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So...any social+ linkshells around?Follow

#1 Nov 02 2009 at 5:39 PM Rating: Decent
Ive just recently come back to the game, after 4 years or so. Way back in the dark ages of only CoP, I managed to make it to 58 on my paladin, rank 6ish I think? Do to some unforseen life crap, I ended up taking a hiatus for a couple of months. During the time I was gone, my linkshell from back then broke up, and most everyone I played with had out leveled me, and I just couldnt sink my teeth back in.

I ended up cancelling for then, and getting involved in WoW. Played this for a bit, until the Treasures expansion came out. Reactivated my account, tried to get back into it. Of course, enough time had gone by that I was sitting on a near 60 pally with very little idea of how to play it. Not a very good combination. I tried to hook up with some old friends, all of which were 75, so it didnt really work out too well. At the same time 2 of my brothers and I had just started an end game raiding guild on WoW, and I was working entirely too much to play both games. Sadly, I chose WoW over FFXI a second time.

Here it is, probably 5 years after my initial accidental quit. 3? years after my secondary quit, though it was only reactivated a

Ive finally grown tired of wow completely, and Ive come home to where Ive always been truly happy. Ive been immersing myself in the forums and community as much as possible, though quietly, so that I can get up to speed with the changes. Ive brought both my brother and my gf with me this time, and I intend to stay at least until FFXIV. I will most definitely be playing that, it will remain to be seen if I will try both.

This seems to have grown into a long winded history of me, which wasnt really my intention at the time. The 3 of us are looking for a decent linkshell. Something with an established community, preferably that has members that play at all hours. We're an Eastern time based group, but play mainly lately at night, ie 2am EST plus. Currently we're playing war/mnk, blm/whm, war/thf, and end plan on ending up pld, drk, and whm. Yea...I just cant stay away from pally. Though I may dabble a bit with NIN tanking at some point as well. Obviously it would be great if the linkshell had a variety of levels, so that we could put together grind groups, mission groups, etc, but I relize at this stage of the game that may be hard.

This forum seems really slow, but Ill not pester the community with cross postings. If you stuck around through the wall of text, I thank you, and hope to run into you in game.

-- Juravieal of Carbuncle, formerly of Lakshmi
#2 Nov 03 2009 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
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I know of a few helpful Social Linkshell's. Send me a message or run me down in game. In game Name Pyayinyoyinyo.

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#3 Nov 03 2009 at 11:45 AM Rating: Good
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I run a purely social shell. We have quite a lot of veterans in the shell, but we've been getting quite a few lower levels recently also.

You can give me a tell in-game if you wish (Angelusdemonus) or contact us through our forums.
Linkshell: HeavenisticChaos (Leader)
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