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Looking for a LSFollow

#1 Jun 19 2008 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Whats up everyone,
I haven't frequented Alla in a very long time. I returned to FF after a 3-4 year break with some RL friends. They quit once again after a month and i was left on Cerberus alone. I've joined 2 casual/social LS and met some nice people but my last LS decided to end since we didn't have very many people on usually. So now i'm looking for a new LS, I would prefer one that has "a lot" of people so that when i'm on i can actually have fun and get things done.

My name in game is Zankuro. Currently i'm a Lv.54 drg/blu and solo quite frequently. Once i hit 55 i'm taking a break to level my subs and try to get some things done (missions/quests/assaults/next limit break/next AF/farm).

So basically I'm just looking to meet some new people and get things done that i can't always do solo. I usually use the FF wiki but their Cerberus forum is absolutely dead, so i'm trying here. If anyone has a LS accepting people or know of one thats kinda casual but still has a good number of people please let me know on here or send me a /tell in game. Again my in game name is Zankuro.

I get on at random times in the afternoon some days, but usually i get on sometime after 7-8pm EST whenever i play. Also I would hope its not a weekend only LS....but i'll take what i can get right now since i don't have one.

#2 Jun 20 2008 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Other Notes:
Zeth - Bismarck - First character, started playing when it first released in NA on ps2. Played with a RL friend for a month, he quit, played by myself for 2 more months. Ended up getting MNK to Lv.30 and unlocked all the Adv. Jobs at the time. Lv.30 Monk was my highest job, ended up getting Rank 5 with the help of my LS at the time. I quit after those 2 more months.

Zogetsu - Caitsith - Second character, started playing again when CoP first came out. Completely started over from scratch. Didn't get nearly as far, maybe only played for a month or two. Didn't have a RL friend or a LS, so i was alone and basically quit because of it. This is where my Alla username comes from, I think i had a Zeth one wayyy back when but i can't remember.

3-4 year break

Zeth >>> Zankuro - Cerberus - 2 RL friends (1 same as before) wanted to start playing FF again on 360. The one old friend had a work friend with a high level character on Cerberus so we made our characters on there. I realized i could do the Return Home campaign thing and bring back all my old characters. But because there was a waiting period i made Zlatan (now a mule). Those friends quit after a month, even after i spent $25 to transfer Zeth over to Cerberus to save myself time. Zeth was taken so i'm now Zankuro. I've pretty much soloed Dragoon entirely to 54 currently.

So there's more info bout me if anyone cares bout that kinda thing. Any LS or info bout a LS to look for would be appreciated. I'm trying to make some in-game friends to make my experience in the game better.
#3 Jun 20 2008 at 12:35 PM Rating: Decent
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There is an old thread that you may want to see:;mid=114650494237293117;num=137;page=1

You can also check out Square-Enix's LS community website too.
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#4 Jun 20 2008 at 10:26 PM Rating: Default
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I checked out the FFXI official LS thing before and noticed BladeSingers and ClanDestine. I talked to Junpei on Bladesingers and they said they don't have as many people anymore and some went to ClanDestine. So i ended up asking a ClanDestine member bout it and ended up joining them. Thanks for the help though.
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