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#202 Dec 07 2004 at 6:35 PM Rating: Good
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Blithe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiya.

We haven't done anything together in ages, so I don't know if you are still one of the finest, but you always say hi and are good for a chat whenever I see you. I guess that's all that matters, longtime friends are the best!

Edit: And my own personal karma troll strikes again. I say hi to a good friend, and my rating goes to 2.66. You must really have nothing better to do than be concerned about me. I'm so touched! Awww, you really think I care about my karma rating, how cute!

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#203 Dec 07 2004 at 11:45 PM Rating: Excellent
It's like a huge friend's party everyone knows everyone else...>_>;;
*wonders why his name still hasn't shown up since the 2nd page*
*wonders why people hate WARs*
*sits in corner rocking back and forth*
Uneasy~Ragnarok Server
#204 Dec 08 2004 at 9:27 AM Rating: Good
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I would also like to add a few more.

Anehii, the newest addition to the set. I hate why we had the opening, losing a friend to WoW, but we couldn't have found a better person to join us. We met during the time a lot of us were getting fustrated with the level grind and AF and An just had such a positive attitude that it was beyond refreshing.

And I think I mentioned before, but worth mentioning again, Siobahnn. If it wasn't for Sio and Cremonte, getting my AF in Sea Serpent's Grotto probably wouldn't have happened. Always supportive and helpful, we actually met while trying to help someone get their paper for G1 and not accepting the reward that was offered.
#205 Dec 08 2004 at 11:21 PM Rating: Good
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Yea Anehii! What a great warrior. I love my view of the battle when dual rampage goes off.

And thanks for all the kind words, from everyone

#206 Dec 09 2004 at 11:50 PM Rating: Good
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gah crud >_<

That post by UneasytheMithra was me (brother left himself logged in without telling me he had even signed up for these boards...)

ANywya, yeh.
*is still sitting in corner rocking back and forth about why a WAR without NIN sub isn't wanted*

I outdamage most DRK and pull hate off every PLD and NIN I party with! Why me hated! ; ;

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"I finally understand why Monks live lives of solitude...they don't have a choice."
~Leeroy, Galka Monk, after waiting 4 hours for a party in Crawler's Nest.
#207 Dec 13 2004 at 4:18 AM Rating: Good
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Well, I'd like to thank some peeps who helped me get Rank 5 this weekend - Dankie, Cachecrash and Niekon. Special mentions to Johnez and Drunkie who were also there to get Rank 5.

It was tremendous fun and those Yagudo never stood a chance against us.
#208 Dec 13 2004 at 5:43 PM Rating: Good
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Well, the whole Intrinsic LS, owned by Zeena, is mighty fine. They helped me with all of my AF, and other things. I always try to help out as much people with their needs as well, so I hope I am a good member. Great bunch of people:

Zeena,Sgtlilpuppet,Luciano,Dub,Ashra,Femtos,Mandlorian,Neoshinobe,Bennettz,Ephewe,Klusufoya,Pauput,Ensane,Screwloose, um...plenty more, can't think off of the top of my head ><

Kegome: Fellow monk, Mithra. Just a very nice and pleasant person to talk to. Monk Power!

Omg: Ranger buddy, totally kicks ****. We lvled a LOT during the 60's and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's good when ya find someone that you can mix it up with, and know that you will deal mucho dmg to mobs cuz you work so well together. Enjoy every second of it.

So many people I have played with. Will add more later. Don't have enough right now :p
#209 Dec 14 2004 at 9:21 AM Rating: Good
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I would first like to thank Rhath for giving me a pearl to sotaru's linkshell fightclubbb i met alot of great people there never really got to know him cuz he stoped playing (sotaru i mean) but he is back now but a guy call enderwiggins decided to make a new ls xfightclubx there is were i meet great people

kaoz-also known a krack

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<59 BST invite to join party>
#210 Dec 15 2004 at 2:07 AM Rating: Good
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bumpity bump ^_^
Amone / Ragnarok
#211 Dec 16 2004 at 7:23 PM Rating: Good
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Deadgye, best Powerleveling thief I've ever lay my eyes upon. ^^
75MNK, 75WHM, 60NIN, 39WAR, 37THF, 30SAM, 30BLM.
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#212 Dec 16 2004 at 9:07 PM Rating: Good
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Talena and Epoc for taking my ranger from 11-20 in a total of 3-4 hours,
Dozer coz hes my brother!^^
Naked Ninja of Ragnarok at your service. /bow
#213 Dec 16 2004 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
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Gwedolyne wrote:
Deadgye, best Powerleveling thief I've ever lay my eyes upon. ^^

