing.

    If this sounds like something you are interested in, send me or Jevil a message in game, PM or you can email me at
    or email Jevil at

    A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

    Edited, Thu Sep 29 20:22:24 2005 by Wolfaura
    A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
    #89 Sep 21 2005 at 8:58 PM Rating: Decent
    117 posts

    Allegiance: Knowledge and Awareness
    Number of Members: 6
    Average Level of Linkshell: 10-30
    Recruiting: Yes
    Requirements: Intelligence, Understanding and Respect
    Contact Info: /tell Evader

    Purpose: In need of a bodyguard or 2 to help us do certain missions/quests. Casual or Long-term. Will pay according to depth of mission/quest.
    #90 Sep 26 2005 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
    74 posts

    LS Name: KHAP
    Website URL:
    Allegiance: Bastok, Windurst, San d'Oria
    Number of Members: 12-18
    Average Level of Linkshell:10-75
    Recruiting: always
    Requirements: (Recruiting)
    Contact Info: Pxchelldog, Alldo, Kupzdeville, Habakkuk, Tidexz, Arcangellance
    About the Linkshell: We are a group of friends who help each other. Missions, Crafting, any thing we help each other. Need an item it is yours if I have it. Our main job is to have fun and help each other out.
    Linkshell Color: Dark Blue

    Let's see what you got!!!

    Main Job: White Mage 74
    Jobs: Whm 74, blm 57, smn 24, thief 39, ninja 26, warior 18, drk 2, ranger 18, Bst. 7, brd 9, pld 29
    Nation: Windhurst

    Wood Working: 57 +1
    Alc: 89.6 +1 --- Leveling
    Smithing: 40
    Gold: 16
    Bone: 18
    Fishing: 11
    Cloth: 5
    cooking: 46

    Link Shell: (Tanaii)
    #91 Sep 26 2005 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
    16 posts
    LS Name: AsYouLikeIt

    Website URL:

    Allegiance: Only to ourselves

    Number of Members: 10+

    Average Level of Linkshell: Wide range, from new comers to 75's
    Recruiting: Yes

    Requirements: Be courteous and respectful to others.

    Contact Info: Onidori, Bongaru, Seventaru, Ariahna

    About the Linkshell: This is a social linkshell. We enjoy each other's companionship. Favorite events on the LS include BCNM and promy ENM runs. We are looking for new members who enjoy a social and friendly LS. Though we do help each other on missions and AF from time to time, help is solely based on individual's availability or desire, not required nor expected.

    Linkshell Color: Purple

    AsYouLikeIt is a friendly and social linkshell. We are looking for new members to join a friendly atmosphere. There are people of all levels and all interest in the linkshell. We aim to create a relaxed and comfortable environment in our linkshell, sprinkled with events that people enjoy doing together. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Onidori, Seventaru, Bongaru, or Ariahna in game, or visit our website at, and drop us a note there.
    Hades Server
    Windurst Tarutaru
    #92 Sep 27 2005 at 1:36 PM Rating: Decent
    80 posts
    LS name: BlingBling
    Alliance: Bstok, Windy, Sandy
    Members: 50+
    Level's: 1-75
    Recruting: Yes, All the time
    Requirments: We want to make the game fun, the game was made to be played and not to be exploied/cheated.
    Contact: Flipperfeet, Avaro, Twiztid or anyone you see.
    About: This linksheel used to be called Unknownknights but the leader (Avaro) Could not cope with being leader no more, he was away so Twiztid made this one, We have a GREAT sence of humor, we all treat eacher with respect, we are friendly and everthing, we keep growning everday.
    Color: Pink, Oh yes Pink, we rule
    Server: Hades

    Edited, Tue Sep 27 14:50:17 2005 by flipperfeet
    Server - Hades
    Name - Flipperfeet
    Linkshells - Tanaii75BRD/37WHM/31DRG/24RDM/20DRK/15THF/15BLM/9PUP/8WAR/6MNK/5RNG
    need someone to talk to, /tell me
    #93 Oct 04 2005 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
    78 posts
    Linkshell: ExpediationaryForce
    Purpose: Sky
    Members: 10 or so at the moment
    Requirements: Preferably sky finished, but if you are interested and do not have sky I can try to work out ZM
    runs to get you there
    Level: 65+

    Send a /tell to Swishytail in game.
    Swishytail - Server Hades

    Main: Thief 74
    Sub: Ninja 37 (Leveled up to 53)
    Linkshell: -None-
    #94 Oct 07 2005 at 9:16 PM Rating: Decent
    235 posts
    LS Name: Hopeless

    Website URL: We don't have one, yet. ^^

    Allegiance: We're a mixed group of San d'Orians, a few Windurstians, and a lone Bastokan. ^^;

    Number of Members: Collectively, I'd say aroudn 25+ people with pearls, and 15+ dedicated members.

    Average Level of Linkshell:: 50-75, most members are between 60 and 67.

    Recruiting: We certainly are! We're accepting any job at the moment, but we could really use some mages (then again, who couldn't) and tanks!

    Requirements: We have no set requirements at the moment, but prefer incoming members to be 50+ with Rank 5. If you come in looking for help, though, you better be prepared to offer up your fair share.

    Contact Info: Please contact the following sackholders in game: Yeti, Lazzara, Deria, Crbrian, Cervinius, or Weegie. If you have a friend in the LS, feel free to ask through them! Please don't be discouraged if you don't get an imediate answer from a sackholder, some of them have a tendency to stay logged in 24/7 and go afk for sleep, school, work, or one of numerous reasons. Leave a message, or contact me at Please leave your Name, job information (including your main, level, sub job, and other jobs you level), rank, and history in missions, genkais, and AF runs (how many, which ones, etc.).

