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Taru bard looking for a home.Follow

#1 Dec 22 2009 at 10:43 AM Rating: Good
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I took quite an extended break from the game after leaving my old LS and it ultimately breaking. I’ve started playing again, mostly just leveling a few of my lower level jobs and helping friends with missions/quests and the such. I’ve decided that I want to start end game again at the beginning of the new year. Obviously I need to find a new shell before then. I figured one of the best ways to start looking is to make a post.

Here is what I’m looking for in an endgame LS:
1. I want a place to kick my lil taru feet up. In other words I just don’t want an LS I do events with and that’s it. My last LS was like family, we joked around and had a ton of fun. Endgame is not fun unless you’re with friends and you make it fun. My endgame LS is my pretty much full time LS, If I’m on the game I’m going to be on the pearl and I want to make sure I have friends there most of the time.
2. That being said I do have a very small static group on Sundays for a few hours in the early afternoon and we have a pearl devoted to just that. So please don’t ask me to abandon that little time of the week. Most of the members have been with me through most of my FFXI life.
3. I’m a pretty active and hyper individual so I am looking for a wide range of events. I don’t want just a dyna or limbus shell, I’m looking for the whole shebang.
4. Members that help each other. No I’m not asking just for help for myself. I really enjoy helping people accomplish their goals.

Here is what I can bring to my future home:
1. I’m a pretty fun lil taru. I love to make people laugh and I like to make sure everyone is pretty happy most of the time.
2. My main job is bard. I love bard. You have my bard for all events I attend and you will never hear me complain about it.
3. I love helping out. I’m not going to be hollering and begging for new equipment. I’ll get it when I get it. I play to have fun *gasp*.

So if your LS or one you know of would like to give this homeless taru a brand new home, please let me know! ^ ^

-Sway the Battlebard

0/52 on Hoo Mjuu the Cheap...I will continue to camp this bird until I get the signa...then I will camp him again to merely beat him to death with it.

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#2 Dec 23 2009 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
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you can apply to us at lldefiancell.

i dont have the url handy for our web site because im not home atm, but i will get back to you on that.

you can also contact {Reyu Xodla Roshii Keys Misfitt} in game if you have any questions.

events we cover at the moment are: sky sea dynamis limbus and certain HNM.
einherjar and all HNM will be included when the ls gets a little bigger.

there is a salvage static starting up if your interested as well.

event times are usually around 7:30-8:00 EST

and yes, you can keep that shell with friends if youd like. the only rule we have about that, is that you do events with us, and our ls is your main social.

1 more thing to point, is that once we claim HNM, it becomes a mandatory event. so you would have to be willing to drop whatever it is your doing and come to help. wether its exp/solo whatever. i know that kind of sucks, but its the HNM life.

if your already in a bcnm or a nyzul run obviously you may finish with it first and come after wipe/win.

anyway, if you have any questions feel free to ask the people above for more info.
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