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#1 Mar 31 2008 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
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So I transferred here from Kujata a few months back. I left because most of my in game pals quit, and things were starting to just die down. I also jumped ship here to join up with two rl friends, but that hasn't kept me online sadly, so if any of you guys know of a social shell that kinda does things, lemme know. I'ma 75MNK with "ok" gear. I was starting to gear up back on Kujata til the shell broke. Anyway, I work a full time job, and usually til around 9.30 est. I'm just trying to meet new peeps, actually have a reason to hop back online.
#2 Mar 31 2008 at 12:52 PM Rating: Default
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welcome :D lol shouldn't two of your IRl friends have LS's that you could join first of all....? if not theres a few good HL LS's on this server: Gobsmustdie is the most heard about one i think (NOT TRYING TO START AN ARGUMENT....cus frankly i dont i would recommend joining my current LS ThroughTheHourGlass, but its recently gotten slower >< used to be great ._. ah well. search some of the LS's posted on the Gilgamesh server at the official website, ask your RL friends, or just ask other 75's. but GL and welcome to Gilgamesh- (second cheapest server on the game FTW!) XD

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Hunting Spook @2am EST: no one there except me and a /anon armorless Mithra....
me: "your a Gilseller, arent you?"
it: "No..."
me: "i know your a Gilseller, just admit it."
*2 minute silence*
it: **************" *log*
lmaorofl!!! XD!! but...u probably had to be there...
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