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RMT banning..Follow

#1 May 02 2007 at 2:56 PM Rating: Default
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ok doubt this makes a lot of sense but im bored and feel like talking about stupid/pointless stuff atm.

My question to everyone out there is: do you really think that all the ******** we have done over the years about RMT has really come to help us or bite us in the ***? i mean SE banned many RMT and removed all this gil from the economy, so in turn we are having lots of trouble getting the gil we want still because of prices on everything.

Yet, even after all of the banned RMT acc. you still have them all over. so now instead of RMT aiming for HNM/NMs that used to keep them content we have them camping the only things left in the game that arent R/E drops. so yes we have made the camping of lower nms easier for all but at a cost in my eyes.

Voice your opinion please, bored and need something to reply to XD

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#2 May 03 2007 at 5:20 AM Rating: Default
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They dont camp KA Roc, or sim for the items. They camp them for the ingots/D.cloth

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#3 May 04 2007 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
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It isn't that much harder to make money, really. The gil is worth more because stuff costs less. It isn't exactly equal for all items, but I prefer things at the prices they should be at, rather than artificially inflated prices.

If RMT would stop or at least slow down to a managable level, then SE probably wouldn't need to do huge gil deletions so much, so the economy could reach equilibrium again. At the moment, things are fluctuating because people are uncertain about the prices of things, and frightened at the fact that items sell for less, so they're less inclined to make a huge purchase, especially if they believe the price is likely to drop further. So people buy less, and prices drop further.. Money stagnates and those who spend find it difficult to sell to make more money. When money stops being ripped out in big portions, things will be fine.

'Least that's the theory I believe. >.>
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