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#1 Nov 24 2009 at 5:02 PM Rating: Good
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Hi folks,

Just thought I'd say hi. I'm a new player (of sorts!). having been mostly dissapointed with the glut of new MMOs of late, and their insistence on the single player experience, I've decided to have another pop at this old boy ;). So far having fun with a Monk running around San D'Orial. The pace of the game makes a refreshing change from the hotbar spamming of other MMOs I've played. It's also nice to feel a genuine sense of Danger the further into the wilderness I travel... have been killed many times now from bad pulls, not checking the level of mobs etc.

Are there any EU based guilds or whatever they're called around these parts that are for the more casual, mature of years type player?

Oh and one last thing; I've been following a pretty useful Monk guide for advice on gear and such. The guide suggests at Lvl8 I invest in a Kenpogi. The vendor named in the wiki doesn't seem to sell them, and I seem unable to purchase one from the AH, even though I think I have enough Gil. Could someone help clear this up for me?

Well, that's it for now... I'm sure I'll be back with more questions (sorry in advance). So if you see a Monk named Holloth running around looking lost, just give us a wave and point me to the nearest bar :)

Cheers in advance

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#2 Nov 26 2009 at 8:08 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi Chadmango,

For the Kenpogi, I assume you went to the merchand Coullave in Northernd San d'Oria? From, he will only sell the Kenpogi when San d'Oria is 1st in Conquest.

That might be why you can't buy it from him. I'd check at other cities, or wait until San d'Oria is 1st again.

Good luck finding your guild, and have fun. ;-)

#3 Nov 26 2009 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks, I didn't realise things like that effected what NPCs sold. The last time I played, I never really got to grips with things tbh.

Have armour now, just stuggling to get a hand-to-hand weapon. Level 12, but still only have my level 1 Cesti(spelling?). Are there weapon traders who are effected in the same way? There seem to be no traders for Monk weapons, so I'm just having to watch the AH... and grind pennies.

Another silly question: How would I go about checking other cities? Are there travel routes I can take? Or do I need to run?
#4 Nov 29 2009 at 4:42 AM Rating: Good
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the best level 10 MNK weapon you can get is legionnaire's knuckles. you can get these from a bastokan guard using conquest points. if you can't make it out of san d'oria yet, go to the bastokan embassy and get them from this woman, who is apparently an international master chess player.

the MNK forum here can be very helpful. remember, if you're in a party, you care only about doing damage. don't waste your hard earned gil "upgrading" to stuff that just has a DEF increase. power gi lasts a long time, battle gloves/lgn mittens last a long time, etc.

also, if you're not already, for now you should eat meat jerky in parties (or soloing, really). because of how the damage equations work, +ATT is a huge deal for lower levels (basically, part of the damage you do comes from your ATT divided by mob DEF, so naturally adding 5 or so to 30~ does a lot more than adding 5 to 300~). also, meat jerky is dirt cheap.

good luck. monk is and has always been my favorite job. hope you have fun.

edit: unless there was an update i'm unaware of, you'll have to go through ronfaure to la theine plateau through valkurm dunes to get to another city. from dunes you can either ride the ferry in selbina and head through buburimu peninsula to tahrongi canyon to sarutabaruta to windurst, or pass dunes and go through konschtat highlands to gustaberg to bastok. probably a fair amount of running at this point.

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