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Eco-warrior questsFollow

#1 May 13 2010 at 12:58 AM Rating: Decent
Hi guys - I'm attempting to organise a series of Eco-warrior runs on the Gilgamesh server, and am looking for anyone at all who'd be willing to join in. I know there's plenty of us who have the quests just sitting there in our quest logs, still not completed after all this time, so I'd be very grateful if anyone at all could get in touch and let me know if they're able to help out. With a decent sized party, these quests can be completed in minutes, yet the rewards are quite valuable - particularly for lower levelled characters looking to earn some Gil and EXP. Would be very grateful if anyone willing to join in could either let me know by responding to this message, or by sending me a message or a tell in game - my name in the game is Roganjosh. Many thanks indeed.
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