60THF/7WHM with 62 mp, how could i not be Smiley: sly

(was waking up slept people in the first jungle with cure 1 :p (and killing gobs for people that needed help))

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#214 Dec 19 2004 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
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The best person I have met is Nashur a lvl 74 JP BRD, even though he won't help me with my Davoi coffer key and my Moldavite Earring but thats ok I wouldn't want to do it if I didn't have to either.
#215 Dec 22 2004 at 11:54 AM Rating: Good
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Oh oH 0H my 2nd post on the forums


(always ask these guys for help b4 i ask anyone else hah)

(started the game with these guys, we thought we would buy 1million gil and start our own airship business... being a n00b was the funnest times of this game hah)

Darksamurai (d00d i cant remember ur name its early lol)
(ppl i talk to in game too, real cool ppl)

anyways, thats a long list, sit i also have either PT'd or seen half the ppl yall posted so its kinda funny lol

Orabu - 52mnk/47sam/38drg/27war/27drk/23blm and a bunch 20 below
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#216 Dec 22 2004 at 10:38 PM Rating: Default
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#217 Dec 24 2004 at 8:24 PM Rating: Good
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I'm not feeling the love....
but i'll put my 2cents in
Sadsobergal (happydrunkguy's mule)
Sandorianslut (my mule that got deleted by the GMs >_>)
Mithranauron (mule)
Sisterchef (mule)
i'd say Yraec but she isnt talking to me anymore >_>
Starbreeze: the man who inspired me to become a dragoon, i met him in Tahrigoni canyon, at level 10, it was my first party, i was with Flash and Gonnorhea, who is now named Hollaback cuz GMs didnt like his name
Xenger and all his lil bro's who play for him most of the time
But most of all, my greatest companion, my wyvern Raiden, we went through a lot, from the first to the last, he kept me alive on too many occasions to leave him out of this post, from the elementals in Behemoth's dominion to the fiery depths of Ifrit's BCNM to the white dunes of Valkurm, to the green pastures of Sarabutara, the bond we shared was unbreakable, i would like to thank him for a wonderful year, thick and thin, and to all my friends mentions or not, i wish all thee a great and wonderfull life.
the list goes on, and as we reflect on the past to see all the good times this game has brought us, and in these holiday times we can help but look back and reflect on all the wonderful things that have came our way, all the wonderful people we met, and the exciting adventures we went on. So i say to all you people of Ragnarok, Friend, foe, ally or enemy, i wish thee fair winds and following seas. I will deactivate my account as of the new year, but i ask, hold your memories not in a database, but rather in your heart, so that these experiances are with you every day, and they make your life much more bearable.

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#218 Dec 25 2004 at 3:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmm lets see, out of my time playing in this game i've met some very very cool folks ashame i cant list them all here would be here typing for a few days lol.

Nodachi - Was my samurai idol when i was leveling up, he was always there when i had to ask him a question about how i should play the job better, and still here now to help me with hnm problems XD

Ikari, Raekin, Tolan- these 3 peeps will go out of their way to help somone out and it's much appreciated.

Lilyanne- for being a such a help with anything i anyone asks her, i know she gets bugged all the time about beast master questions but she never complains XD

Queeniexb - Awsome samurai, and friend sad to see her go. Was always fun tagging along doing AF/quests with you.

Mischa - Always there for a good laugh, every time i talk to her she has me "rolling on the floor" XD

Firestorm, Klann- Known these 2 for around 3-4 years now have helped me so much, could never repay them

Im not forgetting anyone, just way to many to type >< so merry christmas everyone and have a good new year ^_^
#219 Dec 26 2004 at 2:45 AM Rating: Good
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I would have to say for me it would be all people from my ls since I've been very lucky and never needed to go outside of it for help...

the first 3 are Torck, Cloudvii, and Chercher
all though they have all retired they helped me the most when I first started out and through my time in this game. Chercher was also the one who first gave me a chance in the ls

next is Cecill, he's helped me with A LOT of stuff, anything from finding me a raise to AF. I just feel a little bad that he's died a bunch of times while helping :x

then there's Warlord and Servont, whenever I'm on these 2 are always willing to help someone when asked

and then finally the FATE ls in general since if I was gonna talk about everyone this would be a mile long^^
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#220 Dec 27 2004 at 1:20 PM Rating: Good
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darkemperor.... pl'd my sam for no reason :D
Lhini had to do her char twice ... bless :D
Me (obviously :D lmao)
Lafllaga (sorry if i spelt your name wrong lol)
ummm many more :D lol

