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#1 Oct 02 2009 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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I'd really like to get my level 5 Bastok fame so I can start riding airships around....a lot. Thing is I'm back on this week after being off the game for a year. I have no clue how to get my level 5 fame for the airships. Anyone shed some light on this?

To say I don't remember anything is an understatement. I'm basically a newbie with a free level 50 job and a few advanced jobs. Which brings me to the 50 cap. How did I break this? I remember you had to do something I just don't remember what.

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#2 Oct 03 2009 at 12:32 AM Rating: Good
Hey man, welcome back! I'll try to help as much as I can.


Wiki wrote:
Only the Best

This is your best bet to get reputation in Bastok and San d'Oria. It includes taking La Theine Cabbage, Boyahda Moss, or Millioncorn to Melyon at (I-9) in Selbina. It is repeatable without zoning and the Cabbage and Millioncorn are cheap from NPCs. You just need to fill up your inventory at one of the regional vendors that carry it.

You should also check the price on Boyahda Moss for your server. On some servers it may profit to buy moss from Auction House and do this turn in, as it is quicker than Millioncorn or La Theine Cabbage. Use /targetnpc and /item "Boyahda Moss" <t> macro to make the trades faster.

The regional vendors are Aragoneu for Millioncorn, Zulkheim for cabbage. The moss, unfortunately, is not carried by an NPC. Millioncorn is also available in Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Southern San d'Oria, and Tavnazian Safehold. La Theine Cabbage is also available in Southern San d'Oria and the Cooking Guild in Windurst Waters.

It will take many trips to get a high reputation, but is best because your net spending is minimal. Only the Best also gives reputation in San d'Oria, equal to the amount you get in Bastok.

The following table was compiled by creating a new character and completing no other quests (including the Adventurer coupon quest). The test character traveled to Selbina from Bastok multiple times, checking reputation at regular intervals. Note: these values are not known to be the minimums for the associated reputation.
Bastok reputation from Millioncorn: (from zero reputation) 
    Stacks 	# of trades 	Reputation level 
     24 	     96 	      3 
     48 	     192 	      4 
     64 	     288 	      6 
     96 	     384 	      8 
    100 	     400 	      9  
Sandy/Bastok reputation from Boyahda Moss: (from zero reputation) 
    Stacks 	# of trades 	Reputation level 
      5 	     60 	      2 
      8 	     96 	      3 
      16 	     192 	      5 
      20 	     240 	      6 
      24 	     288 	      9  

Wiki wrote:


Price: 36 - 96 gil
Name 	          Location 	          Type 
Oggodett 	Bastok Markets (I-9)    Regional Merchant 

What that regional Merchant thing means, is if you go to your menu, and look at the conquest tally, go up to Aragoneu, the vendor will only be there if that is under bastok control.

Wiki wrote:

Airship Pass

This pass allows you to ride airships
to San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst
from Jeuno.

Obtained By: Completion of Rank 4 in your nation

This says you only need rank 4, so based on the above information, you'd need 576ish millicorn, at that vendors price, you'd need 20,736(min), 55,296(max) gil to do it this way. This may be out of your reach at this point for you. Gil is always tight when you're starting out. But, this is the fastest/cheapest way to get fame 4, which is what you need to ride the airship.

Now, about getting past level 50, theres a series of quests to unlock higher levels. Genkai 1 raises the limit to 55, Genkai 2 raises the limit to 60 etc.

Limit Break!

Wiki wrote:

These quests only need to be completed once to raise the level cap for all jobs, and can be completed on any job  
(with the exception of "Genkai 5", see below). 
    * In Defiant Challenge ("LB1" or "Genkai 1") from 50 to 55. 
    * Atop the Highest Mountains ("LB2" or "Genkai 2") from 55 to 60. 
    * Whence Blows the Wind ("LB3" or "Genkai 3") from 60 to 65. 
    * Riding on the Clouds ("LB4" or "Genkai 4") from 65 to 70. 
    * "LB5" or "Genkai 5" from 70 to 75: 
          o Shattering Stars for all original Final Fantasy XI, Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia jobs. 
          o Achieving True Power for Puppetmaster 
          o A Furious Finale for Dancer 
          o Breaking the Bonds of Fate for Corsair 
          o Survival of the Wisest for Scholar 
          o The Beast Within for Blue Mage 

LB5 or Genkai 5 depends on the job you have at level 70. Just follow the link on that page to find out all about fighting Maat!

Good luck, and welcome back to the game Smiley: grin

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#3 Oct 03 2009 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
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Okay so regarding the Maat quest is it something I can solo or do I need a party?

And as for the Airship thing I'm already rank 4 with my blue fame bar at the max and it's still not letting me on. Says I need an airship pass and 200 gil.
#4 Oct 03 2009 at 12:48 PM Rating: Good
OOOh man...



