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Best and Worst players on IfritFollow

#52 Aug 25 2004 at 1:30 AM Rating: Good
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OK his wife is in my LS as well, and Uraneko's wife is Almathia(sp?). So Take that AND I know them in real life so HA I win. He is co leader of my LS. Kag I didnt know he was in yours as well, that is cool.
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#53 Aug 25 2004 at 5:52 AM Rating: Good
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Yes, they both are.
LS: Angeldustrial
#54 Aug 25 2004 at 8:58 PM Rating: Good
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Aww...all these mentions of me and not a single Best Player nod my way! *sniffle!* I see how it is...

Meh, I'm not that good of a player anyway, game-wise. But I stay in character, by God! ^0^!

Ahem, anyway. Some of my best/worsts:


- All of my LS people in AngelDustrial and the DoS (including that hawt Mithra Uraneko - rawr.). they all go the extra mile regardless. So much <3.
- Aphelion randomly helped me get my SJ items one night, and then helped me limp my poor lowbie character back home. So nice!
- Letheril and Chimera are great to have in your party. Wonderful players who know what they're doing, and now how to have a good time while doing it.


- SlayerSephiroth. This kid whines incessantly about comments on his net-speak (which was bad even for n-s) and makes comments about us being like his "stupid teachers." After I tell him to shut it because I just happen to be a teacher, he continues to inform us that all teachers are ************ >_<. Instaban. Grr.
- I saw someone mentioning Khadafi. I wouldn't give him a worst-player status, but I did see him randomly ***-bashing on the airship once. @_<.

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#55 Aug 26 2004 at 12:51 AM Rating: Good
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I <3 my ls's ^<^

Best Players (In my opinion)
Amaltheia (whm in training ^<~, Wife <3)
Artore (Excellent Tank that could easily replace a DD)
Cablesrv (although he's on a fishing vacation and everyone else on that ls seems to have dissapeared)
Cannibal (Thank you SO much for helping with rank 3/4 etc ^^)
Cheechee (Good whm)
Kag (Good at stealing things :P)
Leggo (err, Logos ^<^)
and Tisquantum (MIA)

Worst Players: I hate to mention anyone, but i'll put down the only person I've booted from a party.

Neekos - For extreme cursing, racial slurs, etc
(As well as pulling monsters as a tank while we had someone pulling them already:multiple times)

Note:->Sending tells cussing out the leader of a party who just booted you will NOT get them to invite you back. :P
#56 Aug 26 2004 at 6:24 AM Rating: Good
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These arent the best players on the Ifrit server you guys migh think but these are the coolest people and best players I think that I have met "This is a long list"

Sashatya - In game future wife and she is the best person I know to talk to and have fun with

Illumina - Best PLD I have ever met

Blackwigit - Coolest BLM Taru I know

Lalond - Coolest Cook I Know

Sephron - Nicest RDM I have met

Sakkara - Met her on day one i got the game always been there for me

Fhqwghads - Coolest Galka RDM

Bigpunn - Awesome DRG to say the least

Angelstar - She rocks as a RDM

Mightymouse - Funniest taru I have met to date

Jeminis - Funny little BLM Taru Female

Alielle - Cool Mithra that i can chat with

Ilianna - Just fun to talk to has taught me a lot of Japanese

Latimes - Always down for a PL and is funny to PT with

Zada/Lemina - Nuff Said

Mage - Bought this guy Warp II for 40k cause i needed a warp to sandy real bad he couldnt pay me for it but he sends me a lot of stuff he gets which is cool.

Fireman - Is a nice guy and he Fishes for me cause I hate to Fish :)

Nilli - Always down to Tele-me when she is not busy

Kristianna - We talk about a lot of stuff always PL's me when I need it and I help buy giving cooking recipes

Blackdomina - He ****** a lot of people of but he is cool to talk to when he is on

Falice - Nice Mithra always wants to know how I am doing as I have a bad life sometimes lol

Tsumaru - Member of my LS gave me 1k as a wedding present the first and only person to have givin me gil in the game :)

Sakkit - Cool person I helped get him Palborough Key afetr we left he got served by soem yag's I felt really bad.