These are a few of the peeps who i consider the best peeps ive partied with/ had help from :P

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#221 Dec 27 2004 at 2:03 PM Rating: Good
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Elpiore - one of the best RDM's out there, I rarely get to see her, but she helped me so many times, so many times I dont enough fingers to count them with ^^
Davitus - another RDM who used to be a lot lower than me, now hes way way higher than me for some unknown reason, helped me with G1 and other stuff.(by the way his wedding is coming up soon, please all go ^^)
Xhenife - my ninja apprentice, but when christmas vacation started she levelled like crazy, good player and fun to be with, her "cluelessness" makes my day ^^
Ezekial - pt'd with him once but we always keep in touch if either of us needs help, TIME TO LEVEL UR DRG MAN!
Triston - LS mate, partner in exploring vanadiel, rarely goes on coz of work =(
Montie - New LS member, brother of Triston, nothing else to say, lol jk.
Iriquis - my current apprentice, but always try to help LS members even if he flakes out 60% of the time ^^
Darklight - oh sh*t thats me!=)

for the people i missed out, ill put u in later!^^
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#222 Dec 28 2004 at 12:12 AM Rating: Good
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Hm.. I see a lot of names I know. I guess I'm just not well known enough. I'll have to change that.
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#223 Dec 29 2004 at 11:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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I have to say i know alot of nice pps who i have enjoyed there time and there friendship and these pp are....

Medena- Shes in my LS and i love her random chats about going to wack a GOb here and there.
Sweetangel- My online best friend who as of late haven't seen much of her, been busy working my *** off with the holidays. Miss you sweet.
Elpiore- She to is in my LS. A person who loves chocolate and loves to always help out anyone in need of it.
Osobo- My dearest osobo he helped me soo many times and is always there if you need him. Tanked the Shadow lord for us and loved him for it.
YraecMiss her alot haven't seen her in a bit as well. come back and play hun?
Paranoos When i first started a year ago i meet him in there LS called Stormriders. was a kick *** LS until pps split to make there own LS :(* Para is good pps in my book .
Soliel A lost stray i picked up on night and brought her in to my LS. Shes some one i can rely on and trust... hehe as long as i dont get her killed while farming or NM camping :P

Hehe and many more pps out there who i might have missed along the way.
- Elfinna-
#224 Dec 30 2004 at 9:32 AM Rating: Good
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Sup Elf :)

Props to All of Old School Stormriders for Sure, as those guys helped me our more then I can even think :)

A Good Chunk of Folks from Ultima, for a Good time, and some Random Fun. Of Course, DivineRenegades :) @ Least I know Kat, Elf, and I still come on, since you Changed the LSmes :P

Should be on a Little more after New Years. Got my Brown Belt, and Kat and I are Working our 22-23 Subs up :)
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#225 Dec 30 2004 at 10:52 AM Rating: Good
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Yraec = Male.
#226 Dec 30 2004 at 1:38 PM Rating: Good
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Here's the list of Raknarok's finest that I've PTed with. I won't go into naming all the friends I've made here, but will simply just label the best people I've PTed. So, to my close friends on Raknarok, I'm sorry if your name doesn't appear here, it's just simply because I haven't PTed with you outside of Skill ups, Coffer Runs, AF NM Hunts or BCNM's.

Carma - Awesome Paladin, don't let his Piddly Rank 1 fool you.

Kegome - Great gal and loads of fun. Extremely friendly and a good PT Leader.

Rohon - My Fiancee, what a sweetheart. Takes a big heart to put up with a woman like me <3 Rohon <3. Oh yeah, and it helps out that he's an awesome White Mage.

Ladyultima - Another awesome White Mage. Very calm and collected. One of the few White Mages that doesn't run around like a chicken if she happens to catch hate. Very admirable.

Aliza - Superb Paladin. I would follow her to the ends of Vana Diel and still have a wonderful time.

Shulystraee - Hey, I have to add my own Sister to the list. Wonderful Whm when I PTed with her and an even better Thf. Very patient and collected. She's just like her older sister, me ;)

Ryath - What can I say about this man. Actually, it would be shorter to list what I can't say about him. He's an awesome guy, excellent player and a huge bonus to any PT NO MATTER what job he's playing. There's something to be said about a man who puts off his Drk AF Monastac Cavern Coffer Hunt to come retrieve a Kitty lost on her way to Norg. Thanks a ton Ryath, you're the best.

