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Game of Thrones: Season 3 (HBO)

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Eske Esquire wrote:
Elinda the Adventurer Enthusiast wrote:
The wall climb was the biggest thrill of the episode. Too much time spent on Cersei's and Tyrions marital woes. I don't know that the squibbling between Osha and Meera is leading to anything or not. If not, it's just plain irritating. The Freys were sufficiently creepy - much how I had imagined them.

Theon's torture is getting hard to watch. I had wondered how graphic things might get.

I liked the little voice-over soliloquy by Littlefinger, but all-in-all probably my least favorite episode of this season so far.

It was real up and down for me. The Osha/Meera scene was dumb, and probably pointless. Theon's stuff needs to start going somewhere to merit all the time they're devoting to it.

But I like Ygritte a lot more in the show than the books, and her speech to Jon Snow was pretty endearing. Tywin/Lady Olenna was good, and the last scene w/ Littlefinger & Varys was stellar.

Also, Thoros of Myr is pretty cool. But I like this development with Gendry not.

This pretty much echoes my thoughts. The last two episodes were awesome, but this one was just kinda plodding along. I forget when stuff with Theon moves along - not sure it's in this season. So I hope we've all but seen the last of him for a while (just need to reveal who his torturer is). I'm really curious about the Gendry angle, as that's completely diverting from the books, right? I think they might be squishing his character into the character of playmate of Shireen (Stannis's daughter), Edric Storm, another of Robert's illegitimate kids, who, I seem to recall, gets saved from burning by... Davos and shipped off to the Free Cities. So my guess is that by the end of the season, Gendry will be saved by Davos, thus prompting Stannis to head north.

Seems like a risky move, as conceivably both Gendry and the other could have roles later in the series. Though knowing GRRM, it's more likely that at least one of them will die before the end anyway Smiley: lol
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