Xell - Hooked me up with Sashatya nuff said

Also all the people in my LS rock to many that i wont name them all as i would be here for the next hour.

The Bad I wont name names but people that RIP you off or you help them and then they LOT on the only thing you want. People who dont say thank you to you. People who are mean and think there better then others. And people who ask you for gil and you dont know them. Also people who ask you to craft something for you, and they dont tip you after you do it. oh and People who ask for a loan with no intention of ever paying back :)
#57 Aug 26 2004 at 10:14 AM Rating: Good
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I registered just to add my Ryanracer story.

A group of 51-53 were PT in K. Tunnel. Ryanracer was part of our group. Literally the only thing he did was occasionally cast referesh. So anyway, exp was ok but not super. At around midnight our party broke up. I was the BLM and people wanted Warp2. So I had already sent 3 people home and Ryanracer was the 4th. About 2 seconds before the Warp2 was done, he casts dia on a lizard that's right next to me. My warp2 completes on him as the lizard hits me for 300+ damage, luckily the pally was still around and provoked it off me as we both ran for the zone. We both survived but a 2nd hit from that lizard and I would of been dead.

I'll never PT with Ryanracer again.
#58 Aug 26 2004 at 11:28 AM Rating: Good
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Someone up there mentioned Letheril up there, and I just wanted to give a nod and second the vote. Letheril rocks. Also, I've found Cieria, a rdm, in my LS, to be a great RDM, then again, any rdm who isn't too scared to be SATA'd on makes a good RDM in my book :)
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#59 Aug 26 2004 at 11:55 AM Rating: Good
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My entire ls, IfritsElite, just rocks.

Last night is a perfect example. Rafflet, without my asking, power leveled me to Level 18 last night, from Level 16 with just a couple hundred tnl. She waited for me while I picked up my subjob quest items and bought armor and spells, did a tele-mea on us and escorted me through the peninsula, waited for me to give the items to the old lady in mhaura, then did ANOTHER tele-mea before she left.

But everyone is fantastic in my newbie opinion: Kalis, Spazz, Golom, Amaltheas, Calibos, Ghastly, Gack, Shodan, Moreel... the list would go on for a while. We all have a lot of fun together.

Had good parties with folks in my level - quite a feat in the teen levels - and looking forward to partying with them again as we level. My lower level faves are Revelation, Brin, Quadrant, Kouran, Harshstar, Tubbie, Morna and Lonist. (Well, they were all around my level when I partied with them but pretty sure some of them have higher level jobs.)

Right now, I just don't pay much attention to the people I haven't liked partying with, with the hope that they'll learn a bit as they level more. Though I will disband from a party if I accept an invite and discover one of those folks there.
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#60 Aug 27 2004 at 11:17 AM Rating: Good
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Woah, woah...Did I just see ariseth on someone's Worst list?

Come on people. Ariseth is a personal friend, I've partied with her dozens of times, on several jobs, and her performance is flawless....
#61 Aug 27 2004 at 4:49 PM Rating: Good
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Blackdomina - He ****** a lot of people of but he is cool to talk to when he is on

Yeah!! One of my LS'ers finally made someone's list :)

Although it'll be fun to rag him about him "******* a lot of people off".
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#62 Aug 28 2004 at 12:54 AM Rating: Good
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My favorite players are:
Ezakimak: my LS leader (Konpaku)... and the nicest 70WHM in the world. When he likes you. I can't even list all the things he's done for me... loaned me his BLM equip, bronze bed, armoire... escorted me to Tele-Altep, Tele-Yhoat... Rabao and Norg. Even killed the Kraken for me when I went to do the BST quest.
Kami: doesn't play anymore, and is sorely missed. He's the one who introduced me to my current (and permanent) LS.

Pretty much anyone in my (very small) LS is a great person: Rhyni, Chancy, Skyryu, and even mean old Kioto ^^.

Players that have impressed me enough in pts to prompt me to remember their names: Lyeena, Lifeforce, Narilka, and just today, Jovo. I'm pretty bad at remembering names after the.. hundreds of people I've partied with.