Valispire - Awesome Paladin. As a Ranger, I could NOT peel the hate from him, even if I tried. Slug Shot and the mob STILL doesn't even notice there's a Tiny Mithra aiming her Musketeer's Gun +1 at it's back. The mob is only concerned with the Hulking Galka meat shield infront of it. Thanks Val, for the hours upon hours of dedicated Paladin work.

Firestorm - Phenominal Blm. Knowledgable and willing to share with whoever. It's rare to meet a Rank 10 that doesn't TELL you how to play your own job. He gives advice only when you ask for it and when he does give it, you should pay attention. The man definately knows what he's talking about.

Lurch - Ok, this one I've never PTed with but he gets an honorable mention for getting me my Fransisca. Just out of the blue I get a tell saying to drop my PT and he has a gift for me. He invites me to his two man PT (I think they were both Bst) and tells me to lot the Fransisca. Awesome guy and even to this day, waves hi to me.

Goldy - THE ONLY Monk that has impressed me. Kegome is an awesome player, but Goldy takes the crown for the best Monk. Great player and very skilled. Any questions you may need to know about Monk, he's the Tarutaru to ask.

Moralis - Met him last night in a PT and so far, one out of three Rank 10's that doesn't have the "Holier than thou" attitude you see a lot. What struck me about him the most was that he actually complimented my playing style and how well I played a Samurai. He even said he would have to bring out his Samurai Job again cause I reminded him how bad a$$ and fun they are. Thanks a ton Moralis, you've officially restored my faith in Rank 10's everywhere. *Hugs*
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#227 Dec 30 2004 at 1:47 PM Rating: Good
25 posts
Well of course she does. Oh wait "he" does.
And if your wondering i know his real name as well >.>
My bad on the gender error. Sorry hun, /bow
#228 Dec 30 2004 at 5:15 PM Rating: Good
26 posts
no one loves me, /cry. Ive played with most of the people mentioned here, and I must say they are really good ^^
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#229 Dec 31 2004 at 1:20 AM Rating: Good
93 posts
Hello, everyone! I am brand new to this community, and I'd like to say this one seems to be very active... (I heard someone shout the name in Windurst today :D)

I am Aliza ingame, and I know lots of people know me ^^ I don't really disagree with many (there are a few exceptions) so I hope I'll be well accepted into this forum ^^

Here's my list of whom I consider to be "Ragnarok's Finest"
Beware... it's quite a read :)

Tetsume - First and foremost! My wonderful fiance ingame, and my favorite (insert any job here) of all :) He and I do everything together, and when we're on our main jobs, he likes to challenge my hate holding abilities a lot, though his little combo of Sidewinder > Barrage > Sidewinder just doesn't cut it anymore, so I'm in the lead :D Love you, Tetsume ^^

Lovegoddess - Thank you for saying those nice things about me! I'm soooo sorry I couldn't have partied with you more often, time always seemed to be against us. Even now, you've caught up your RNG to my PLD, but Tetsume and I are currently levelling our Ballista subjobs (having sooo much fun). Lovegoddess is quite possibly one of the kindest people I've met, and I would do anything to help her!! As if that weren't enough, she's also so incredibly equiped, I'm soooo jealous :) (Send me a /tell when you want to get Rank 5, ok? ^^)

Kirukou - I've known this little Tarutaru ever since we were little baby Rank 1 newbies :). I haven't had the chance to party with him in later levels due to my job changing (hehe), but he's always willing to help where he can, and he's fun to hold a conversation with!

Liadel - Tetsume and Liadel don't seem to get along very well because of a history that happened before I met them (which doesn't have anything to do with me) but this is MY list and I like her :D. Though, I've never had the honor of partying with her WHM (and I'm sad to hear she's quitting for SMN because she's getting Carby Mitts and Fenrir soon), but she's always there for me when I need her, and I don't know what I would do without our nice little talks. She seems to be very popular on Ragnarok with lots of friends. ^^

Xenger - What is it with me an Rangers? Hehehehe :) Xenger is an awesome Ranger and he and a party I was in really made me feel special, after we successfully fought Ose in Labyrinth of Onzozo, about how well I tanked it :) It's just something that sticks out in my mind, and Xenger is also one of the nicer level 75's on the server :P

Azmaria - I met Azmaria during the Summerfest event, we went through Ifrit's Cauldron together :D. She is like... ahead of me on everything! When I was a WHM, she was a bunch of levels ahead on that job ^^ I am a PLD62, and she's most likely ahead on Paladin too. She's a very kind person, and I'm glad to have been friends with her, she's helped me out with various AF quests and other things :)

