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Get the best halloween items without going bankruptFollow

#1 Oct 25 2004 at 6:50 AM Rating: Default
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I spent over 70K trading and cooking goods to trade to try get silly pumpkin hat that I wanted since I saw first sexyaru tarutaru wearing one long long time ago in game. So when the halloween event start I was very excited. I set out trading goodies to the NPC in costumes and was disappointed at how much money I seemed to be throwing away. I felt like my boyfriend way back in HS must have felt tossing balls at milkbottles in fall carnival to win me the big old blue bear. That it was becoming FUTILE. And then I systematical went about what to trade to who and I got all the best drops for myself and my five mules that I have scattered among the three cities. I have helped numerous friends, strangers that are now friends, and members of my linkshell get items using the system. I don't know if it posted soemwhere else in forums and I can't get into the other siren forum because Paladyne told me they exceeded their bandwidth and it costing them a fortune to run it. DISCLAIMER: it is still random about the drops all my system did was improve your chances at getting the best items. So this is what I suggest and don't go FLAMING me for sharing info go ahead and post what you did or tried or whatever but I'm only trying to help. And I don't think your rank or your fame or time of day or moon phase or any of that stuff were factors because I said my MULES got the good stuff as well.

First I bought 3 stacks of fruit: you can get cheap at NPC vendors in your home nation. Any fruit would do but I bought apples, oranges, and grapes ( at one time my friend had to use cherries and another in another town used pineapples because the vendors and AH were out of the other items so I said any three fruits would do as well as any sweets but I am getting ahead of myself )

Second I bought 2 stacks of sweets: either used items I had crafted and stored on mules from raising cooking craft or I bought cheap ginger cookies from the traveling circus in town or you can get from player bazaars.

SO that is 5 stacks of goodies to trade

pointers :
1)make sure you have open slot to get item when trade ( duh )
2)never trade the roaming character I wasted alot of gil and never got good drop from them ( you may have I said it random so dont flame me I only saying what worked for me after throwing 70K away
3)dont trade to the NPC that have a mob already trading to them or someone that just left trading to them. Go to an out of the way lonely NPC like store owner in back part of your town
4) dont repeat an item in sequence of trade like dont go orange orange orange

OK here how to trade:

(god this taking forever to type I admire all you now that wrote all those guides here)

Trade a fruit, fruit, sweet, fruit, sweet and if no drop stop move on write his name down and you and I go back after dark and EGG his store.

At any point in the sequence if you got an item ( and yes jackolanterns count as an item ) stop trading to that NPC and wait 3 minutes before you trade to a DIFFERENT NPC

So I would start with a sequence like this:

orange, grape, bubble chocolate, apple, ginger cookie

any combination would work as long as you dont repeat item in sequence.

Good luck and send me /tell in game if you have any questions

remember dont waste gil on PIES but I do know that at one point my friend I was helping got mad at me and said dang it you stupid this not work. And I reminded him I said it random I'm only saying be patient give system chance to work on the next trade I was tired of him disrespecting me so I traded him one of the apple pies I had and said here give him this and low and behold he got the horrorhead back in exchange.

I hope this helps you. I know SE not mean for this to bankrupt you and I hope you will enjoy the event. Personally as a mithra I find it fun to run around town turned into the doggie ^^

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#2 Oct 25 2004 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey i had a similar technique i trade a combination of 3 items that were available Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Pinapple or Bubble Chocalate. I was extremely lucky it started Friday night, on my third attempt it dropped Pumpkin Head II for my main, then about the 10th trade i got trick staff II and 2 Jack-o-Lattern in between, then stopped for the night. Saturday afternoon worked on it abit got Pumpkin Head II for my mule then got tired of it. Sunday was a good day i got Treat Staff II on second try for my main and Horror Head II for my mule on the 5th try!!! Well the combination i used was like Mawashi, i never traded consecutive items. Remember all its Random and Luck!! Have Fun doing this!! Good Luck!!



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