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#1 Nov 27 2007 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm a 66 Black mage / 45 White mage / 26 Summoner who has been playing on and off since The Rise of the Zilart release. I'm looking for anyone out there who might want a Black mage to add to their non ToAU leveling groups, or at least non colirbri leveling groups. At this point I'd even like to hook up with a black mage burn group. I took a year off playing, only to come back to seeing everyone that I used to level with gone, or already at 75.

Everyone told me that when I hit level 65, that I would be wanted for dynamis, and varous other tasks, but I've yet to see this. I've been told by various people that if I unlock sky / sea that they would be able to help me get in to various linkshells, but that will take some time, even with my current social LS helping us along. ( We are a group of four pushing through to get sky access, but a few of the four need to level up before we can continue further )

I'll add that I would be willing to come along for anything, even if I wouldn't be elegable for rewards ( linkshell points systems and what not). At this point in my FFXI playing time, I'm in it more for experiencing what I have yet to see along the storyline, and various events.

Equipment-wise I'm decently geared, as to what I could afford and BCNM. I have a set of NQ staves, Zircon rings, Moldavite earring, Morion earring, full BLM AF, Morion Tathlum, Druid's Slops, Mohbwa Sash (resting gear), Seer's Cloak +1 ( Resting gear), one other piece of resting gear ( at work, can't remember the name), Philomath Stole, Penitent's Rope. There may be a few other things I should mention, but I can't recall them at this time.

So if you're looking for a black mage and don't mind showing me the ropes for whatever your group is doing, please send me a message on Allakhazam, or in game. My in game name is Torwauki.

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