Lalryn - I know I probably shouldn't mention Lalryn... Tetsume HATES this Tarutaru for some reason (it's hard to be in the middle of something like this, but I make do). Lalryn has been a huge help to me on so many things, I can't even list them all. He got his LS people to help me with my AF3 Coffer and NM battle and let me use his Astral Rings for a while ^^ just to name a few :P I'm sorry that he couldn't find any excitement in this game anymore, I believe he's moved onto WoW like so many of our people have. He's really a nice person and occassionally comes back to FFXI to help out me and his LS.

Valcor - Oh boy, Valcor lol... This person has probably made me THINK the most out of anyone I know on this game :) He can be so confusing at times, but he's always there to help me when I need it :D He's done so much for me and I don't know how to repay him ^^ He's a brilliant BLM if you ever have a chance to invite him, do it, you'll be glad :D, and I'd like to thank him for all those nice little chats we've had about how our lives are different lol.

Porktree - My very first friend on FFXI... the game was such an adventure starting out with him around, everything was so new and amazing to us. I remember when he, my good friend Spiron, and I would go and invite three other people and daringly venture into La Theine Plateau... by sheer luck, the very first monster we encounter is a Ram... lol, that scared the heck out of us, we'd never been beaten so bad :) Porktree always put others ahead of himself, and though he was a medium low level when he left, he's very deserving of a "Ragnarok's Finest" title.
...I miss you :( Come back please?

Kittyy - Kittyy is sooo cool :) She's the same model Mithra as I am (my little sister :D), and I was able to catch a glimpse into my future as a Paladin when I met her ^^ (she had her AF long before I did :P). She's an incredibly pleasant person, and came with me to help someone she didn't even know with his Garlaige Citadel coffer with me :)

Ayden - I KNOW you're a Hume, but you'll always be a Tarutaru to me!! Ayden is a nice person in my LS who always goes out of his way to help out people whenever he can, and I think he may be following in my footsteps as a PLD/WAR, so I look forward to coaching him as he levels up hehe. I've already got a few good items ready for you to use when you level up ^^. Thanks for all those sudden Teleports I asked for, I'd still be stuck in Jeuno if it weren't for you :D

Sourball - Why did you quit???? Sourball was one of our high levels in the original Seraphim (my LS :P) and he was also our wedding chaperone. Sourball was my first *favorite* Tarutaru :) and all of a sudden he just quit without a word :( We found out from his brother Firahs that he left us for World of Warcraft :( Sourball was a great Black Mage and a great friend :D, and there are many who would agree.

Whew, I'm sorry about how long I made this, and I'm soooo sorry to anyone I might have left out. Give me a /tell ingame if you'd like me to mention you :D
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#230 Dec 31 2004 at 3:37 AM Rating: Good
Evok-The first person I ever met in FFXI.You and I partied together at level 5ish and you taught me the basics. I think you were a BLM and I was a RDM and we both fought orcs in Ghelshba and almost took on a grunt,but we died,lol.

Ifirt-My first LS buddy

Brotherauron-Taught me everything I know about Dragoons.

Tetsume-Long time rivals since we were both in basic jobs heh

Scottlin-We helped eachother out on many occasions lol

Clocant- We unlocked Dragoon at pretty much the same time and tore up West Raunferre together

Henisha-Although we had our fights you were a good friend.

Sturg- We had a helluva time the day we did that BCNM40 together!

Bomber-We dont speak the same language but your a true inspirtation,I saw your in full DRG relic when i was still a 28 RDM.

Beoulve- Single handely soloed my AF1 when nobody wanted to help,thank you... <3


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#231 Dec 31 2004 at 4:23 AM Rating: Good
144 posts
I've posted on this page several times about people I know. Lately, I've been focused on leveling and havent helped out much with AF's and genkai's, etc.. so to all the people that know me in game, Much love to each one of you (whether you like me or not <(-_-;)>
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#232 Jan 02 2005 at 3:48 AM Rating: Good
89 posts
i would put in everyone that has ever helped me in game...
but that would overflow Allakhazam. XD
to all my friends in game, you know who you are, and i thank each and every one of you for ever helping me or being there for me. :D /bow /kneel
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#233 Jan 03 2005 at 12:12 AM Rating: Good
59 posts
I guess my 2 ls gobi kings and heavenswake
and couple of people i pted with and forgot lol
nicest people i know
cricket(where our u?)
all my ls peps great people in the world ^^
im forgetting lots of people i want to metion but cant rember now or just dont rember there names lol
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#234 Jan 04 2005 at 12:11 PM Rating: Good
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Hmm I gota say...

