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#152 Dec 14 2004 at 2:18 PM Rating: Good
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Ok i'm gonna be here a while so *grabs food and drink* here they are not in any particular order.

Berrykins & Tracey - thanks for the LS (still got it too)

Cygnar - For helping with ohh G1,2,3 AF body, hand been a great friend periood.

Kenzaki - thanks for helping me through the rough first 20 levels friendship wise and also items and coaching

Tobiass - never a dull moment with Tobi around great in party

Yellowcard - Teleport-mea heh first person to ever rescue me from being stuck in a strange town ^^

Giant - Love them bards

Codemanx - Oh man where do i start and end with Codee

Tofubot - heh all the advice help and especially AF

Oawenisou - the GGW that inspired me to become a WHM even tho im a mithra

Skoralora - ^^ NUff said

Murakumi - All the Yag Necklaces you bought helped me through my 40s

Xilera - GA ROCKS

Spoonysal - Great BLM Quicksands caves scared me forever.

Lilf - PLD Extrodianaire.

Zephoes - See above

Koel - Helped me get my Beaudeux coffer for WHM af THANK YOU

Beatupeverythng - all around nice guy

Falconcc - Best DRK and SMN ive had the pleasure to PT with

Tusurusu - HEH

Dalamarr - DALA!!! always around to perk up your day

Mskat - thank you so much for all the help with G2 and G3

Vorloxu - Best BLM in game IMO (please come back)

Firiien - all the help you gave Ghanima

Nam - Food ^^

Laerick - Teleports, nice guy period.

Trilea - WHM Af Castle Oz

Kajirou - Sam Quest, NM camping AF 2,3 and coffer for CN

Moredhel - AF in CN helped getting key

Spinspinspin - Fun to be around always ready with a /smile or /wave

Suupairingo - great advice for leveling SAM

Strength - Last AF piece - AF Hat THANK YOU. sorry to see ya go.

Chozen - Levels, Plvls, the list goes on and on

Jedigamer - love ya man ^^

Zyetta - always ready and willing to help. thanks for the skill up party

Ashn - never pted with you but you have never had anything bad to say about anyone

Galfina - Fun to PT with and willing to answer questions on NM and HNMs

Joon - Great parties in EAD

Milt & Zoie - thanks for the help getting my AF body

Xyjah - Best RDM in Game

Zoobernut - Hey Hey Hey For making GA fun while i was there.

Articfox - Us mithra gotta stick together.

Lordjopa - Boyhada Tree BLM in pt /bow to uber BLM

Trainable - Great guy Helped out with G1

Egwene - What hasnt Egwene Done for anyone either LS wise or someone shouting in Jeuno

Ladydeathstrike - Great Pld Drk .. err so many jobs ><

Varshyl - Great Player thanks for the help through lvls 51-55

Prodegey - Helped me through Cape Terrigan

Dalmia - Still no scroll of protectra 4 but thanks for the loan of the Bureau

Auras - Thanks for the invite to the Garrison LS

Aurian - got me into the culinary guild.

Draken - bomb coal (sorry bout the death)

Daunte - woohoo you the man

Khrist - great DRK Farming in Beadeux at lvl 52

Alleria - even though he didnt want to level rng he came to a pt with me so i could get my level thx man you rock.

Solaria - for keeping those long boring parties fun.

Zoddrobert - for helping with everything

Zoddscorpio - mah fishin buddy

Aether & Aemeny - For raising me and our puller and pld when our Stupid RDM Decided to cast on a Mouriche in Boyahada, then HP cause "he doesn't believe in macros"

And to my wife Ghanima - for all the times we went farming for eles or whatever and the Genkai's and the missions ect that we have done together.

i know there are so many more who have helped me and if i forgot you I'M SO SORRY.

Oawen came on one night about 2-3 months ago said he would be back middle of the month of OCT. never came to pass so IDK ... wish Bara or Zeph would give us a clue ^^

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Tofubot wrote:
in the words of johnny storm... FLAME ON!
#153 Dec 14 2004 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
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Syldy (75 Hume PLD)

I second, third and forth if possible and so on!

Very nice lady that seems to have so much patience! Sets a great example of what I try to be to others!

#154 Dec 14 2004 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
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The best player I think is a JP Monk named Gargoil. That guy rocks, I was doing the *** trick with dying and reraising yourself for monk AF1 on my drk, he comes along and starts killing the one orc. He also had his friend shelp out. To bad I cant speak japanese but that guy is great.
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#155 Dec 15 2004 at 2:59 AM Rating: Default
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Yeah I know Sirneehi the bum that slept in my room last year, mooched off of me and then lied to me over the summer. Yeah he helps everyone in game that he feels he can get some from.


#156 Dec 15 2004 at 3:18 AM Rating: Excellent
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I second, third and forth if possible and so on!

