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Long time no, WASSUP!!Follow

#1 Sep 02 2008 at 10:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Heya lovies! First let me say I MISSED YOU GUYS!! Sorry, I got a little emotional there, anywho it's me Enyce (Ran to the ol' Ittoryu gang). It's not 100% official to my returning yet but I wanted to just stop in and say hello. Hows the ol' Cerberus server doing nowadays? Is Ballista still dead? Gosh I hope not, I enjoyed that so much lol.

Shouts out to Redriann, Anaxagoras (snax), Alexon, Dominis, Gracie, Gigazet and the whole "Lucky cat luckers" crew! And everyone in my friends list.

Ok so now a question, how is everything in the game front? What I mean is I've read of some changes coming (level sync in particular) that sounds like part of the answer to me being able to come back to a "casual" play. Any other changes I haven't been informed about? Also if anyone has some info on exp/hr ratio from campaign, please let me know. I'm attempting to come back to the game, but will have to do so on limited time so i'm hoping to find the best options for me to play/enjoy.

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#2 Sep 04 2008 at 9:47 AM Rating: Good
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Welcome back, though can't say I knew you. As for what changed, there's a huge *** list. Mostly it'd benefit you to just go to SE's site and crawl back through the updates and see what all they release. That contains alot of the general information, and from there you can investigate specifics if it interestes you.

As for campaign, it's a bit of an odd ball. At first, soloing is more exp/hr then Campaign. But the longer you stick with it, the more rewards it can give you. If you get the highest medals, which isn't hard and only takes time, it can give you more exp/hr then soloing can...I think. I've never been keen on soloing.

The idea is when you talk to the NPC and get issued your Allied Tags, it starts keeping track of abilities you've used, hp you've cured, damage delt(melee and magic), and a few other things. Every action done will give you credit. And when that battle ends, or when you ask the NPC for a Performance Assesment, they give you Exp/Allied Notes depending on how much you've done. All actions have a max cap per tag. Meaning someone who does 7500 damage to all monsters total, and someone who does 10000 damage to all monsters total will both get the same exp/AN per Performance Assessment.

Additionally you can't just go out there, do a bunch of stuff, come back and get a full reward. Depending on what medal you have you can get more of your reward over a longer period of time. Let's say you do enough to get 1200 exp off of a battle, but you only have the first medal Ribbon of Service I. You'd have to have tags on for 20 min before getting all of that. Return at 15 min, you'll only get 900 exp.

But if you have Steelknight Emblem I, you'll be able to get all 1200 exp after only 15 min. So the driving force behind getting higher awards is getting your exp faster, and being able to buy better gear with allied notes. At the current highest medal, it's possible to get 5400 exp/hour off of Campaign. Further information can be found here.
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#3 Sep 25 2008 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
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anywho it's me Enyce (Ran to the ol' Ittoryu gang)


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