Best **** RDM I've pt'd with thus far.
Even if he falls asleep sometimes :D
#235 Jan 04 2005 at 6:39 PM Rating: Good
22 posts
first time poster here^^
gotta give props to the following :

Darklight- my brother, bought me my world pass and first set of armor!
Davitus - rank 4 & 5 were a ***** to get but was worth it, can't wait for your upcoming wedding @_@
Xhenife - my ate, some of my most amusing moments in the game came at her expense ^^
Ezekial- great whm, helps when needed and a great person to pt with
Hookah - helped me do rank 4^^
Trihouse - doubt he remembers me but bailed me out twice at Palborough mines when i was still a noob

and the list goes on....
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#236 Jan 04 2005 at 9:13 PM Rating: Good
119 posts
I guess this is just somewhat of a personal shout out to those who have helped me along the way.

Altimo - i forgive you for falling asleep that one time ^^;
Fluxx and Kondon - Used to run into both of you all the time :P where'd ya go?

>>>Medena<<< I've known you since we were in just the weeeee levels of noobdom, always a pleasure to see you around and thank you for all your help during G1 and anything else you've done since we both started playing, make sure you pass this thanks to Mashjarry as well :P

Gigie - Very nice person to do anything with :D /wave {Hello!}

Javont - w3 4r3 th3 1337 m45t3r5, keep the sealab quotes a'comin

if you run into any of these people, become their friend. I command it.
75 Monk [back in action]
#237 Jan 05 2005 at 5:16 AM Rating: Good
62 posts
First of all i would like to say I enjoy this thread. A lot of good people are mentioned but hey I wanna put a few more in:

Truepatriot: After a 3 month or so hiatus the first person I ever met on FFXI returned. Great mage and always around to help out the group. Sure he remembers the 8 times he did the "Save the Children" mission with me haha.

Zerochiten: I know he gets mentioned a lot but really enough can't be said about him. Such an awesome guy. He personally helped me get my AF2 boots even when he didn't have to. There are many more times that he helped me and my friends out but I need not list them all here.

Phrost: great samurai who was always well equipped. I swear he must have memerised every skillchain in the game.

Pileuge: My Paladin follower. I am proud to say he is great at tanking and I'm glad I could be there to show him the way. Good luck man may you reach lv 75!

Bennettz: Awesome rdm. He was in the last set party I had before I quit. Had to be one of the best rdm's I ever partied with. Not one time did he forget refresh on me or anyone else who needed it.

Yreac: Another good rdm. Has to be said he always spoke his mind and it was something that I always appreciated. If Yreac didn't like something for sure he would let you know about it hehe.

Lenwei: One of the few people to take DRG past level 70. That in itself is an accomplishment. Also he is a great guy always around whenever I had to ask him something. Though I have to admit I lost a bit of respect for him after I saw his pic on Sorry dude that costume makes you look a little too geeky.

Ckye: My Rougeknights LS leader. Awesomely nice girl. She once went out of her way to raise my lv 10 ninja out in Konsctat Highlands just because I asked. Ckye is great if you ever see her around(more than likely wearing her Opaline) give her a /hug for me!

there are many great players that I have had a privalage to group and play with. My time with FFXI was truly a great experience and I hope the people that I forgot to mention (c'mon I can't remember all of you) still get thier props. Great players are hard to come by sometimes. But I have to say there are plenty on Ragnarok.
#238 Jan 05 2005 at 12:23 PM Rating: Good
2,104 posts
As some people have said

"Noone loves me" oh well I'll say it Noone loves me...

but here is just a little of my list...

Ryath-being my drk mentor
Dagaz-for going with me on my G-2 when she had other things to do
Lonedragon-my farming buddy
Zyphix-favorite thf ever...I needed 1.5k to 58 and she ran all the away across so we could have a 6th just so I could get my level.
Keara--my PL buddy
The entire DBS Linkshell by far...sorry if I forgot everyone's name I'll add them later...I am at work...

I have tons more

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#239 Jan 05 2005 at 8:39 PM Rating: Good
68 posts
Time for my joyus list of buddies ^-^ v

Javont: My soon to be hubby wubby in game and best friend in RL. He got me started on this game man, of course he rules! I can't live without hims.