Very nice lady that seems to have so much patience! Sets a great example of what I try to be to others!


I just recently met her when doing the NM for Retribution (final staff ws). She was beyond polite, and did an excellent job. My hats off to her. :)

edit: spelling.. I is teh n00b f3w1!!1oneone!!tw31ve!!

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#157 Dec 15 2004 at 3:28 AM Rating: Default
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Of course... Zoddmithral doesn't thank me for helping with Dark Spark.

I guess when you're a complete idiot and end up training the entire place onto us, and getting me killed, you wouldn't want to bring that up.

All I'll say is... Be careful where you AFK.
#158 Dec 15 2004 at 3:28 AM Rating: Default
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----double post.. wtg allakhazam----

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#159 Dec 15 2004 at 3:37 AM Rating: Good
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you know, people ***** about hating diiz, but i think i dislike anything shoes ever has to say.

not to mention he's an *** both here and on

plus, what the **** does a monk have the right to push his lame *** opinion anywhere

unless they're atreyroon, who's by far the best MNK on our server.
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#160 Dec 15 2004 at 5:23 AM Rating: Decent
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You were there for my DS? and i trained the zone sorry dont remember that. therefore the reason i didnt put you on the list you have never helped me, personally.

i do however remember attending a DS at a friends request and the person next to me getting the aggro cause they wandered to the edge of the platform. they were not sneaked or invised where i was sneaked. they just went to check out the torches. i gained aggro when they got hit, HARD i might mention and i healed them and everyone sat there and watched as i tried to escape us, failing, cause no one would get the mobs off of me. Shoes, i dont afk anywhere you could train me .. but have fun trying. also i might add you might wanna get your story straight FIRST.

and if i remember correctly i also died. and because of how you reacted and one other person which i dont remember who atm, I HPed and lost quite a bit more of EXP than you did. cause you waited around for a raise 3 which i think you got. ive been to 5 DS parties and still have yet to have an experience that you refer to. IF i am such a *&^*&ing noob why is it that the only time that the circumstance you refer to happened when YOU were in the alliance? and the person we helped ... apologized for your comments and said that you and the other person were the only ones who felt that way and they saw what happened and told me it wasnt me who trained but the lvl 55 who wandered to close to the edge of the platform.

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Tofubot wrote:
in the words of johnny storm... FLAME ON!
#161 Dec 15 2004 at 9:28 AM Rating: Decent
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*** Shameless Thank You Post ***

I'd like to nominate the handful of people that helped me with Genkai 1 before I forget all of them.

-Kliktek - My roommate; Taru fanatic; BLM extraordinaire. Has helped me on numerous occasions. He's been my higher level help since I started the game.

-Dirti(sanchez) - Another IRL friend. On **** of a PLD though kind of a crappy powerlever. He's always helping people out, not just me. I'm sure some of you have run into him here and there.

-Jedigamer - I've heard of this guy all over the forums and in-game, but my paper chase was the first time I'd had the pleasure of playing with him. Great guy and had lots of patience. He put aside a good deal of time to help a couple of strangers get paper.

-Wizardjc - I think I probably partied with this guy when we were n00bs because the name looks very familiar. Helped Necrofear and I on our paper chase as well. Great tank: he held hate through Raging Fists and Freeze. Thanks for the help.

-Phrophecy - I just met this guy pretty recently though he has been a mainstay in my LS for the short duration that I've known him. Real cool guy and hooked me up with some help.

-Hagar - High level RDM who came out of nowhere to help me out with G1 drops. I've seen this guy's name all over the place as well. I'm glad I got a chance to play with him.

-Allegretto - Met her in Yuhtungha Jungle while we were both lvling subs, though I had no idea that she was a High level WHM. hehe. It's nice to bump into people at different stages of the game.

There are several other people that are of course great players, but I don't remember all of them right now and would do an injustice naming only some of them.

As good as some people are, it's much more appreciated when they are cool and make things fun. Some people are real as[/i]sholes and ruin the good time that this game is suppsed to be. The above people and anyone else on my personal list of great players fits this.

So remember: Have fun and don't act like an *** to people. No matter how good you think you are, you're not. No one is that good that they have the right to sh[i]
it on others.


#162 Dec 15 2004 at 4:45 PM Rating: Default
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Clue: I said multiple times not to go near the edge.

Clue: You went right to the edge to spawn dark spark.

Clue: Right after you did it, I said "Zone, or you're f'ed."

Clue: They all came and owned you, and you hped out because you knew it was your fault.

Clue: I died saving -EVERYONE- there.

So really, where in all of this did I do anything wrong? Where did I say anything bad? Oh that's right, the 40 year old guy playing a mithra is the one that's at fault.

