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#1 Nov 08 2011 at 5:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi There. My brother and I played on Quezta from PS2 Launch through the end of 2007. Just started playing again. We were going to use our old characters but decided we wanted to experience all of the new things the game has to offer, as well as see the changes they have implemented.

Needless to say, was very surprised to see treasure chests in the game...!

Anyhow, we are now on Asura. Level 20 BLK and WAR. We are trying to get our sub job quest items. That caused us to want to find a Linkshell. Something social but down to help, especially people getting back on their Vanadiel feet.

Is there anyone here willing to have us join their linkshell? Our names are Amadeous and Markious. Hailing from Sand'oria.

And a few questions...

1. What is the server population? Can't find anything from this year, and can see that there were about 1700 people logged into the server earlier today. I know it was during the day, so I am curious to see what changes tonight when I check.
2. Is there still an emphasis on partying, or can you solo much of this game?
3. Are most users in end game content, so much that it will be difficult to find people to help when we get up to higher levels?

#2 Nov 10 2011 at 3:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Hiya Paul, well I'm relatively new to the game in general, but from what I've researched it's actually kinda easy to solo if you have the right job and equips, of course GETTING that won't be all that easy, but its possible, and to answer your 3rd question yes, most people I've seen around in any area is most likely into the end game content already, very seldomly do I find a low level with a subjob where I trained at, and even more rare is the ones without any sub jobs. If you would like to party up you can find me in game as Zerabax, I'm a 19 RDM and would love some one to party with.]

Also if you would like to try and make a time to meet up you can always send me a message here to my inbox.

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#3 Nov 10 2011 at 7:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi and welcome back. I left about 5 years ago, in the middle of CoP.

1. You can find info on server populations, active/total players etc here: . Bookmark the site, it is a great resource for updated database, auction house and player info. Another excellent site is for a good run down.

2. There is an emphasis on partying, but it is also geared to allow more soloing. Solo lasts until level 15 or so, then usually most people head to a "book burn", which is a 3-party alliance (usually) who sign up with books at the entrance to zones to kill a certain set of mobs, and get gil/exp in return. First one will be Gusgen Mines around level 15 or so, until level 30, then to Crawler's Nest. The danger in these parties is that you come out unskilled from leveling so fat, so you have to find skilling parties after burning parties usually. Abyssea is where the majority of the games players are unfortunately, but put a little effort in and you can find an easy 6man Valkurm Dunes party most times of the day.

3. Most users are into end game content only for the simple reason that it is so easy and fast to level to 95 now. However most people are leveling multiple jobs at a time and there are plenty of people looking for AF gear and all the NM and fancy stuff once you get up there. Also finding a good LS helps that obviously.

I myself have a 50WHM, 40 RDM and unlocked SUM, working on getting all my teleport scrolls so I can open Kazham and get avatars for summoner. Then I'mma try the new jobs, scholar, blue mage and dancer :)

I'm part of a small/growing but social and helpful linkshell and I have a linksack, so send me a tell /Sariyan and I'd be more than happy to give you a linkpearl. The name is TheReturnersReturn.

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