Of course, It's not my place to name bad players... and no one has ever really done naything too nasty to me... so I have no comment in that department. ^^

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#63 Aug 28 2004 at 3:55 PM Rating: Good
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Best: Oh, so many!! I can't put you all, sorry! To begin with I guess, all of the eternal blue ls (broken up now). Also, my best friend in real life and on ffxi, demonneko. Demonneko was the one who got me into ffxi in the first place, so thank you!!! Next, to Silenoz. Ah, Silenoz. We first met in a pt in Valkrum dunes. I was lvling up my blm sub while he was getting items for the subjob quest. We got off to a bad start for some reason we can't remember now. Serveral name calling and slaps later, we both joined Neone's ls. We talked on there for a long time that night and became good friends. Still, next time I see him, I'm gonna slap him for old times sake. ^^

Worst: I really can't think of any members I've really had a problem with. One word of advice, two past ls members named mooky and auroras, can't get along. Don't invite them both to a pt, they are brothers in real life and will spend more time fighting eachother than mobs. ^^; They both are my firends, but they just need to be on separate servers or something lol.
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#64 Aug 29 2004 at 4:07 AM Rating: Good
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OH MAN,i was just in sandy and this girl was having a raffle for an astral ring si alot of people came to go and buy a ticket for about 6k each the rules where if you get the number nearest hers you win then everyone rolled and after everyone rolled she logged off and never came back on.

"her name was Legatia so if you ever see her never trust what shes going to do because she is just going to take your money"
#65 Sep 01 2004 at 7:33 PM Rating: Good
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I have to second one above with Cett and Trei.. Partied with them and couple of their friends the other night.. Excellent party and great guys..

#66 Sep 02 2004 at 11:24 AM Rating: Good
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I partied months ago in Qufim at lvl ~23 with one of the worst WHMs Ive ever played with: Ccryder (NOT Ccrider). This guy couldnt handle healing our party that was doing a great job of killing pugils, had to be constantly told to rest to gain MP back, and was generally annoying. There were people who /shouted LFGs while we were fighting and he spammed back at them with: /shout OMFG STOP SPAMMING THAT YOU NEED A PT. Our BLM kindly told him to shut his mouth.

Later on when we were sending /tells to each other about possibly booting him on grounds of incompetance and looking for another WHM he asked the party if one of us would throw down the money for Cure III. We booted him. And after he got done yelling at us for kicking him from the pt, he started /shouting that he was a WHM LFG!!!

We picked up a new WHM and we carried it all the way to 25 no problem.

What an ***.
Didn't I tell you... Hokuto Shiken has no equal.
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#67 Sep 02 2004 at 1:28 PM Rating: Good
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Ok since I don't feel like people getting mad at me I will kindly not name any of the bad players I have met. As for the best players on Ifrit, there are quite a number. To name a few

Most of the Sheep Killers Anonymous Linkshell actually
Many many others as well

It's me... Geth!
W00t first post on Allakhazam.
#68 Sep 02 2004 at 4:53 PM Rating: Good
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Yea i was with Ccryder in Garliage, and his lack of stat gear for a whm was sad, all he had was some hairpin, prolly cost 500gil at most and have like +2hp +2mnd +2int i dunno
horrible tho and we couldnt keep him from healing

someone needs to tell him if he wants to be an elvaan whm he needs to be better equipped and prepared

#69 Sep 02 2004 at 5:05 PM Rating: Good
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Hi geth

#70 Sep 02 2004 at 6:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Here is a list of ppl i think r awsome:
Aleks- When i was lvl 9 and still a noob he plvled me to lvl 12 and when i died he solo plvled me back up to 12. He is awsome and nice.

Vegasgamer/Tupacshakur- Hes a cool guy. Helped me with kazham and helps me with stuff.