Now, isn't it funny how I had more people sending me tells apologizing than I had people saying I said anything wrong? I told you the second I saw you get aggro, "Zone or you're fucked." **** me any my potty mouth. **** me for knowing exactly what happened would happen. **** me for saving all your asses when it wasn't even my place to help. Get -your- facts straight.
#163 Dec 15 2004 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Welly welly welly, so it comes down to the greatest players in our FFXI adventures, I see most everyone i would have named has been Kicked down to. I must single out a few tho, one I didn't see first:

Dragonhope: My favorite person when I first started, gave me endless help. Thanks DH >^^<

Murakumi: One of the best ppl from the old GA, gave solid support even when he was extremely busy

Oawenisou: Everyone's fave Galka.... and depite his hidden name O-W-N-S-U..... one of the hands down best guys around. (hellofva lot of fun to play pool with too)

Akiko: Little Taru, Big Spirit. For those of you who know her, I needent say a word, and for those who don't, that's just to bad.

ZoddRobert: Founder of all things Zodd on midgaurd, Great guy, very helpful, and Funny to boot.

Zephoes: What can I say, you know him, you love him.

Codemanx: part of my original Static pt, now WAY above me (dirty rat) Thanks Code, it's always a pleasure.

Zoddmithral: (originaly just mithral when our static with code was on) Very Knoledgable, very social, knows almost as many ppl as Oawen. Given me more of his help and time then any other person on the server ( and that is saying alot)

Ghanima: Despite getting on her nerves (mwahahaha, i get on everyone's nerves eventualy) she has given endless support, advice and wit to help me thru.

Zoddkagura: (aka formerly zoddsesshomaru) the Love of my life, ton of fun, a far better player then I, mother of my darling little monsters.... how she manages to take care of the house, and kids while still trouncing me in levels is a mystery

And for those I have forgotten, you must forgive me, y'all know that my memory is better then it used to be, but not what it once was. Peace Love and Endless slaughter to all things MOB, Lurell the Hopeless Mithra
#164 Dec 15 2004 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmm, the greatest players, hey..I have some, some that were mentioned and others that weren't, where to begin:

Codemanx: What can I say, he is the greatest. The one elvaan that Zoddkagura loves and adores. He is helpful and determined ^^

Akiko: Heh heh, my little taru buddy. She is so cute, but watch out, she may be little, but this little taru can kick ****. SHe is very helpful and always there when you need her.

Zoddrobert: Well, despite the fact he likes his "pets" , my lil bro is the greatest. He helps where it is needed most and really is a great Pld. ^^ love you lil bro

ZoddMithral & Ghanima: Man, no words can describe on how much you guys help. Always willing to go out of your way to help others. Not much more that a friend can ask for. You 2 are the greatest treasure that a friend could want. Thanks you guys

Tehmidgetelite: My little Midget. You've helped me in ways that you don't even know. Always there when i needed you. Thank you my little Midget. (^_^)

Okitrou: My sensai. From the day I met you to now, you are the greatest Samurai that one could ask for. How can one ever repay such a friendship that you have given me, the advice and the help you still offer (*^_^*)

Kenzaki: A name that everyone knows. Was one of my first friends when I joined Midsgard. Always will be my friend. ^^

Allucard: My best friend and my teacher. What can i say? he is the great. We still need to finish those clay quests when you return my friend O.~

Femtos: My Dark Knight friend. I love the name and he too helped me alot. Killing elements so that my party can live, and is a great party leader. He may be a bit strict on the party, but you know what? If he wasn't the way he was, we wouldn't have done as well as we have (^_^)

Zoddscorpio: What can i say about my cousin, w/o him, i wouldn't have made rank 5 ^^ I miss you lots Scorpio

Oawenisou: The great Galka Whm. He has inspired my Elvaan that I too can be a whm. We miss him dearly. This galka needs to contact us :P

Ventrue: A wonderful friend and ally. I congratulate him on his engagement to a wonderful and lucky female elvaan, Zephany ^^ GL to you both (^_^)

Jbo: Ohh..a great thf. I thank him for everything that he has helped me with.

Kathrine: A cute Mithra Pld. w/o Kat, i wouldn't have RSE and all the fun times we've encountered.

Kaybebe: Little fun taru. Thanks for everything KBB, especially in acquiring me my ruby ^^

Alambar: You my friend get credit too, you helped me out and I thank you for that, especially getting me to Norg and you are loads of fun to talk with. I hope you decided to stay so we can continue our adventures ^^

Lurell: A firey and high spirited Mithra. What can one say? he works his **** off and still manages to get this Mithra going. ^^ Keep up the work you Spunky Cat (^_^)
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#165 Dec 16 2004 at 12:24 AM Rating: Decent
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Ugh Karma Trolls strike again.

and again i'll reitterate i didnt spawn DS i didnt get near the edge i knew better your 55 that was there spawned DS and was the only one on the edge i was alway in the middle and the one your talking about was when i was 63 already had full AF HOW would _I_ spawn DS, more to the point WHY. admit it shoes your the only one that thinks this way ...