Ezekial: My fellow taru buddy. He is an awsome guy, I am so lucky I met him. I always give him food, he needs to stay well fed ^-^

Ckye: My main hume. It is a rare occasion that you don't see us doing something together. She even has a taru harness attatched to her leg for me to jump in a hitch a ride. She's my WHM buddy.

Whar: Ckye's hubby that likes to tag along. He is the strong, silent type *cough* But he is there for you when you need him.

Froze: My awsome Frozey Wozey. Another really good whm thats worth getting to know. He is such a sweety ^-^

Arcon: Tinman!! No taru is complete with out a big strong war to protect her tehe. Arcon is the man!

Conacht: A very careing Elvaan. He talked me out of a slump one time and he is always there to help. I don't think he knows how much his talk ment to me. Thanks hun <3

Dawnie: My sissy!! I love my sissy dawnie ^^ She is awsome and always there with a smile on her face and a hug to give out.

RK LS: Word to my fellow Rouge Knights. Love you all! JWCR for life weeee!

Tassye, Toshon, and Gaprat: My sessy Bastokian Knight buddies ^^ They are always willing to help people tehe. They are gods! *muahz*

~*Ragnorak Server*~
*Riddel ~ Taru Taru*
Love the Rdm Taru! <(^-^)>
#240 Jan 05 2005 at 11:01 PM Rating: Good
25 posts
Should have posted here a long time ago.

First major props to everyone in the Bloodguard LS.

Ailyn sexiest Pld on Ragnarok.

Skriel cause she always helps me, gives me kabobs for free and she'd hit me if i didnt mention her.

Illivatur for being totally insane. much respect.

Cheleborn. probably the coolest guy i know. b**tch

Hadeed and Kurotenshi. why arent you married yet?

Dyn. 3;D

Ventine. cant keep awake without your conversations lol.

Bloodbathrich for helping a poor lil noob. hehe.

Mel and Purr for not flaming me about lvling without you ;_;

and everyone else whos on my friendslist and ever helped me out.
#241 Jan 06 2005 at 1:08 AM Rating: Good
119 posts
wow..../em slaps himself for not coming here sooner!
Here's a list of peeps I've met online (most of which are from my LS:P) There's no particular order, I'm just recalling them as I go, enjoy ^^

Angora - First really kewl person that I can remember meeting. Haven't seen you online much, but great person to know. Thanks for the LP.

Tif - Great SMN and overall great person to know online. Thanks for all the help with SMN and for letting me in OOSG after I left my previous LS. Congrats on your Moon Bauble ^^

Alphire - What can I say, Great RDM and a great person to know online. He's always willing to help and to lone :P Thanks for all the help with RDM thus far, lol, I feel like your little brother(with all the hand-me-downs and what-not). I just hope I don't enherit your RDM mentality (I'm a RDM, I can pwn this mob no problem..../em is defeated by <randomly strong mob>) haha, jk, but I'm sure monty will vouch for it :P Go RDM!

Anviel - Great WAR and really helpful person to know. Thanks for the help with Rank5(total pwnage on that orc). He's always willing to help and has alot of random information to dish out.

Liquinas - HI-larious Taru, and good BLM/WHM. Pretty much my new best bud in the LS and a great person to know online imo. Most fun I ever had was getting the second Magicite with ya, duo against a DC and Tough yagudo was awesome! (we both had to 2hr, but we still rock!) Hurry up and lvl, I'm passing invites left and right! jk, but don't take your time :P

UntamedHeart - Great BRD and knowledgable person. Thanks for helping me kill that krakin for the BST quest (hehe, I got a few cheap shots in) :P

Wingblade - Nice person to know and always great to talk to. Good luck with RNG, wish you would have stayed on PLD though, could have joined me and Liq for our G1 :P

Rumplestilskin - Nice person to know, and good SMN. This guy also knows who is good to pt with and who is not. So if Rumple doesn't approve of their presence in the pt, take his word for it! (Has a certain THF on his /blist)

Shout outs to everyone in OOSG, sorry if I didn't mention you (I'm going off the top of my head here).