Alex- Hes nice. He plvls me alot and helped me get to lvl 24 and get chocobo

Ethiopien- Hes my LS leader. hes a good leader and nice

Janien- o.O its me! i just think im nice caus i cant help myself when i see a noob with **** for armo and i have to donate gil to him.Yes i do curse alot XD but im nice. Hey have any of u ever seen me? O ya and thx for warning me about Ryanracer i saw he was a whm LFG and i invired him but i remembered what u all said so luckly he was afk and didnt join.
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#71 Sep 02 2004 at 9:06 PM Rating: Good
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Janien- o.O its me! i just think im nice caus i cant help myself when i see a noob with sh*t for armo and i have to donate gil to him.Yes i do curse alot XD but im nice. Hey have any of u ever seen me? O ya and thx for warning me about Ryanracer i saw he was a whm LFG and i invired him but i remembered what u all said so luckly he was afk and didnt join.

lol good one

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#72 Sep 04 2004 at 7:35 AM Rating: Good
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Time for a new one


Now i havent partied with him but my LS says he sucks and so did my party last night in the quicksand caves

so i did /sea and he was 45THF/20NIN ok not a big deal, no use from ninja til 25 unless you use other tools. but as i watch him from my camp waiting on WHM i noticed he was pulling...
but not with Utsusemi now why would u have a ninja sub, and not use Utsusemi, my LS says he dont have it and actually Misstelled it to one of them 2 nights ago.

to make it even worse, his off hand is equipped with....

a sheild! how horrible is that.... he really needs to get a clue

#73 Sep 05 2004 at 5:04 AM Rating: Good
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Nav: heh, I'll pull without utsusemi at times. Take a few hits, watch the TP go up so I can start the battle with a skillchain off the pld. But yea, that guy's a nitwit..
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#74 Sep 06 2004 at 12:36 AM Rating: Good
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Best players by far Veranuiz Fimbulwinter Necos Sirogan Cavil Rexall Kathryn Auger Malix and Veruna

Vera, Fimb, and Necos are all on my linkshell.. Veruna used to be, but somehting happened(I have no idea what) And now they're not.. My linkshell has been really helpful, even though I'm the n00b(lowest main) in it.. Oh yeah, Cantide is the linkshell :p
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#75 Sep 06 2004 at 2:18 PM Rating: Good
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These are the coolest people i know that helped me out and some are just fun to be with....
Jonna----->future husband in game ^.^
Balgarath--->one really cool and fun guy
Tarutar---->cute funny taru who helps me with everything U ROCK TARU...also best Blm i know
Immortalcaster---->hilarious taru and fun to talk to and a trouble maker lol
Technolust------>Helped me out ALOT bought spells for my rdm and really cool guy thanks tech
Timir------>my guardian.....hes everywhere i go @.@ but he cool
Bigpunn---->coolest DRG i know and funny guy
Vetrebond---->friend since begining
Blanz---->really cool guy and will become best PLD ever...
and for the good helpers is Misslissa and Stellgod helped me out a bit in my missions.
Bigjohn---->this taru is one interesting and funny guy
Vagesai----->one of the coolest ppl i know (he swears hes my uncle yea right)And a really cool DRK..very helpful too ^.^
Annalia---->hmmm vage and her are together is she my aunt?lol shes sweet and i helped her PL her blm as my bros char...altho she didnt know it...
And lots more just too many @.@
#76 Sep 07 2004 at 2:17 PM Rating: Good
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The Best Players On Ifrit

White Mage -------------------------------> Brim
Black Mage -------------------------------> Cynx
Red Mage ---------------------------------> Honeybunch
Darknight --------------------------------> Dave
Paladin ----------------------------------> Wolfbait
Warrior ----------------------------------> Zincypoo
Summoner ---------------------------------> Talula
Thief ------------------------------------> Ultimaj
Beastmaster ------------------------------> Budha
Ranger -----------------------------------> Xalia
Bard -------------------------------------> Gideon
Monk -------------------------------------> Newport
Dragoon ----------------------------------> Shinsei
Ninja ------------------------------------> Leona
Samurai ----------------------------------> Omacore

Honorable mentions----> Thilo, Select, Toecutter, Gothicfists, Agony, Yeuseu, Yarr, Riddik, Rezin, Galoyan, Ubergrande, Tdawk, Stinkmonger, Progen, Flarez, Darklunacy, Devrim, Daxton, Dalek, Atean, Yatalock, Thienen and pac.