Clue: I said multiple times not to go near the edge.

your right you did

Clue: You went right to the edge to spawn dark spark.

no i didnt i wasnt there for MY AF

Clue: Right after you did it, I said "Zone, or you're f'ed."

yeah, i saw you say that but with 16 other people there i wonder who you were referring to

Clue: They all came and owned you, and you hped out because you knew it was your fault.

no i HPed cause I died because no one tried to even lift a finger while i saved the person who did get the aggro with a cure4 and then got blamed by YOU and only YOU for your death

Clue: I died saving -EVERYONE- there.

Just you died how sad that the PLD who laid down his life as well trying to save people is just totally ignored and forgotten.

So really, where in all of this did I do anything wrong? Where did I say anything bad? Oh that's right, the 40 year old guy playing a mithra is the one that's at fault.

Would love to know on this how you got this assumed age which i might add your incorrect on. also i never said you did anything wrong your the one as Tofubot so eloquently put it ... trying to push your beliefs on everyone on this forum

and this is the last post i will make on this subject so that we can get on with the Shameless thank you posts. un-derail a good thing.

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Tofubot wrote:
in the words of johnny storm... FLAME ON!
#166 Dec 17 2004 at 6:37 PM Rating: Good
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Question: who cares? Let's keep this on topic please >< Take bickering and fighting to PMs
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#167 Dec 17 2004 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
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#168 Dec 17 2004 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I have a few who helped me lvl and do rank missions:

Nastynick / Nickyzoola

Peony (FFXI) - Lvl 31 WAR/SAM
Fraggle (WoW) - Lvl 7 WAR
#169 Dec 17 2004 at 8:25 PM Rating: Default
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I vote SHOES greatest player on Midgardsormr!!!
#170 Dec 18 2004 at 3:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't have many friends but what i lack in that i am blessed with great friends

Jari- my best friend on the game ^^ we always help each other out ^^ known Jari since i started .

Zephoes- Very nice person , He helps so much yet gets so little credit so here i am to give you credit buddy !

Wylantar- Helped me with some stuff

Azikiel- Very nice guy , another good friend who cannot play for awhile because he is in the military , he inspired me to become a whm ^^

Skai: two words.... : MY TARU !

Sekri: My twin ! very cool whm ^^

Medren: very nice guy ^^

Calandre: always checking up on me sweet girl ^^ twice my size and she is a mnk , she could kick my **** XD

Astral: Started me out on a static pt with my blm ^^

Melow: i love this girl ^^ she is so kind

Horror: Funny drg XD

My ls burninghope and the rebirth i love you guys !
#171 Dec 20 2004 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
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I am amazed I am on the list once. And I am very thankful some one thought of me as a atleast good player ^^ (Take care.) (everyone)
#172 Dec 21 2004 at 7:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Oawenisou isn't coming back to FFXI or so Zeph tells me. He's moved on to WoW I believe. I'd tell him to contact you guys but he's also almost never on AIM ; ;

More names~

Dragonhope - Greatest crafter ever! Has given me a lot of help over the course of the game <3

Renza - Uber MNK, all around cool guy who's always willing to help people out as long as he's not busy killing stuffs with Chi Blast or tanking gods x_x XD

Darkillumina - Surprised you mentioned me heh, I always love to give out advice about DRK even though I've stopped leveling it. If you ever need help always feel free to ask~

That's all I can think of now >_>
#173 Dec 21 2004 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
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One of the top best WHM and respectable person I know. I'm sure most will agree that he rocks at his job. Mostly I salute his for his kindness, professionalism and patience.
I was helping a fellow pld get to banishing gate 3 in garlaige and we all got wacked along with Joon. (Who deleveled) He was very clever on how to pull us all out with tractor without aggro from the nearby Dromas. He stayed until we all got to open the gate and just brushed his shoulders off that he just died and deleveled. Wow! Very nice person.


Helped out with my last coffer party for like 6hours. She came to help me out and stayed for hours with us even though I got the first drop in 15 minutes. Which I want to add was the best coffer party I've had!

Edited due to Joon correcting me that HE is a guy. lol. /salute to you bro!! and a /kneel

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#174 Dec 21 2004 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
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where to begin...
all the old TheWay Members... these guys and gals were great to me when i came back from a 2 month break...

Anaya <retired>
Meow <retired>
Minari <retired>

And all members from Vision LS that Broke long ago.. thanks for all the help when i first started well over a year ago
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#175 Dec 27 2004 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Meyoh - Best friend IRL and has helped me with countless quests when no one else would. Great player and embodiment of the PLD job. Answers every mission/quest request I have with the ever faithful "I'll tank the sh*t out of it."