    About the Linkshell: Hopeless was founded during midsummer by a group of friends, and has since flourished. ^^ We're a mostly social LS at the moment, but we go on numerous AF runs, limit breaks, missions, and random quests or item hunts. There is not a member that is above 50 that has not received at least one AF item from the LS or a member of the LS at one point or another. We're a mixed group descended from several different servers from the migration, and are all experienced and developed players. Some members have multiple jobs at 50+, and several sets of AF to prove it. Our main policy is help if you want help; meaning, if you expect any form of help in the LS along the lines of AF and the like, you better be prepared to carry your own weight. We don't stand for people that come, get what they want, and jet. So don't expect a pearl or assistance if that's what you hope for. We've recently finished the "AF List," and are now working on the "Rank Up" list, but that doesn't mean that we're only acepting members that have their AF done and only need help on missions. Future plans for the LS consist of the never ending AF runs, Genkai help, missions, CoP missions, ZMs, the odd NM (for rare/ex equipment only; i.e, Wyvernpoacher Drachlox, Mysticmaker Profblix, etc.), independant BCNM/ENM runs, the rare HNM, and our main goal at the end of the line: Dynamis.

    Linkshell Color: Orange! Random color, I know...;D

    I smell like a bunch of freshly cut flowers spewing across a babbling brook with a hint of lemon.
    #95 Oct 10 2005 at 1:47 AM Rating: Decent
    74 posts
    LS Name: KHAP
    Website URL:
    Allegiance: None
    Number of Members: 15+
    Average Level of Linkshell: 15-75
    Recruiting: Yes
    Requirements: Must be willing to have fun and help others
    Contact Info: send a PM to Kupzdeville, Alldo, Pxchelldog, Feelin, Montrey
    About the Linkshell: We are a social link shell and we also help lvl and PL our low members. All we do is for free or what cost is. we have several crafters on our ls one has all crafting up to 60 and is working on taking gold up to 100. the rest of us have at least one in the 40+ range. If you need cash just ask, we are glad to help you out. the only thing we ask is that you be an active member and help each other out when you can.
    Linkshell Color: Blue

    Main Job: White Mage 74
    Jobs: Whm 74, blm 57, smn 24, thief 39, ninja 26, warior 18, drk 2, ranger 18, Bst. 7, brd 9, pld 29
    Nation: Windhurst

    Wood Working: 57 +1
    Alc: 89.6 +1 --- Leveling
    Smithing: 40
    Gold: 16
    Bone: 18
    Fishing: 11
    Cloth: 5
    cooking: 46

    Link Shell: (Tanaii)
    #96 Nov 24 2005 at 12:57 PM Rating: Default
    23 posts
    LS Name:____________________FunWithJugs
    Number of Members:___________Numerous (Usually 15-20 online at all times)
    Average Level of Linkshell:______50+ (Many players have other 75 jobs)
    Recruiting:___________________Yes, check out the website or ask a member, all members are pearlsacks.
    Requirements:________________It's a BST LS, we also have many SMN. It's not required I allow other jobs to join to be around friends but keep in mind the main focus of chat in the LS is focused around BST.
    Contact Info:_________________(Visit the website or contact me or any member)
    Pearlsacks:___________________All Members
    About the Linkshell:____________We are a Beastmaster/Pet LS, it is a place to hang out, ask questions about the job, form PTs for XP/Quest/Mission/BCNM.
    Linkshell Rules:________________Simple... Respect your Guildmates, keep profanity to a minimum & no begging.
    Linkshell Color:________________Orange
    --Xanthan 75SMN, 75BST, 72WHM, 71BRD and more..
    Hades -FunWithJugs, LotL, DynamisDominators
    #97 Nov 27 2005 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    10 important things to complete C.O.P. fast and easy.

    #1 /tell Onie for an invite to FriendsLikeThese LS.

    (FriendsLikeThese will take care of the other 9!!!)

    Minimum requirements:
    2-3 jobs 40+
    P.M. 3/3+
    JP/NA/EU /welcome

    ~Adrian M.
    #98 Dec 04 2005 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Are there any ls willing to let in a level 10 monk. ign drelectman
    #99 Dec 08 2005 at 12:35 AM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    My ls "WizardsAndWarriors" has been on hades almost a year
    me and around 15 ls members migrated from Phoenix where W&W
    lasted 2 years over there. I have been the leader for 3 years. any race, nation, lvl etc accepted. o_0
    #100 Dec 11 2005 at 8:38 PM Rating: Decent
    78 posts
    LS Name: BlueKnightAlliance
    -No Website-
    NO real allegience
    All levels allowed
    Must have at least a level 30 in 1 of the following jobs
    -Black Mage
    -White Mage
    -Dark Knight
    -Blue Mage (when it comes out
    currently recruiting
    When we get enough ppl's I was going to make a LS ballista leauge see for details
    Also the LS has a policy when we have at least 30 or more level 75's in our LS we will open Noob monster control where we give a lot of ppl MONSTER CONTROL link pearl and they tell us when they are stopped by a monster like a Banshee or a way too powerful monster We'll send a unit to kill the monsters in the surrounding areas
    currently: Drk/War
    TRAINING: rdm,smn
    Server: Alexander
    #101 Dec 13 2005 at 9:16 AM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    LS Name: Doomsayers
    Allegiance: Windurst primarily
    Number of Members: 20+
    Average Level of Linkshell: about 40 but we get new peeps all the time
    Recruiting: yes
    Requirements: none we accept anyone
    Contact Info: main recruiters are, Stillborn (leader), torredo, anyanehanya and kihre
    About the Linkshell: Just there to chat when times are boring (searching for a pt) or help with quests/missions etc. in a word, we have fun!!
    Linkshell Color: a nice shade of lightish blue
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