*Sidenote - Am I the only one who feels like there are two different group of ppl in the LS? (or three with the new additions that are coming in). The old ppl, and the relatively new ones. I don't wanna go in detail, but you guys know what I'm talking about :P

Anyways, thanks for making my gametime in FFXI more enjoyable^^

Edited, Mon Apr 11 00:36:23 2005 by Vayru
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#242 Jan 06 2005 at 1:24 AM Rating: Good
89 posts
Vayru wrote:
Rumplestilskin - Nice person to know, and good SMN. This guy also knows who is good to pt with and who is not. So if Rumple doesn't approve of their presence in the pt, take his word for it! (Has a certain THF on his /blist)

Wow.. Never thought I'd see that. Rumplestiltskin was a complete jerk to me and several other people I know for no apparent reason.. O.o If Rumple doesn't approve of someone's presence in the party, take my word that he's just looking out for what's best for himself. >.> *shrug* aaaanyway. ^_^
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#243 Jan 06 2005 at 8:59 AM Rating: Good
1,701 posts
At least around us, Rump has been great. I love everyone in the OOSG. I just think I'd bore everyone on here by listing every single name.

Vay, I sort of know what you are saying, hence the monthly events. Get everyone talking and getting to know the other great people in the ls.

All of you guys keep me coming back when I hit the fustration points. You guys have been supportive with both in game and real life issues. Never have I met a better group of people.
#244 Jan 06 2005 at 12:01 PM Rating: Good
113 posts
rumple is 50 50.

I've had as many great experiences with him as bad.

I agree with everyone else on the list though.

Thanks for the kind words Vay
#245 Jan 06 2005 at 12:16 PM Rating: Good
89 posts
We /welcome'd Rumplestiltskin into our LS a while ago. It has been great w/ him. So my opinion of him is that he is a great player. (-.-)b
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#246 Jan 06 2005 at 7:28 PM Rating: Good
2 posts
I have to give a few nods to Tif, Anviel, Cremonte, Alphire, Liquinas, Kalterra, Healy and Casafrass...

All of the above have helped me tremendously in my leveling and completing Rank Missions.

Thank you for all your help
Vaga: Mithran Thief Extraordinaire!!

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#247 Jan 06 2005 at 11:31 PM Rating: Decent
Oh no thanks for Wing huh Vaga :P j/k no really i havent had the best times with Rump either i would have to give him a (-_-)p
#248 Jan 06 2005 at 11:31 PM Rating: Good
Can someone delete these i didnt know they were being posted >.<

Edited, Thu Jan 6 23:34:04 2005 by RurouniKenshin
#249 Jan 06 2005 at 11:31 PM Rating: Good
Can someone delete these i didnt know they were being posted >.<

Edited, Thu Jan 6 23:33:09 2005 by RurouniKenshin
#250 Jan 07 2005 at 9:54 AM Rating: Good
1,701 posts
It's funny cause so many more people deserve mentioning but don't get it because the lists are just too long.

But I would like that thank the ls mates, Vaga, Jesco, Tarah, Casafrass and anyone else who is volunteering to go with me this weekend for the dreaded last coffer key I need. Everyone know the risks involved especially at how scattered we are in levels and are just proving once again that friendship comes first and fun comes above the few points of experience lost if something is to go wrong. In a game where level rushing sometimes takes the forefront and people aren't willing to risk the experience they work so hard for, these people as well as many of the others of the ls are always willing to take the chance for a friend and never look back.

Also, our newest friend Sirem. You came in and helped people who you never met and kept the laughs coming even when the worst happened to you. I hope we have many chances to do the same for you with whatever you may need. I swear, I still don't know where that Ka came from. :D
#251 Jan 07 2005 at 12:05 PM Rating: Good
192 posts
Still waiting for my name to appear on here, I think I'll be waiting for some time, heh.

Loads of people I want to mention, everyone on BritishGeezers LS for starters, especially Ikz who is the muscleman level 70 PLD we all run to when things go pear-shaped, cheers mate!

The starter of this thread Minona, who, even when dealing with undead links in Garliage Citadel, is never too busy to give me a /wave, even though it's a looooong time since we partied together. Thank you!

A special mention must go to Izumisama and Mookikeoki (sp?) who helped me when I, along with many others met Guivre in Kuftal Tunnel for the first time. I've never seen anything like it, everyone from level 50 to 75 was getting smacked down by the beast, corpses everywhere. Mooki risked his life, and de-levelled to 73 (ouch) trying to Raise III me, then Izumi spent about half an hour tractoring me and Mooki to safety right under Guivre's nose and Raise IIIing us, which is no mean feat as Guivre aggros to EVERYTHING from about a mile away. I'd never met either of these two heroes who helped me out, it's stuff like that which makes me stick to the game even when I'm really annoyed at it.

Too many names left to mention up here (everyone on my friend list for example), I'm off to sit in Valkurm and protect new folks in the hope I might get a mention on here. :p
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