Vashts - Brother IRL and has many times helped me with quests. Like meyoh willing to drop everything and come baby sit the low level. Very dedicated to being the best DRG he can.

Faile - deleted her rich account on another server and switched just to play with me. Unending patience, and people just aren't as kind as you anymore.

Grandlethal and Ichnameist - The leaders of my original linkshell Windurst Liberation Army. Great guys and loads of fun. Taught me the emphasis on happy go lucky as well as the art of playing FFXI while drunk. ;) All around great players.

All of the old WLA crew, some still here and some have left. All made the game worth playing my first months : Stina, Elanor, Elrohir, Vvolf, Gavin, Fame , Meyoh, Grandlethal, Ichnamiest, Lorelei, Meyoh, Vashts, and Keyrana.
(Sorry if forgot anyone else)

Blutig - {Galka} {White Mage} {Power} {Impossible to gauge} Helped me get all of my RSE in one night. Friendly guy, very skilled. Server needs more like him.

Shesshomaru - PLD who I haven't seen around much anymore. Conviced me not to change my name ages ago. One of the nicest players I've met in game and helped me stick with the game in down times.

Berrykins - One of the nicest taru I've partied with with some of the funniest macro's I've seen. /wave

FalconCC- Partied with his theif when leveling my DRK near the end of the jungle. Funny guy, and our party with only five people soaked the earth in the blood of mandys. I've still not had a party thats been that awesome yet. Good times.

Gaddes - Best Ranger I've exp'ed with ever. Too bad its not his main job :(. Nice guy as well, and was a part of the best party I've ever been in. He was good,real good, and didn't boast about it either. Need more players like him.

Fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like the self-described rechargable battery. Great guy, great bard, has powerleveled me about 93847320987390245 times over the course of my playing experience. One of the people you count on to make the most of your playing experience. If you don't know him, then I'm sorry.

Ashn - god-like RDM who is willing to help. Pretty selfless guy, skill beyond measure, If you've met him, you know. If you haven't met him you probably still know.

Fantasy Insanity - Everyone in the linkshell has been a pleasure to party and do events with. Its amazing what a group of skilled people can do together. My only regret is not having time to do more with you guys.

Curse the Yagudo - Although I don't know too many people from my "sister" linkshell, I haven't met a member yet that I didn't think was a great player.

Hectar- My static PLD, and won't tolerate any player abuse while hes around. Way to stand up like a man. Take a bow

My Static crew - Hectar,Squirt,Morgan,Xizelle. For not killing me for leaving home at the start of our static leveling. I'm sorry guys :(

Guppy: Awesome WHM who has helped me several times and another all around nice player.

Akiko - cute little taru. Doesn't say much, but her actions speak volumes. :)

Zoddkagura - kinda upset you forgot me :( Partied with her waaaaaaaay long ago and still have kept in touch. Glad to see you around more. Always bright as sunshine.

Dharanna - happy,cheery, ever-ready monk :)

Rikali - Good friend IRL and helped get my WAR through the dunes beforst my subjob. 'Nuff said.

Nilych - Another good friend IRL who has gone through the dunes with me twice. The deciding factor in help take my thf past level 10. Funny cynic, good whm.

Its late and Im tired, so If I forgot your name, I'm sorry. Just naming a few people who have made a big difference in my FFXI gaming experience.
so that's why your mom hasn't passed the paddle over to me to continue your *** whippin' yet.

#176 Dec 27 2004 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
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I would like to add some people, if I miss you i'm really sorry

Slaxer: Been there for me ever since my "noob" experience in the dunes, great person to hang out with. Took me to Argus and Leech King's spawn room.

Joelthewanderer: Helped me with SAM quest, I think he's the greatest SAM I know.

Smoked: Been a buddy ever since I joined Thegreatalliance LS, which is now VanadielGuardians, which is all broken up, and he moved on to the underground, great person.(0/12 on LL in 1 night.)

Saiohthewolf: Great person to hang out with, he farmed Elements with me, and Tremor Rams.

not sure if it's Shader or Shadar, gotta look it up.
That's my 2 cents.
#177 Dec 30 2004 at 1:49 AM Rating: Decent
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Slaxer: I've known him more than a year in-game now. Has done countless things.. Helped me with the Magicked Skull, Carby Ruby, getting my Kazham keys, Missions.. Too bad I've re-started too many times to count, and can't return the favor(s). XD

Shinoa: Just incredibly kind and patient. Extremely talented player, generous.. Went with him to hunt for Dodge Earrings, helped my latest character with SJ items, taught me some Japanese.. etc etc. ^^

Wluf: Basically same as Shinoa. They both are the kind of people that would drop what they're doing to come help/LVL with you, whatever. V. kind, and funny. Yay LS mates. ^^

Akiko: Just an all-around nice player. Patient with me. XD

Kurapica: Nice German player. We PTed a couple times, did the recent belt event thing.. he even took out 2 hours to help kill Acrophies in Qufim, searching for a Carbuncle's Ruby. Danke! ^^

Raiksha: She's quitting, but surprised me with a vey expensive something while I was leveling in Qufim, out of the blue. (GL to you!)
#178 Dec 31 2004 at 5:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, ive browsed this site for a while so i figure that it is time to make a post. What better way to start than to thank people that helped me get to where I am.