Trade some crystals for Rank Points (three stacks of crystals is enough to unlock this mission) or repeat certain missions instead of trading crystals. Basically, your Rank bar in your profile has to be 50% or higher. You don't have to go to your nation to trade crystals, the conquest overseers in Jeuno will accept them as well.

Report back to your embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens.
The gate guards will not hand out this mission, this mission is handed out by your embassy instead.

Talk to your ambassador for a cutscene to get the Archducal audience permit that lets you see the Archduke.
If doing this mission after changing allegiance, during the cutscene, it will be mentioned that you already have an Archducal audience permit and that you dont need another. It will end the cutscene by saying... You have accepted the mission. Continue onto next step.

Head to the Duke's Audience Chamber (H-6) for a cutscene. He promises you an Airship pass in exchange for 3 Magicites from the beastman strongholds. In the cutscene Mawl'gofaur will give you the key item Letter to Aldo. (If redoing this mission after changing allegiance, it is important to get this key item again and talk to Aldo before heading out to the strongholds.)

Collect 5 key items to access the three Magicite locations you will travel to.
-Davoi: Crest of Davoi
-Castle Oztroja: Yagudo Torch
-Beadeaux: Coruscant rosary, Black Matinee Necklace, Silver bell
(You need to talk to Aldo before you can obtain the Crest of Davoi or Yagudo Torch
Please Note: If you are doing this after changing allegience, you will have all 5 of the key items in your possesion already. You will still need to do the cutscene with Aldo, but then you can just proceed to collecting the magecite. No need to kill beastmen to get items or run around trying to collect the bell and necklace again.
Also: If you receive the message 'The Silver bell, Coruscant rosary, Black Matinee Necklace, glow faintly.' when you examine the door to Qulun Dome, just move closer and re-examine the door.)

Silver bell
You must have completed the Tenshodo Membership quest in order to be able to gain access to the back rooms of the Neptune's Spire.
Talk to Aldo in the Neptune's Spire to receive the Silver bell.

Coruscant rosary and Black Matinee Necklace
Talk to Sattal-Mansal, a Tarutaru who stands by the door to Aldo's room. He will ask you to bring him a Quadav Charm and a Quadav Augury Shell.
This will activate the quests Mysteries of Beadeaux I and II.
Upon completion of these quests, he rewards you with the key items: Coruscant rosary and Black Matinee Necklace.

Crest of Davoi
Baudin (G-8) in Upper Jeuno requests that you bring a slice of Coeurl Meat back to him.
This can drop off any Coeurl or can be bought from the Auction House.
Trade him the Coeurl Meat and he will give you the Crest of Davoi.
This also completes the quest, Crest of Davoi.

Yagudo Torch
Talk to Paya-Sabya in Upper Jeuno (I-8), who stands between the armor and weapon shops, for a cutscene.
Head to Muckvix's Junk Shop at (H-9) in Lower Jeuno and talk to Muckvix in the back room and he will give you the Yagudo Torch.

Ensure that you have the Crest of Davoi before leaving for Davoi.
Upon entering Davoi from Jugner Forest, follow the right wall until you come to a T-intersection, go left. Continue on till you cross a bridge at (H-7).
Continue forward until you come to an intersection at (G-7), where you should make a left turn.
You will see the Wall of Dark Arts, which will be guarded by Orcs, and sometimes a Wolf Bat.
Kill the two Orcs or cast Invisible on yourself and walk up to the wall and drop it when they are not looking.
Activate the wall by inspecting it. If you get aggro after you inspect the wall, continue to pass through until you zone into Monastic Cavern, which is just a few steps away.
It is possible to tractor someone through the wall of dark arts.
Follow the path safely to the end (there are no mobs in this part of the cavern).
At the end of the path, you will find the Magicite. Click on it for a cutscene.
After the cutscene, you will receive an Optistone.