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#77 Sep 07 2004 at 2:29 PM Rating: Good
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Khadafi was pulling mushushushu's and exorays in the secretroom in the Crawlers nest last week, without a party.

he is def not the breakfast of champions
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#78 Sep 07 2004 at 6:23 PM Rating: Good
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Glimmerskin is an awesome white mage
#79 Sep 07 2004 at 7:10 PM Rating: Good
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This guy is up for anything. If I ask him to farm with me; he's there. If I ask him to fish with me; he's there. If I wanna do BCNM40; he's right there to die along with me. He has wicked gear and an even better hundred fists. He is very dependable and no matter what you do, if he's there you know that everything is gonna either be successful, or at least a lot of fun. And he gave me 20 stacks of homeaid apple pies. If you need a monk for your party, Newport is your best bet.
"See you on the dark side"
#80 Sep 07 2004 at 11:31 PM Rating: Good
1,100 posts
lol guys the people you posted, i dont know any of them except ryanracers and letheril <<<<(Mistuhide (brother met him)

#81 Sep 08 2004 at 7:46 PM Rating: Good
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I'm not gonna list any "bad players" cause everyone screws up sometimes and that ***** up is what your gonna remember anyways.
So i'll list cool people and ********. Because cool people can make mistakes but ******** are forever!!!

The cool list ******* list!

Ulgokiem Elizabeta Darksavior ><
Jrc Domien
Almost everyone in XxOMEGAxX
#82 Sep 08 2004 at 7:49 PM Rating: Good
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ok..being my first post i didnt realize everything would get squished together >< so to clarify...the only person on the ******* list is darksavior :P
#83 Sep 08 2004 at 10:38 PM Rating: Good
156 posts
Some Good Guys:
Rarab:Nice Guy Helped me get Ninja all around a totally nice guy

Kametatsu: Rarabs Brother Also has helped me in the past

Right now all i can think of is Ryan Racers and ....Me Im a pretty crapppy theif can barely pull SA/TA of...
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#84 Sep 09 2004 at 3:14 AM Rating: Good
1,202 posts
Woa i got mentioned on a post o.O w00t ok angel sorry i had to break TheMeltingPot but it had to be done, I did make MeltingPotsBest now and most of the old members are there with a few additions would love for u to join Jonna is going to. I already posted the best adn said I wasn't going to post the bad but im ****** so Im going to say soem of the bad

Underwatertouch/killas - The name sends shivers through my body just the name he also tries to get almos all my female friends phone #'s so he can cyber and he treats his game girl like trash

Twileamoon/Sashatya - This chick used me took me for a lot of gil we were supposed to get married in game then i found out she just wanted me for my gil she has done this to others so be forewarned she is out to get gil from u and she will do and say anything so u think she actually likes u and she loves to lie ask anyone who used to be with her or one of her many char as she has like um 7+ chars

Jmw/Rapaud - this guy thought i was born yesterday asked to borrow one of my astral rings and 35k the first day i meet him and asked me to make him something so i did and he didnt bother to pay me for it WTF i hate it when ppl do that. He also anounced to my LS the gil I have made in the game and i told him to stop he didnt want to so he got kicked now he spreads lies about me to my friends

Xenorax - This guy came to my LS liek when i first got it and he was down on his luck I loaned him 13k yes I know dumb, and he never paid me back everytime i see him he leaves immediatly.

Marckus - this guy thinks he is the essence of cool cause he is a SMN in actuality he is a arrogant jerk that thinks he knows how to party but he doesn't

I do want to add soem good ppl ppl that rock in the game as I have to

Triss - new her when she was amithra she is now a taru and she has brass balls but she is a women in RL

Airenn - One of the Funniest coolest Mithra I knwo and she looks good in RL to and she is sweet

Illumina - Have to give my props to her always stuck up for me and we watch each others backs. We can always talk to each other

Lylia - Corny to say the least but she is funny and cool to talk to

Lalond - this is my buddy he rocks a good cook and a good friend i feel bad cause he got caught in the middle of soem bad stuff between me and a dumb female player

I have to give those shout outs to these ppl they have been there for me the last 2 weeks when times have been tough real tough almost quit the game but they stuck by me through the thick and thin of it all TheMeltingPot is no longer, I have started MeltingPotsBest it is for the best of the best of TheMeltingPot, as the first one had 100 members and I needed to weed it down. I hope to see some of u guys in the game and Angelstar if u read this send me a tell I want u and tarutar and Jonna back in the new LS.