Special thanks to:

Nomsenpai- helped me with countless quests and escorted me to places such as norg early in my ffxi career.

Tiggra- heroically helped me with my RSE and almost died cuz of it. She also helped me beat Dark Spark.

Gremlin- helped me get my AF1 as well as helped me open a few advanced jobs.

Striffe- helped me with quests such as my RSE and helped me camp some lower lvl NM's.

Eldren- my first idol in the game as a rdm. Helped me with my G1. Ive never seen anyone lvl a job as fast as he did when he lvl'd his drg. Congrats on maat man.

Slashingsmash- bought me a Dark Staff and gave me a huge amount of time to pay him back. This has been a big help to me.

And thanks to everyone else who helped me with everything. Happy holidays and happy new year Midgardsormr.
Linkshell: TheHeavenKnights
Mysticmaker Profblix = 1/1
Centurio X-I = 1/1
Thousandarm Danglesh = 1/1
Morion Worm = 0/1
Bigmouth Billy = 1/1
Orc Trap = 0/1
Rampaging Ram = 1/1
Lumbering Ram = 1/1
#179 Dec 31 2004 at 1:28 PM Rating: Decent
83 posts
I really don't know anyone... but

Last night, a Mithral named "Grief" escorted me through Ranguemont Pass and warped me home after curosity got the best of me and I had to see what was behind door #1!!!

Grief is my new herione!!! Thank you again Grief!

It seems to me in the short time I've been playing that there are two things that make a great player. Being generous enough to share your knowledge, and being humble enough to listen to others.

Happy New Year all!!!

ps. oh also Richards who made me a silver ingot and Harlock, who is just my Elvaan Italian blood brother for life...

As a man named Carl once said "the internet is the inner webbing of my swim trunks...and I just logged on to my internet."
#180 Jan 01 2005 at 5:43 PM Rating: Good
3,209 posts
much love to the following little taru PLD.


2 days straight that little guy held hate thru some of the wierdest pt configurations. having no WHM 2 rangers and 2 BLM's (after having RNG and DRK with dual 1200+ freeze burts) he kept us all alive. no deaths in the 6+ hours we exped and each of us gained 2 lvls.

also kick *** RNGs and cool guys Socant and Chiefers. you guys rock.

also Sind... i forgot how to spell the rest of your name, but in all the pt's we've been in together you're still the best BRD i've had preluding my ***. you rule
i finally got banned, i wished i had a better sig
#181 Jan 05 2005 at 2:14 PM Rating: Good
52 posts
*cough* lilf.....again XD

Lilf and I were doing a Sandy Rank 10 run with some other people, and I must admit, he's one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure to meet on Midgard.

^^ Shadows Fall kick *** =D
Name: Kajirou
Job: SAM75/BLM75/MNK75/WAR75
Nation: San d'Oria
Rank: 10
Linkshell: MoonlitPath
Server: Midgardsormr
Black Mage:
#182 Jan 05 2005 at 6:41 PM Rating: Default
201 posts
i will say

Jagg - LVL 58 WAR but willing to do anything
Gheko - (even though he is a ***) always would help
MightyOne- Greatest PL EVER

THose are my Top 3
75DRK- 35 WAR- 25 MNK- 37 THF - 3 WHM - 7 NIN

#183 Jan 06 2005 at 11:45 AM Rating: Decent
93 posts
Morteunious- One of the best DRKs I know. He is a great help and a very kind person.
#184 Jan 07 2005 at 8:15 AM Rating: Excellent
1,452 posts
*cough* lilf.....again XD

Lilf and I were doing a Sandy Rank 10 run with some other people, and I must admit, he's one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure to meet on Midgard.

^^ Shadows Fall kick *** =D

Hehe yeah that was fun, thanks for the help and gratz on rank 10!

/salute fellow Shadows Fall fan
I don't play no mo' games sucka.
#185 Jan 11 2005 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
146 posts
Malizioso, Martigan, Mikken, Pompompurin & Skunkie
This was the best party I have ever had in Eastern Altepa.
Name: Jezzi
Server: Midgardsormr

75 BLM, 75 BRD, 75 WHM, 75 RDM
62 THF, 37 NIN, 37 DRK, 37 RNG, 37 WAR, etc.

VxSote wrote:
The life of a BLM in a nutshell:
You ***** up, you die.
Someone else screws up, you die.

