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#1 Nov 12 2013 at 7:48 PM Rating: Good
Worst. Title. Ever!
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We wouldn't have hotdogs!

Apparently this is what happens when a magical girl has a child with an overweight, barely (if at all) employed man who lives in his van. Not all magical girl offspring are Chibiusa. From what I've gathered from the first two episodes, his mother died during child birth (or I think they put it as she sacrificed herself to give him life, or something like that) and he inherited her magical powers. But he cannot control them. He now lives with three other magical beings who were part of his mother's crew. And they fight evil creatures that have something to do with crystals.

I've enjoyed the first 4 shows. So far it's better than the Uncle Grandpa show.

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#2 Nov 12 2013 at 8:25 PM Rating: Good
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I haven"t seen a whole episode never getting to catch it but from what I have seen it looks pretty good.
#3 Nov 13 2013 at 8:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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TirithRR wrote:
Not all magical girl offspring are Chibiusa.
Thank god.
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#5 Mar 12 2015 at 6:18 PM Rating: Good
Worst. Title. Ever!
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Yes, I'm bumping this old show topic.

After quite some time of some pretty basic random episodes, with the occasional story mixed in, this past week has been a very heavy story, special 5 new episodes.

I really enjoy this show. As far as the "animated shorts with an underlying connected story" series on Cartoon Network, it is probably second to just Adventure Time in my book. I do like Regular Show and Teen Titans Go, but I don't count those in the same category. And the bits of story this last week have been good, even if it was a bit predictable. Predictable isn't always bad.

Garnet being a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire was obvious as soon as you first saw Ruby. They didn't exactly try to hide that during the episode. Strangely enough, the one of the two, Ruby, with visible eyes, is the one that is blind.

Apparently they had hinted at it during one of the previous fusion episodes when the big fusion was undone and Garnet was shown to be two gems momentarily during the de-fusion flash. As well as some dialog hints from Garnet in the Steven-Connie fusion episode. It also appears that all the Gems, other than Steven, are female. And Ruby/Sapphire have a _really_ close relationship.

Pearl and Rose Quartz (Steven's mother) also appear to have had a very close relationship. I guess it's only natural when the entire society is women. Or at least, appear to be women, since being an all "female" alien species, I'm sure the Male/Female biological thing doesn't apply. Even though apparently it all works biologically, if Rose was able to conceive with a human to create Steven.

Steven's humanity being a key to make him immune to the anti-Gem weapons and Lapis betraying Jasper after the fusion was also to be expected.

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