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#1 Nov 08 2004 at 1:18 AM Rating: Decent
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I'd like to hear people's thoughts, musing, opinions and such on the topic of training. For those of you not in the know training involves being in a zone where you are sufficiently strong enough to have a number of the mobs in the area chase you around while you dia, stab, arrow or otherwise manhandle them generally it ends with the trainee in question doing some AOE magic or insane WS to make the mobs a part of the landscape. The question I would like to put forth is "Do you think it's an acceptable practice to -aga a cluster of mobs around a PC?" I haven't yet done it, though I was seriously tempted tonight to do so. I'm in the Konschtat Highlands at the moment. My alternate character is a crafter. I'm working on Wool Thread ATM. I will often encounter really high level characters training the sheep all over creation. Now this really frustrates me. I know that if this was being done for instance in the dunes just outside of Konschtat people would be ******** and complaining all over the place. The problem I suppose I have with trainers is that they are taking all the mobs away from the other players and claiming that they are all theirs. I am high enough that I could train all up and down in the Highlands (44 White) but I choose not to. Other people may be trying to XP or also farm like me. I am basically following my philosophy of "If it's not red or it's not dead, it's not yours". I suspect that if I ever did aga another players mobs they would be pretty upset. However does the simple fact that you hit a mob and run away make it your mob? Do you think I'm being an a$$hole for wiping out another players mobs? Is there really a higher percentage chance of getting a drop if you kill a lot of creatures at once? If so, are you going on hearsay or do you have empyrical evidence to back that claim up? I hate trainers. I hate them all. I have to confess I have trained some mobs once or twice mostly for amusment and i felt bad when i saw some level 5's in the area trying to XP off the bees so I stopped. Thoughts? Comments?

Magdalena: 44 White Mage
Katt: 25 Thief/Clothcrafter level 31
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Not sure what this has to do with siren server in particular, but.

If you are training mobs, you are basically claiming the zone as your own. If you are doing this in a zone that is popular for exp parties, then you are generally detracting from the play experience of potentially dozens of other people. That's kind of a crappy thing to do, and can earn you a GM call.

If instead you are doing it in a zone that is almost purely designed for farming (oztroja/beadeaux/davoi and their junior counterparts) then it actually seems par for the course. Be warned that there are also occasionally exp parties there, and it always sucks to take away an exp party's mobs.

ALSO, check the zone for a beastmaster. Nothing sucks more than to have someone sweep the zone clean of all your potential pets and prey. Just because they solo doesn't mean they don't have a right of claim on just as many mobs as a party of 6.

Finally, do check the population of the zone from time to time. If you are there alone, or the only other people there are also farming, then you're okay. But if someone enters the zone who needs to complete a quest/mission, or comes in with an exp party, do your best not to step on each other's toes.

As far as picking off mobs from someone else's train...big deal? One form of greed versus another. There is no high ground here.

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