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#1 Jun 11 2008 at 6:41 AM Rating: Good
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Hello all, My name is Eldermoon. I had played FFXI since it came out for PS2 and played for 3 years. I quit around ToAU and came back for about a week. I saw the new expansion came out and was considering playing again. I like the gameplay of WoW, but couldn't stand the cartoony look anymore, I also play Lotro but it is rather hard to find groups for instances. I was wondering if FFXI might be a good alternative to play online again, but i remember how challenging the game is and since I'm in school and have work I don't have the time to play non-stop. I was wondering how the new expansion is for gameplay, and how easy and time consuming it would be to become adjusted and learn about all the new content from not having played since ToAU. I gave away most of my items and money so would most likely unlock DNC and start at lvl 1. please tell me what you think of the game currently, the economy and if gameplay has gotten better. I love the game but since it was a very early MMO there were many gameplay issues I was not in love with. any input is appreciated. Thank You.
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