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#1 Jun 28 2008 at 5:31 PM Rating: Good
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A RL friend of mine is trying to get me to transfer over to phoenix. While I have several in game friends on my current server, it sure would be nice to be able to adventure with someone I grew up with. But before I take the plunge (since there is a wait period to transfer back if I didn't like it) I figured I'd ask a few questions if ya'll dont mind.

1) Is there another server specific site that is frequented by people on your server where I could get a bit more feedback?

2) How is merit camp crowding? On my server it's fairly tame but I've heard horror stories.

3) How about non-instanced zone crowding like sky/sea/etc? Do linkshells respect a dynamis calendar and work with each other on issues like this?

4) Are there many 'event specific' linkshells? What I mean is, on my server it is very difficult to just join a limbus or salvage or dynamis group without having to committ to sky/sea/kings/etc as well.

5) What is the price on dynamis currency? Right now I'm 17 months away.......and I really don't want to push that back any further as you can imagine. So for rolanberry (or wherever your mule mall is), what is the going rate?

6) (not server specific) Does anyone know if you lose anything when transfering (i.e. outpost warps, etc)?

Thanks for your help. I have a feeling my buddy, although not lying, is painting things in a biased light so I'll make the jump. Just wanted to get a few more opinions.

#2 Jun 29 2008 at 1:45 AM Rating: Decent
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1) Not to my knowledge, no. And I'm on forums more than I'm in-game, so that's mostly a definite no. Well, the ShirtNinjas website probably has a decent amount of members, but who knows.

2) Wouldn't know, haven't merited in a long time. I'd probably say it's what you would expect.

3) Don't know about the sky/sea situation, but has a monthly schedule that most(?) shells follow and respect.

4) Almost any time I log in, I see an event specific linkshell shouting for recruitment. I'm sure they're plentiful, but whether they're good or not, who knows.

5) Dunno. Think like 500k-700k for 100 pieces? That's what I typically see when I'm looking in bazaars for some sucker who messed up their listing prices.

6) Think you keep everything.

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#3 Jun 29 2008 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
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1) No Clue

2)Merit/meripos are plentiful at almost anytime of day, i only play weekends lately but never 0 merit parties

3) Haven't done sky in a while but wasnt crowded when i went
most things aren't overly camp/crowded like besieged/campaign was/is

4)theres enough event LS's to last u a century

5) singles are 5-12k?
100's are about 600-800k

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#4 Jun 29 2008 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
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1.) I haven't seen any. Most people stick to here and private LS forums.

2.) I've managed to hit some crowding, where it takes a few Runic Portal hops to find an open place during late-night EST. During the day, it's pretty open.

3.) Dynamis runs smoothly with the calandar that they have on the site mentioned already.

4.) Most shells that I've seen want you to commit to the shell for that specific event. I know there are some that do a few different things, just do some/listen to the shouts in Whitegate, or Google Phoenix ___ LS.

5.) Singles run 4-8k. Usually about 6k. Hundreds 600-800k. Get into a good Dynamis shell and you might be able to get discounts.

6.) Transfering away from and back to Phoenix, you don't lose anything at all. Just make sure that your Delivery box and AH sell stuffs are empty, you will lose anything left there.

Phoenix is a good server, I always end up coming back from another. It has a high English-speaking player base, which is nice when you can't speak Japanese and want a party. Prices are decent, and have fallen with RMT hunting. Look at to compare to your server. Windurst has been in 1st place a lot lately for Regional control, we're suffering terribly in Campeign after the last big update, and we usually have good control over Aht Urugahn.

Hope that helps some~
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