But for some reason, lol, I wouldn't give it up for anything.
#186 Jan 14 2005 at 8:25 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
lol fun thread! I want to join in on the name dropping.
I've been lucky enough to have crossed paths with many a
"do-gooder", but the following few deserve rewards for their selfless kindness. =)

Striffe for helping me out and wasting hours of time showing me the ropes when i was a baby FFer, and wanting nothing in return
Malak ditto
Randi teaching me farming 101
Chesh for keeping me entertained, kinda like a dancing monkey =P And taking the time to give me the vanadiel tour for the 1st time.
Mrvile always there when I needed help. ^^

my FF heroes!

#187 Jan 14 2005 at 10:05 AM Rating: Decent
422 posts
Beatupeverythng - all around nice guy

I'll second that. I was PLing my friend's pt in the dunes and he happened to be in the pt. He starts giving me really helpful tips on Maat and although he's never met me before, he offered to lend me equipment that would help me defeat maat a lot easier.
#188 Jan 14 2005 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
363 posts
A great guy and the best PLD I have ever met! He helped me and a freind own the dragon for the Dragoon quest. He has also taken the time to answer numerous noob questions without getting to0 annoyed:-D Even offered to help me with my DRG AF quest!

Onimusha: (spelling?)
Without his Plvl I dont know if I would have made it through the dunes:-D

He is in my LS and is a well of knowledge that helps everyone he can! The numerous sacrfices he has made to his own agenda for the sake of helping others is astounding. Though I have yet to ask him for help I have no doubts he would in a heartbeat so I will list him for the future:-D

Another guy in my LS who really helped with the basics when I was pting for the first times in Valkrum. Thanks again Loic!

Thats all I can think of at the moment but no doubt others deserve credit. Thanks again guys!

BTW, my online name is Atrox

"Pain is nothing, Pride is everything!"
#189 Jan 15 2005 at 6:06 AM Rating: Good
17 posts
i'd like to nominate all the guys in my Sanctuary LS but especially

Archeron ( BEST NIN and nicest guy ever )
Ushan (Tarutaru Redmage my brother in arms ;) )
Bloodwarrior (Best PLD EVER and supernice, and also humps anything that moves! )
Rolandatem (elvan white mage power you own !!!!!!!!!)
Ungul (BEST **** BLM ON THE SERVER i kid you not)
Tybalt (yes i still love you you B***H!!
Darkard (ugly elvan samurai but is the <owner> /nod )
Nappy jack ( you da man )

most of these guys have been with me from the beginning and have really made this game so much fun to play thank you guys!

<3 you all!
PS: this is really for whole Sanc ls just felt like i needed to list these few. if i forgot anyone please dont take any offense its 5am <im sleepy>
Linkshell : Vital Statistics
#190 Jan 15 2005 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
99 posts
Hmm. When I get the Biglos Abjuration and the Jagg Abjuration to trade them into the Temple along with Biglos and Jagg, I think they might become heros ^_^ man, I hate lugging cursed characters around on Midgardsormr.

For some reason our Linkshell is having a horrible time trying to find the god HNM that drops the abjurations. =/
#191 Jan 16 2005 at 2:16 PM Rating: Excellent
230 posts
He's a *****'n DRG, and makes a mean juicy mutton dish XD
#192 Jan 16 2005 at 8:57 PM Rating: Good
72 posts
I'd like to add all the people from my static Aleingarn, Pitterchi, Kleito, Nathias (we don't have a 6th person yet).

Olomouc, Xvirus, Midnightx, Babyvegeta, Younglink, and Lashel for waiting 4 hours while i was trying to set up a party for my AF helm fight.
And everyone from LS Invincible - Zubis, Hyacynth, Rokushirou, Acibond, Alglibond, Chronis, Hawken, Hyukjoon, Tayten, Syon, Buteo, and Myosho for all being awesome players and all around nice people.
And a bunch of other people who are just friends of mine - Aegir/Aishaclanclan, Jait, Neresh, Gundorado, Wootaru, Toowaru, and a bunch of other people i can't remember now :P.

Edited, Tue Jan 18 23:10:46 2005 by gokukcs
Level 46 Rogue
Guild Knights of Valhalla
Level 67 Dragoon Rank 8 Sandy
LS Invincible/Kupobos
Cooking level 94^^
Dragoon Gear
Ranger Gear
#193 Jan 16 2005 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
295 posts
and all the others that helped me with G-2.
They helped kill all three monsters, and we had fun doing it.
Blutig(pld style) and Blutig(whm style) for coming all the way
out to xcarbard to R2 me when I took a bullet for a friend of
Some people I party with, and have their jobs simply owned.
There are more I would add, but this is enough for now.
I would also like to say good bye to one of the greatest
people I have met in game.
You will be missed man.
Heaven doesnt want me, and **** is afraid im gonna take over...
#194 Jan 16 2005 at 10:03 PM Rating: Good
3,209 posts
oh man i remember when snowhite just barely started playing and i was lvling NIN or WAR with her in the dunes. it was a miserable experience as a dunes party can be. i'm glad that she's gone on to greatness.
i finally got banned, i wished i had a better sig
#195 Jan 17 2005 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
1,270 posts
You will be missed man.