#85 Sep 09 2004 at 8:40 AM Rating: Good
23 posts
I am a proud member of XxOMEGAxX and I want to second what a great group of people we have. Others that were left off this list include:


If i left you off the list it doesnt mean I forgot you, Everyone in XxOMEGAxX kicks ***.

Shout out to Kyuss, Jrc, Ulgokiem, and Suli for helping me get Rank 5!


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#86 Sep 09 2004 at 1:04 PM Rating: Good
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Xixideplanet-great whm and makes some good pie.

Ulgokiem-Very good pld and one of the more generous people Ive met on ffxi

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#87 Sep 09 2004 at 1:15 PM Rating: Good
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I alternate between a few LSs: Untouchables, MarcCourtKnights, and Lenslink and i would like to say that pretty much everyone in those LSs rock. a few of my fave ppl on Ifrit:


ppl who've made the blist:


sorry to anyone i forgot, and sorry to anyone i ****** off.. props to ppl who dig me.

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#88 Sep 09 2004 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
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>>Good Players: Forgive me if I forget you:

Just about the whole SPC LS (you know who you are ^^) and Kalarual, Warder, Rokusho, Yanosh, Amnesiac, Redefo, Aleia, Tarutar, Tevildo, Deman, Timir, Relentless Coral, Krystan...bah, my memory fails me. And of course, my husband Rageofemotion.

I think i ****** Limir off bad yesterday while we wer both in Ghelsba logging (i'm sorry) and Rageofemotion is good, i believe i've pted with him a couple times.. always a pleasure
#89 Sep 09 2004 at 10:03 PM Rating: Good
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Yo Technolust buddy i feel for ya bout the wedding. well if i do find u...which i doubt it...ill be glad to join the LS again and id like to compliment Jmurda*also known as damen* as the coolest guy ^.^ love ya man (love as in friendly love 0.0).And how'd you know this was Angelstar if it dont say it -.- lol that jonna thing gave it away didnt it...oh yea Bigpunn looks.....HOT in his drg AF WOOO you rule(no offence to jonna lol)
#90 Sep 10 2004 at 7:43 AM Rating: Good
83 posts
Lol @ Darksavior.

He was in jeuno the other day shouting his head off. It was so funny that I (an immature *******), had to join in
LS: Angeldustrial
#91 Sep 11 2004 at 3:09 PM Rating: Good
1,100 posts
I hate the people that pull marchelute and also bring doman over to camp (-.-)

#92 Sep 12 2004 at 12:43 PM Rating: Good
64 posts
*sniff* Nobody listed me? ;_____;

Anyway, my favorite players are (and in no specific order):

Deman - Been friends with him since the 20s. Great guy.

Bladenic - Funny little ******* boy.

Mellissa - You go, girl! BLM of Death. Can't stop loving ya.

Pyke - Best friend and PLD ever!

Kyuyo - Shy, but she's one great DRG. Love ya!

Aiame - You're my hero.

Maniel - Me! ^^

Littlejohn - Hilarious Galka!...and a good tank, too.

Wassabi - Best Mithra ninja ever!

Xib - BLM Tarutaru. He rocks!

Treyu - Long time friend. She's a great gal.

Darquette - THF!!

More to come! ^^

I don't really hold grudges on people so there is really no one I don't like. I'm a forgiving person.

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#93 Sep 12 2004 at 12:48 PM Rating: Good
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Maniel!!! THF!!!! :D
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#94 Sep 12 2004 at 9:58 PM Rating: Good
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I am Shadowlight 61RDM/30BLM
Here is my List of the BEST im going to Leave out the Worst cause they know who they are.

