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#1 Aug 27 2007 at 12:07 AM Rating: Good
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Just got out of an Undead Swarm besieged, and I must say, that was one of the best besieged's ive ever been in. It was crazy from the beginning, as we were doing good then all of a sudden 2 generals dropped at the same time. A couple minutes later, a third general drops, then a fourth. So we're down to the Mithra general, with Lamis No.2, 3, 9, Medusa, and our good Hydra friend out.

We keep Mithra alive for a little while, but she eventually goes down. A lot of people start to guard the candescence, while some continue to fight NMs as Lamia No. 9 falls. After a while, Lamia No.2 and 3 are almost in the hall of binding. People are nuking them and kiting them as far as they can before they drop and the Lamia come back for more. Medusa is slowly making her way to the Hall of Binding.

Suddenly, when everything looked grim, with 3 Lamia NMs near the Hall of Binding, someone kills off the Hydra NM and....

"The Undead Swarm has retreated."

It looked like we were done so many times, but in the end we pulled it out. It was a great victory, and one that I will remember for a while :P


"Mikhalla" wrote:

"Xkallybhur" wrote:

I wanna learn how to sub COR so I can make giant cards fly around me when I roll dice.

Note to self: Go to Casino and do this.

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