What happened to Von? I brough him over too Tonberries LS after we were in another one that was die-not doing so well ^ ^. I admit I didn't know him well but he was always ready to help and seemed like a really nice guy. I was wondering why I haven't seen him in a while.
Roan Ragestorm
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Night Elf|Druid|Cenarion Circle ~retired~

Galka|Monk|Bastok|Midgardsormr ~retired~
#196 Jan 17 2005 at 6:20 PM Rating: Decent
295 posts
He only sent me a tell saying he had to tell me he was quiting, and he logged out before i could ask why. /cry and i got him in my LS like 3 weeks ago. now he is gone, and i dont know why.
Heaven doesnt want me, and **** is afraid im gonna take over...
#197 Jan 18 2005 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
303 posts
I would like to put a few people up here:

Shoes-- I was a tagalong to help a few people do their WHM AF in Feyin (sp) Shoes along with a few other high lvls (forgot names sorry) came across meiser murphy spawned by another rdm there and they manhandled the ghost. Then we proceeded to own the NM for the WHM AF. Thanks a million Shoes!

Mmembers of my static

Nathias- rl twin brother is a great RNG
Pitterchi- Our PLD who takes the hits for us all
Gokusan- Our beloved DRG with the pimp purple suit
Aleingarn- The THF that has a love of coins

I couldn't imagine having a better static you guys are great and have stuck by through the good (AF gear) and bad (my 5 deaths last night on G3 run)

The whole invincible LS- We are growing and I see good things in our future!

There are many others that have helped me and for that I am gracious.



BS-88.0 +2 cook-43 Alchemy-52 Cloth- 56
WW-42 GS-50.2 Bone-20 leather-30

65 WHM
#198 Jan 18 2005 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
1,270 posts
He only sent me a tell saying he had to tell me he was quiting, and he logged out before i could ask why. /cry and i got him in my LS like 3 weeks ago. now he is gone, and i dont know why.

Roan Ragestorm
Charr|Warrior|Stormbluff Isle

Night Elf|Druid|Cenarion Circle ~retired~

Galka|Monk|Bastok|Midgardsormr ~retired~
#199 Jan 25 2005 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
397 posts
What ever happened to this thread? Have people on this server just stopped being nice? Come on you must have some people to share stories about.

I know I posted some of these people before but I think they need to be mentioned again.

Bladegash and Angell - without these two I would have never gotten anywhere in this game. they had helped me every step of the way and I cant thank them enough.

Aurian, Draque and Eadwyn - for being a great static and all around great people. Maybe one day we will exp together again.

Server: Midgarsormr
City: San D'Oria
Name: Zigfried
Jobs: RNG75/NIN37
RNG/NIN(other gear) -
Quor wrote:
im not angry, i just aggro to stupidity....

Mifaco wrote:
There is a law about FFXI: Any problem can be solved by throwing more RNGs at it.
#200 Jan 25 2005 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
Teldin, a taru WHM.

Went out of his way to raise me twice yesterday [I was aggroed the second time while I was healing, (weakened)].

Only, I accidentally went back to home point before the second casting was successful. He was still cool about it though.
#201 Jan 27 2005 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
146 posts
I absolutely have to mention one of the best pt’s I have ever been in from CN last night.

Alixzandria - whm/blm
Shiori - whm/blm
Jacobie - smn/whm
Itar - blm/whm
Dagnabbit - sam/war
and me - thf/rng

Dagnabbit did an incredible job as our tank. Alixzandria and Shiori were on top of things taking turns resting to keep the xp coming (and keeping our little Taru tank healed). Itar made sure that every time we got a link it slept until we were ready to deal with it. And Jacobie… thanks for pulling when I needed you to. All I have to say is “Come here my blue little thing!” “Go Titan!”

If it wasn’t for you guys I never would have gotten to 40! Thanks a bunch! You guys kick major @$$!
Name: Jezzi
Server: Midgardsormr

75 BLM, 75 BRD, 75 WHM, 75 RDM
62 THF, 37 NIN, 37 DRK, 37 RNG, 37 WAR, etc.

VxSote wrote:
The life of a BLM in a nutshell:
You ***** up, you die.
Someone else screws up, you die.

But for some reason, lol, I wouldn't give it up for anything.
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