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#1 Apr 25 2008 at 3:06 PM Rating: Decent
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I would like to create a solid static for assault & Nyzul investigations.

Event days would be on Monday and Thursday at 5 pm EST / 2 pm PST / 9 pm GMT.
It will last 180 to 240 min depending on 4th. tags available or not.
That is if u manage to remember to take your last.

I will take people of any rank of mercenaries, I am myself on the way to be Sergeant Major, but I will take you all the way to Captain if you are enough motivated to stay long.

They aren't many requirements, I just would like to gather veteran people who are 75 and in the endgame situation.
I don't really need to explain but if u are in a HLS long enough, there is no need for me to define "veteran".

So you are interested, please leave your Ingame name below for a first step.
I will contact you and catch you up for the rest of the details myself for a second step.
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You Belong to them..
Forever !
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#2 Apr 25 2008 at 11:20 PM Rating: Decent
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captain rank
blu thf rng drg 75
mnk 73
smn 61
can sub anything you want and have gear to sub mage or melee
i would probably only be able to do normal assaults as i need the points for salvage, but am very interested in ranking up, also monday i have limbus at 7pm but if we start at 5 then should have no problem.
blu, drg, thf, mnk, rng, sch, pup 75
{}Please invite me{} :D
#3 Apr 26 2008 at 6:28 AM Rating: Good
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corp, not captain relmmy
75 Black mage/75 White mage/ 75 Red mage/ 75 Bard/ 71 Ninjar/ 58 Summoner/

BLM AF2: O (5/5 Wednesday, May 9th ^.^) WHM AF2: O (7/22) RDM AF2: Boots, Hands, BODY! :D

Proud coleady-type-thing of Dangerthing Limbus/Salvage/Sky <3 :D

Removed my statement of love for my crew cuz Gotem says its teh ghey.=(
#4 Apr 26 2008 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
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right, corp, thanks, sorry they both start with a c ^.^;
blu, drg, thf, mnk, rng, sch, pup 75
{}Please invite me{} :D
#5 May 03 2008 at 8:28 AM Rating: Decent
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S rank
Whm and Blm 75
Smn 66

Those days work fine with me, I just need to make sure to get thursdays off because my manager messed up my schedule -.- I also know some people that would probably join as well.

Ingame name is Rosenberg
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