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Weekend Accomplishments 4/24-4/26/2009Follow

#1 Apr 27 2009 at 4:29 AM Rating: Excellent
Hope everyone had a great weekend both in and out of game.

Friday: Went out to dinner with a friend for their birthday.

Saturday: Normal shopping with my mom then tried to get on line to do Promy Vazhl but there was a thunder storm in my area which knocked out my internet so Caitir(who was at Vitanani's house) logged me in and was able to get that mission done for me. Thank you to everyone who helped with that.

Sunday: Worked at the restaurant in the morning which sucked because I have a cold and it was very hot so I felt horrible when I got home so I just logged in and did a few campaigns then went to bed early.

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#2 Apr 27 2009 at 6:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hey guys.

Pretty good FFXI weekend for me.

Friday: Tried to buy some adaman, and then ran out to CNest to skill up Great Axe a while. Figured I might as well get some drops while I was at it. Skillups didn't go too well though.

Saturday: Just logged in a bit to try and buy some more adaman.

Sunday: Logged in around 2:30 and stayed logged in... haha. Went to Boyahda Tree for a skillup PT killing Goobbues. Got some great skillups there, probably about 13 levels in 90 minutes or so?
After that, I went out and synthed my adaman ores into ingots, since it was Firesday.(Yes, I believe in firesday.) Manged to get 5/5 successful, and with 2 skillups! Awesome. If only I had better luck getting ores...

Then went on a questing spree, and unlocked Scholar, Puppetmaster and Corsair (Corsair quest? ... VERY annoying.)

Hoping to get more skillups tonight... Anybody interested? :)
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#3 Apr 27 2009 at 8:49 AM Rating: Excellent
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Not a bad weekend.

Fri: T2 Ein which we lost with the boss at 5%HP. It was the frog which wasn't that bad until it charmga'd everyone around it. We had a good 15-20 frogs running around raping the mages. I wish I got a SS of it but I was laughing too hard when it happened. After that my Limbus LS did our first Omega. It was a little rocky once we got to 25% but we pulled out a win. I got Homam feet and another member for Homamm gloves. Very fun fight which we'll be doing again next Friday since we farmed up 2 pop sets.

Sat: Classes in the morning then went shopping for cloths for my dad. I ended up walking around the mall while my parent's shopped. Picked up some new kicks and 3 PSP games since it was buy 2 used, get 1 used free. Picked up Crisis Core(easy so far but fun), Ratchet and Clank, and X-Men Legends 2. Two kids walked up to me in the store and asked if I can buy them some games since they were only 16 and the games were rated M. Of course I said sure since I believe the rating system is total ******** at some ages. It's fine for little kids but someone that's 16? Watch cable news and you hear about worse ****. Anyway, they gave me the money for the games and I bought it for them. Nice kids too. We talked about games while waiting on line. Anyway, didn't play much FFXI but for an APC run at night. We lost...again.

Sun: Hung out with my niece and nephews all day. Took them to get Ices then saw the new Crank. We were the only people there which was nice. Only problem is the movie is full of tits and a 10min public ******* scene. Don't take kids to see this lol. Took them for dinner after which was fun. Later that night we finally beat APC. Actually did it twice in a row to help some friends out and won both times. Picked up a new DRG body for Drakesbane with 10acc and 3crit. Also got a Angel's Ring with 4chr(normal stat on it) 6acc and -2enm which is really nice for my BST.

Oh yea, randomly leveled BST in sky here and there using FoV. Got like 10k till 73 ;p
#4 Apr 27 2009 at 11:46 AM Rating: Good
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Didn't get to play ffxi this weekend, but I had a nice weekend getaway :)

Thur: Left my house after 8am and got to kalahari's in sandusky ohio around 11am. Ate some sandwiches in the car since check in wasn't until 4, but we were able to get in the water park at noon. Went in around 11:30am and our room was already available.

Got changed and went into the water park. It was a lot of fun and hardly anyone there. Every slide was a walk on :) Went to cedar point to get our season passes then ate dinner. Layed around in the hotel for a bit before going back to the water park. Everything was still a walk on :) Sat in the hot tub/bar area for about an hour. Didn't have any money or my ID on me, so no drinking :\ Went back to the room, got a shower, then off to the hotel bar. Crashed early since all those steps wore us out.

Fri: Drove down to cinncinati and waited until kings island opened at 4:30pm. Ate dinner before the park opened. Everything was a walk on :) Their new coaster diamondback was less then a 5 min wait. Had a fun night and rode a lot.

Sat: Slept in until 11. Decided we would go to the cincinnati zoo before heading back to kings island. It was so hot out, and very crowded at the zoo. Didn't enjoy our stay since we were fighting over strollers and people just stopping in the middle of the walk way. The indoor exibits were to crowded to enjoy. I have never walked up and down so many steps and hills before haha. I felt sorry for the old people and anyone pushing a stroller at that place.

Left the zoo after spending an hour and 1/2 there. We just rushed the last part of the zoo, we couldn't wait to leave there. Ate a late lunch/early dinner at olive garden. Headed back to the hotel to rest a bit.

Entered Kings island again around 5ish and it was fairly crowded. The main rides were an hour wait. We walked around the park trying different foods and riding smaller rides we didn't hit friday night. Ended the night riding diamondback in the back seat. Was the best ride we had on it :) Crazy airtime on every hill. And the side of my shirt got soaked from putting my hand in the splash down pond spray thingy :)

Sunday: Headed back home. Ran to the mall so my bf could replace his phone, since his phone broke on the sponge bob 4d ride lol.

Sorry for the long post XD And I didn't even get into the fun details ;;
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