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So, I posted a while ago looking for an event linkshell that did things in the morning hours. That hasn't really panned out, so I figured I may as well try for a social shell, so that I can hopefully meet some new people and make some new friends.

I'm mostly just looking for people to chat with, and maybe occasionally group up with for missions, quests, or just EXP. I have a social shell now, but there are maybe four of us in there on a busy day and most of the time I'm all alone. Also, the other members prefer to use voice chat, so I'm kind of left out of that.

A quick little bit about me:

Started playing at PS2 release here on Seraph. Switched to Asura when it opened up to play with friends, but we all left around the time that WoW dropped (though not for that reason). Came back in late 2005, on Seraph again, and took WHM and BRD to 75 before quitting again, because life just got too busy. Then I found myself missing the game a lot, and so I came back AGAIN (I know, right?) on Bahamut with Murphie, who is my current character. Was in a great shell there for about a year, but it eventually fell apart due to endgame drama, and several of my good friends quit, so I figured I'd give a server transfer a shot, and moved back "home" to Seraph. Unfortunately, no one here really knows me, because I'm on a different character, and anyway, it's been several years since I played here.

I have a 75 RDM on this character with all applicable subs leveled, working on getting DRG there (only 45 right now), and plan to do BRD next. I'm pretty easy going, like to chat, and have a pretty good sense of humor (I hope!). I'd really just like to meet some new friends.

So if anyone has a pearl they'd like to offer me, or any suggestions of who to talk to in game, let me know either here or in game.^^
Murphie - 75 RDM - Windurst
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