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quick question from a returning player, new to this serverFollow

#1 Feb 18 2009 at 8:42 AM Rating: Decent
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i'm a returning player and i started fresh on this server a few days ago. i've noticed that it seems much more busy when i log on in the mornings than it is at night. did i goof and pick a server that isn't very eastern time friendly? i'm hoping not as i'd rather not start over again lol. but it is kinda hard to tell from the old towns as alot of people are off in the expansion areas/towns so i figured i'd ask here.

i've forgotten all sorts of things i didn't think i'd ever forget. i'd check the server population at different time periods myself but i've forgotten the command to check it =/ heck i couldn't figure out how to add a friend last night. i'm going to have to sit down and re-read the old instruction manual again i guess.

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Hiya, welcome back!

Most servers, if not all, are going to have their peak times in the morning and in the evening. The morning time Easter, is Japanese night, and our night time, is Japanese morning. It's why during the afternoon (Eastern) you may not see a lot of people on, because it's early in the morning there and mid afternoon here.

Also, the starter towns are going to seem a little desolate than they used to. The game is now majorly top heavy, meaning most have at least a level 75 job. That's not to say you won't see people in the starter towns, because you will still see new and old players still going through there leveling jobs, picking up craft items, doing quests, etc.

One final thing to add. If you're looking for a linkshell that can assist with explaining some things you may have forgotten, or explain some of the features of the new expansions and how to use them, I'd like to extend an invitation to my shell. We're a social shell that welcomes new and old players alike. We have no issues explaining things to people, and helping when we can.

If you're interested, please head over to

Have a quick read over the rules (very few of them), and post under the Applicants. It's not required, but we'd like to keep an eye out for you in case you can't find us to get a pearl to the linkshell.

Welcome back once again, hope you enjoy your stay!
Cheers! Smiley: grin

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once i get home from work i'll head over there and do that. i feel very naked without a linkshell. thanks ^_^
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lol, welcome back to Vana'diel and welcome to Caitsith!

sometimes, the sleepy early morning hours make it easier to get the jump on some NM claims. That's how I managed to get some of my prized goodies.

Should you require any assistance in the field, feel free to look me up

"but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."
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Join endys army!

/sea all - for server population at any given time
/friendlist add "name" - to get your ppl on the hot list
/slap - when you join endy's ls and he doesnt say world is god at least 2x a day
/names - to cut down on lag in pty
/anon - if your 41+ rdm and dont want to be bothered
/kneel - whenever you see me walk by...

i think that about sums it up the rest is up to you!
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