SpootfordKnew him since i started My number one boy!been there when i needed him .Great tank
CereceKnew her since i started been there since i needed here good RDM
YenyojiKnew since the start Great BLM good friend
Edoux - Great RNG funny *** guy great friend
Hikara-GREAT THF always been there when i need a TH for something
Frioneal- JP player that helped me Get my AF Gloves and pants I owe much to this guy.
Athel- awesome WHM down to earth much like myself <3 Creamy ^^
Quilyn-- Another Great THF knows His FF11 Knew him since we started
Bigjohn used his other character LJ to help me get rank 6 i belive him and his brother share characters.
Luness- Good NIN friend VERY helpful

These are the ones i can think off the top of my head im sure there are many i am missing.

Also they are not the some on the best players cause they only helped my they Have do their best to help everyone.

Also i am shocked to not be on here i have helped alot of people in game ; ; maybe you guys will remember now :P

#95 Sep 13 2004 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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Maniel!!! THF!!!! :D

Maniel ~ Rank 6 ~ Ifrit Server
WAR - 31 ~ MNK - 31 ~ WHM - 10 ~ BLM - 40 ~ RDM - 65 *retired* ~ THF - 60
RDM AF - 6/6 ~ THF AF - 6/6
RSE - 4/4
Proud to be a Mentor
#96 Sep 13 2004 at 11:48 AM Rating: Good
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Hmm, no one has mentioned BELARION on the xxOmegaxx ls... he's my rl friend and he's in that ls (he wont' get me in it for some reason @_@), he's also an amazing whm on the side (who usually has a PLing rdm ^_~ *cough me cough*).

A few more good players are:
Luness: ur an amazing nin tank, and thx for sticking up for me.
Alphay: ur one of the best whms I've ever pted with, keep it up ^^
Ladislav: I luv ur MBs, nice work blm ^^
Circa: always fun to pt with
Cannibal: For always picking me out of the hordes of rdm seeking ^_~

Also, there is this whm who seems to hate me. He claims he's gonna get the server to hate me aswell, but does he know no one likes him? Everyone, name a whm that u absolutely hate... what would his name be? why it's Blinks of course!!! He does nothing but swear at u. Apparently, curing the party is all the rdm's responsability and nuking is not the blm job, but the whm. Yes, we all love seeing our whm use his mp on banish and Holy and NOT cures don't we? ^_~ just be wary of him, I know of no one who likes to pt with him.
Virginia - PSO - 128 RAml <insane evasion>
Skadi - FFXI - Ifrit - Mithra 62rdm, 54smn
Skadi - WoW - Gorefiend - 40 Human Mage
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Shadowlight is great. Helped a pld I know named Skyya get AF and tried to help me get moldavite. BTW Shadow...sorry bout the other night. Was very disappointed after all those hours but that was a great fight you won.

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Maybe not the best players.. but definitely the best to play with:

Kailani - Just kills me with the hot red shorts
Hakkenden - Though gets me killed alot
Dragance - I get his sub killed alot
Wade - THe Bionic man

#99 Sep 13 2004 at 2:00 PM Rating: Good
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Maybe not the best players.. but definitely the best to play with:

Kailani - Just kills me with the hot red shorts
Hakkenden - Though gets me killed alot
Dragance - I get his sub killed alot
Wade - THe Bionic man

Lorzan - 43 Red Mage

#100 Sep 13 2004 at 3:40 PM Rating: Good
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Even though XxOMEGAxX is my only ls I do not see Belarion on very often. However he is a good whm from what I have seen (mostly teleports in bastok).

I have a perlsack and would be happy to give you a perl. /tell mudfly

see you soon
=Worst Thief on Ifrit=
#101 Sep 13 2004 at 5:37 PM Rating: Good
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Well let me think i know some good players lets start off with...

MENELAUS - 55monk got some of the best equip for his job and level and a great player.
Drebian - 55DRk his mans got all you would ever whan if you were a drk and he knows how to make a good party.
Lorzan - good rdm and a great ls leader love to help out whenever he can. Even though he likes to get me killed. lol
Dragance - great DRG and good guy who doesn't mind helping out
Wade- Good whm and thanks for all the help.
Drakan- will help when ever he can great guy.
Purity- sweet and great SATA

I'm sure i forgot some people and sorry.

As for the worst dont remember there names dont pay much attention to them if they cant play.

Kailani 43War
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