If you have already completed this mission for another nation, you do not need to kill the NMs to complete the "Mysteries of Beadeaux" quests, you may proceed directly to the magicite.
Two NMs need to be killed to proceed with this mission, fulfilling Mysteries of Beadeaux I and Mysteries of Beadeaux II for the two key items necessary to access Beadeaux's Magicite.
These NMs are De'Vyu Headhunter and Go'Bhu Gascon
De'Vyu Headhunter drops 1-4 Quadav Charms when killed, and Go'Bhu Gascon drops 1-3 Quadav Augury Shells. Be sure to bring some combination of players able to take down level 45 NMs.
Upon entering Beadeaux, hug the left wall until coming to a tunnel. Go down the tunnel, making two right turns to come to a "Mute" machine, which will inflict Silence on any player that checks it.
Turn around and go straight until a T-intersection, then turn right, coming to a room with an "Afflictor" machine, which will inflict a powerful Curse on any player who is not silenced.
Take the northern exit from the Afflictor room, and go straight, eventually coming to a spiraling tunnel leading back above ground. Head south, then east. Another Mute is here; refresh your silence status before turning south again, hugging the right wall and passing an Afflictor.
There is a ramp at (E-10) that leads to the upper level; take it and cross the nearby bridges across two land-island formations, passing directly above another Afflictor. After the final north-south bridge, you are free of the Afflictors and your mages are safe to use their Echo Drops.
Turning right and heading Southeast will lead to De'Vyu Headhunter at (I-9). Kill this NM, then hug the right wall until coming to Go'Bhu Gascon at approximately (F-6).
It is possible, but sometimes difficult, to pull Go'Bhu Gascon from the bottom level, near the entrance to Beadeaux.
Once everyone has both items, head back to Lower Jeuno.
Report back to Sattal-Mansal and trade both items, one at a time. You will receive the final key items that let you enter the Magicite room of Beadeaux.
Re-enter Beadeaux, hug the left wall, and do not open any doors.
Only people under the level of 35 should need Sneak.
You will go into the lower level. Take a left turn at the intersection, and you will zone into Qulun Dome.
After you zone, just head straight and open the door. Inspect the Magicite.
After a cutscene, you will receive another magicite, the Aurastone.
Also: If you receive the message 'The Silver bell, Coruscant rosary, Black Matinee Necklace, glow faintly.' when you examine the door to Qulun Dome, just move closer and re-examine the door.

Castle Oztroja
Enter Castle Oztroja and head to (I-8), use the levers to open the door and head up the stairs.
One lever opens the door and the other will land you in a trap pit below which you will need Escape to get out of, or you can tab around to find the point to open the secret door and walk back up, but it's a long walk.
The correct lever changes daily (Vana'diel time). An easy way to check which is the correct lever you need, have one person stand in between both levers and as you check one, run out from between to clear the door if it happens to open.
To avoid the trap, target a lever, and stand between the levers, facing south. The moment you hit the lever, run forward. You should be able to get away from the trap doors before they open.
When you reach an intersection at (I-8) of the second floor, make a right turn. Ignore the turn at (I-7) and continue going straight, eventually you will reach (G-7) where you will head outside.
You will be at an overpass. Go right and take the tunnel at (I-7). Once you enter this tunnel you will be on a different map. Keep going forward, down lots of stairs.
Past here, unless you are level 60+, you will need to have Invisible
Once you reach an intersection at (H-8), make a right turn and go straight, left at (G-8), then make the second left at (G-9), go forward, ignoring the left tunnel, hugging the right wall around one corner, then a left at the next intersection, you will come to the torch door. (Corner at H-9)
Either wait for them to turn their backs, or clear all Yagudo that are near the torch door, as everyone must light the torch to get through.
To light the torches, each person must drop invisible, and stand between the torches in front of the door.
You don't need to be in between the torches, just stand about a person away and in front of a torch in order to light it.
If you are too close you'll get a message that says you can't reach the torch.
Once you light a torch, you will automatically go through the door.
You may encounter a few more Yagudo just past the door. While passing the door will erase hate, it is still possible to catch aggro through the door.
Once past the door, turn right at the intersection of (H-10) and you will find another brass door. Simply click to open it. If any aggro happens, the zoneline is just past the door.
Once inside the Altar Room, just head straight as there are no mobs. Target the Magicite and watch a long cutscene.
After the cutscene, you will get the magicite, Orastone.

Return to Jeuno
Return to the Archduke and for a cutscene. At the end of the cutscene, you will get your Airship pass--or 20,000 gil, if you already have an Airship pass.
Return to your embassy (in Ru'Lude Gardens) and talk to the person behind the counter. They will give you Rank 5, the key item Message to Jeuno, and 10,000 gil.
You will be unable to unlock new missions once you obtain Rank 5, as Mission 5-1 starts instantly. Report back to your home nation for further instructions.

I dug a little deeper and realized there was a WHOLE lot more to it than I'd remembered. This is a pretty lengthy quest. Suggested level is 45, but you'll probably want to try to find help. If you're new, you could try joining an XP party with another job (not the lv. 50) and theres guaranteed to be someone with a 75 job, they might offer some assistance. Don't let the whole thing bog you down, its a pretty straight forward quest. Just follow the steps 1 by 1 and it won't seem so bad.

Also for Maat, at level 69 you'll have to fight him in order to progress any farther. Its basically a 1 on 1 fight, hes going to use hand-to-hand, but he'll have all the job abilities and spells of the job you're fighting him as. Also, you don't get to use a subjob. you can't do it as a team, it has to be 1v1.

Good luck with your airship quest, if I was on your server I'd offer to help. =/

Edit: Theres a nice thread called Need A Little Help? on these diabolos server forum with a few people offering their hands to noobs in distress, you might try asking them.

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Rate ups for the copy pasta master of helpful info! Also, welcome back to FFXI. Don't get too frustrated and you might enjoy yourself.
Busa's Cloth Guide 1-100
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