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PerfectDodge's Last Run, Xarcabard; June 20, 2009Follow

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Post Header: PerfectDodge's Last Run, Xarcabard; June 20, 2009

Yup, you read the title of the post correctly. PerfectDodge’s last run will be Xarcabard on June 20th, 2009. (This was posted in the PD site this past Tuesday for any PD members reading this for the first time >.> )

Before I get into the meat-and popoto's of this post, I do want to thank everyone who has been involved, encouraged, or been courteous to PD in the past. That has meant a lot to members, past and present. We hope to be remembered well into the future.

The Xarc run is PD’s 350th entered run over the course of 3.5 years. We’ve had a good run; done a lot of things. PD has a lot to be proud of. However, it's time to retire the stand-alone Dynamis/Social shell that has been called Home to lots of people in the past. The Senior members of the shell (and I) want to end on a “family reunion” of sorts.

For any past or present member of PD, this is your internet invitation to attend our last Xarcabard run to KICK DL’S ***. (Obtain permission from your current linkshell if you are currently in an end-game shell who doesn’t allow outside runs with other linkshells.) Entry time is 7:00pm; Gather will start at 5:30pm EST due to the semi-open invitation. Please be at the trailmarkings no later than 6:30pm EST so pearls can be issued and parties formed… and jobs changed if needed. MNK/DRK and RDM/DRK encouraged. Don’t forget Opo necklaces, poison pots, RR items, and anything you think you will need to make this a successful run.

NOTE: If a prior member enters the zone and starts causing a disagreement or starts undermining the spirit of the run, I WILL HAVE A BLM D2 YOUR ***. This is to be a fun run, and a legitimate shot at killing DL; I won’t have people ruin it. I’m more serious in this note than when I say “Do NOT Aggro or I’ll personally R1 your corpse!” in a Dynamis zone.

Relic rules will be the following:
NOTE: At all stages, please only lot if you need it. If you don’t need the relic, let someone else lot.
Stage 1: If you have the job 70+, you will be allowed to lot the relic.
Stage 2: If noone needs the relic with the job 70+, people with the job 65+ will be called upon to lot.
Stage 3: In the unlikely event that noone has scooped up the relic at this point, Freelot will be called, and if you plan to level that job and use the gear, lot away!

Shadow Items will be distributed to Active members with over 75 runs (sorry, have to have some perk to still being with the shell).

100-pieces will still “go to the shell” to be sold and distributed with the rest of the linkshell bank to members who had 14 or more runs since the 3/15/09 cashout; based on standard cashout calculation.
(Endgame Linkshell leaders courteous enough to allow prior PD members to attend our last run will be offered any 100’s at 15% off current market price; not much, but it’s still a good “chunk of change”.)

Yes, you read correctly, the linkshell bank will be distributed to members with 14 or more runs since 3/15/09. While there are no provisions in the ls rules as to what is to “become” of the ls bank when the ls dissolves, the fair option (keeping in the spirit of PD) is to distribute it. The members who have stuck around this long have earned it. (I’m not going to argue semantics as to the number of runs constitutes active status in the last quarter. By all rights, since there’s no rule, I could walk away with the whole bank… but that’s not the type of person I am.) Certain member’s cashouts may be handled by the other member of PD’s management if she’s still retaining gil when the cashouts are calculated… that will be handled through the regular PD website.

Thanks for reading this post, and I wish you all good endeavors, lots of gear and currency in your future runs. If a prior PD member needs a reference, I will continue to play (although now it won't be set days and times) and you can look up Leie or use my POL e-mail: The SirenDynamisSchedule site will be maintained… so feel free to sign up and post when your ls’s will be doing Dynamis to try to prevent overlapping scheduling of zones.
Leie: Mithra; THF 27, WHM 75, NIN 37, BLM 43
Star Breaker; Maat defeated 2/5/2006
Sky Access: Obtained! 2/21/2006
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I doubt we've ever bumped into each other, but I wanted to congratulate you and PD for a great run at Dynamis. 350 runs is a great achievement. Good luck with whatever you and the rest of your shell decide to do after the 20th.

Mieck of Siren // Mieck Corcoczeck of Lindblum

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I agree with Mieck
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